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Abb motor parameters (abb motor model meaning)

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What are the M3BP parameters of ABB motor?

Efficiency: European Ⅰ efficiency standard

Power: 0.25-710KW (more than 710KW can choose imported M3BP motor)

Voltage: 220ml 690V

Various accessories such as encoders can be installed.

Independent cooling system can be provided

Optional ordinary or variable frequency drive

The power of frequency conversion drive is higher than 100KW, and insulated bearings are needed.

Designed for the worst working conditions in today’s process industry

Use the best performance materials and structures to achieve maximum quality and reliability.

Parameter setting of abb DC governor

Specific parameters used are: 1.05Base Speed motor rated speed (see motor nameplate), 1.06 Max Speed motor maximum speed (see motor nameplate), but some DC motors do not have a maximum speed, I have seen overspeed feeling is 300 rpm of high voltage DC motor weakening to 1000 rpm, 1500×2000 rpm of ordinary Z4 DC motor to 3000 rpm. I’ve never seen anything else at a higher speed. The system has no weak magnetic field when 1.05 Base Speed = 1.06Max Speed, and when 1.05 Base Sp

How to set parameters for ABB frequency converter?

The parameters of ABB frequency converter are set as follows:

Simple local start-up of frequency converter

1. First of all, make sure that the air is opened and closed, and the contactor will be charged.

2. Press LOC/REM to make the frequency converter local control mode.

3. Press PAR to enter the parameter setting mode of the wheel

Use the double arrow keys to select the 99 parameter group, and then use the single arrow key to select 04pm enter to enter.

99.04 Motor Drive Mode (DTC)

The setting value of DTC converter is rotational speed (this mode is used in most cases)

The set value of SCALA frequency converter is frequency

Select the mode and press ENTER to confirm (cancel press ACT to return)

4. Press ACT to return to the current state

5. Press REF, select the up and down adjustment key, enter the specified parameters, press ENTER to confirm

6. Press the start button and the frequency converter starts.

So far, a simple local operation process of the frequency converter has been completed.

If you need to replace the actual signal that has been displayed with another actual signal, you can follow these steps:

1. Press ACT to enter the actual signal display mode

two。 Select the parameter line that needs to be changed and press ENTER to enter

3. Press the single and double arrow keys to select the parameters to display or change the parameter group

Several commonly used display signals:

The actual speed SPEED of 01.02 motor

01.03 actual value of drive input frequency FREQ

03.20 the code of the last failure of the frequency converter LAST FLT)

4. Press ENTER to confirm and return to the actual signal display mode; (cancel pressing ACT directly)

II. Upload and download

How to upload the motor that has been set up to the CDP-312 operator panel:

1. Activate communication for optional devices

Confirm that 98.02 COMM.MODULE LINK is set to FIELDBUS


two。 Press LOC/REM to switch to L local control state

3. Press FUNC to enter functional mode

4. Press the single and double arrow keys to enter the UPLOAD function, press ENTER to perform upload, and automatically switch to the current signal display mode after completion.

5. If you want to remove the wheel from a drive unit, make sure the wheel is in remote control mode (you can press LOC/REM to change it)

How to download data from a wheel to a drive unit:

1. Connect the wheel that contains the uploaded data to the transmission device

two。 Confirm that you are in local control mode (you can press LOC/REM to select)

3. Press FUNC to enter functional mode

4. Enter the DOWNLOAD download function and press ENTER to perform the download.

3. Communication between PLC and PROFIBUS-DP of frequency converter

In order to realize the communication between the frequency converter and PLC, first make sure that the communication template has been installed, and then install the DP network cable.

At this point, you need to set and confirm the following parameters in local mode (press LOC/REM): (press FAR to enter parameter selection

Mode, select with single and double arrows, enter to enter the setting of the parameter or parameter group)

1. COMM.MODULE LINK selects the value of FIELDBUS to indicate that the RPBA-01 communication board is activated, and the value of 98.07COMM PROFILE is ABB DRIVES, which is used to select the communication protocol of the transmission unit

The 10.01 EXT1 STRT/STP/DIR selection value defines the external control ground for COMM.CW, the connection and signal source of commands for starting, stopping, and steering.

3. 10.02 same as 10.01

4. 10.03 REF DIRECTION defines the steering of the motor

FORWARD forward

REVERSE reverse

REQUEST allows users to define redirection (selected)

5. 16.01 Run Enable run enable is set to YES

6. 16.04FAULT RESET SEL the signal source for fault reset is COMM.CW (fieldbus control). This parameter is activated if 10.01 and 10.01 have been set to COMM.CW

7. 11.02 EXT1/EXT2/ SELECT choose the control source value of the control word is COMM.CW

8. 11.03 EXT REF1 SELECT choose the given value source value as COMM.REF

11.04 EXT REF1 MINIMUM sets the minimum speed of the motor to 0rpm

11.05 EXT REF1 MAXIMUM sets the maximum speed of the motor to 1400rpm

9. 22.01 ACC/DEC SEL chooses the current acceleration and deceleration time value as ACC/DEC 1

10,22.02 ACCEL TIME1 defines the acceleration time as 1.50s

11,22.03 STOP FUCTION defines the deceleration time as 0.50s

The parameters 12 and 51 are visible only when the fieldbus adapter module is installed and the module is activated by parameter 98.02.

51.01 the communication protocol value is PROFIBUS-DP

The values of 15,51.02 are the address of frequency converter.

16,51.03 communication rate value is 1500 (1.5mbpa)

17,51.04 DP communication protocol value is PPO4; national toll-free service hotline: 4008818160

18,51.05 (PZD3 OUT) changed to 3

19,51.06 (PZD3 IN) changed to 6

20,51.07 (PZD4 OUT) changed to 7

21,51.08 (PZD4 IN) changed to 10

22,51.09 (PZD5 OUT) changed to 8

23,51.10 (PZD5 IN) changed to 11

24,51.11 (PZD6 OUT) changed to 9

25,51.12 (PZD6 IN) changed to 12

26, 92.01 302 (fixed)

27,92.02 102 Inverter actual speed value is sent as the second word (ACT1) of the main actual signal

28,92.03 104 Inverter actual current value is sent as the third word (ACT2) of the main actual signal

29,92.04 110 IGBT temperature values are sent as the first word (ACT3) of the auxiliary actual signal

30,92.05 320 observe the status of the communication template status light after sending the second word (ACT4) with the last fault code as the auxiliary actual signal. At this time, if two green lights are on, the communication is successful; if the red light is on, the communication has failed.

4. Some parameter settings of frequency converter

1. Speed limit and acceleration and deceleration time

20.01 minimum speed

20.02 maximum speed

22.02 acceleration time

22.03 deceleration time

22.04 acceleration time

22.05 deceleration time

2. Blocking and turning protection




3. Under-load protection



4. Motor missing item


5. Communication failure





6. Parameter lock

The user enables the parameter locking function to prevent misadjustment of parameters.



For more information, please refer to “ACS800 Standard Application 7.0X”

5. Setting of PROFIBUS-DP field controller (PLC)

1. Install ABB inverter GSD file ABB_0812.GSD

2. Add the slave ABB Drives RPBA-01 to the system PROFIBUS-DP hardware configuration, and the station number is 2 (or other station number) and insert PPO Type Module is 4.

3. In the parameter settings of the No.2 (or other) slave station, change Operation Mode to Vendor Specific (i.e. ABB transmission protocol)

4. Other configurations are default.

5. Download the configuration to the master station.

6. In this way, the data structure of the master station to the input area (OUTPUT) of slave station 2 is:



The first word

Control word CW for ABB transmission communication protocol

The second word

Given value REF1 of Inverter

The third word

Given value REF2 of Inverter

The fourth word

The given value of the frequency converter REF3 (determined by the ACS800 frequency converter parameter 90.01)

The fifth word

The given value of the frequency converter REF4 (determined by the ACS800 frequency converter parameter 90.02)

The sixth word

The given value of the frequency converter REF5 (determined by the ACS800 frequency converter parameter 90.03)

7. The data structure of the master station to the input area (INPUT) of slave station 2 is as follows:



The first word

Status word SW for ABB drive communication protocol

The second word

The actual value of the frequency converter ACT1 (determined by the ACS800 converter parameter 92.02)

The third word

The actual value of the frequency converter ACT2 (determined by the ACS800 frequency converter parameter 92.03)

The fourth word

The actual value of the frequency converter ACT3 (determined by the ACS800 frequency converter parameter 92.04)

The fifth word

The actual value of the frequency converter ACT4 (determined by the ACS800 frequency converter parameter 92.05)

The sixth word

The actual value of the frequency converter ACT5 (determined by the ACS800 frequency converter parameter 92.06)

Communication between PLC and Inverter-PLC side Application


ACS800-ABB Drives RPBA-01

Control word 1 unused bit by description: Chang 0 or Chang 1 has been written in db without change

When ready to close, the control word walled 160476

Closed non-run-time control word walled 160477

Run-time control word wroom16047F

Parameter setting method of abb Inverter

The parameter setting method of abb frequency converter is as follows:

1, when the local control, press the LOC/ REM key, when the display screen shows LOC (local) indicates that the frequency converter is under local control, that is, the control command comes from the keyboard. When REM (remote) is displayed on the display screen, it indicates that the converter is under remote control, that is, the control command comes from the multi-function terminal or communication mode.

2. When the frequency converter is under local control, press the start key, and the converter is in the running state.

3. When the frequency converter is running, the speed adjustment of the frequency converter can be realized by pressing (up / down keys) to increase or decrease the running frequency of the frequency converter, and press STOP to stop the frequency converter.

4. In practical use, the parameters of the motor nameplate, including frequency, current, voltage and rotational speed, need to be set to the frequency converter to realize the functional protection of the motor. Of course, if the power of the frequency converter matches the power of the motor, there is no need to set it separately.

Working principle of abb Inverter

The 380V AC voltage is rectified and filtered into a smooth 510V DC voltage, and then the 510V DC voltage is transformed into an AC voltage with adjustable frequency and voltage, the voltage regulation range is between 0V-380 and the frequency adjustable range is between 0HZ-600HZ. In order to achieve the purpose of controlling motor stepless speed regulation.

Parameters of ABB asynchronous AC motor (three-phase, motor)

M2QA series standard motors, QA series motors (Y2 system interchangeable products), QABP variable frequency motors, QAD two-speed motors

QAEJ, MQAEJ electromagnetic brake motor, M2QP non-spark type, M2JA flameproof explosion-proof motor, QAL aluminum shell motor, YDFW external rotor motor, SL train

Air conditioning motor, M2SV flue motor and ABB medium and high voltage motor and other products.

1.ABB motor is designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards.

International Electronics Commission IEC34, IEC72

Australian standard AS1359-2

British Standard BS4999-5000

German standard DIN42673

Meet the efficiency requirements of the European Community “CE” mark and CEMEP-EU

These motors are built to comply with current International Standards.

International Electro-technical Commission-IEC34 and IEC72

British Standard-BS5000 and BS4999

Australian Standard-AS1359-2

German Standard-DIN42673

EU directives to fulfill European “CE” marking.

The 2.ABB motor meets the following standards

These motors are built to comply with current National Standards.




Reasonable structure Design of 3.ABB Motor

Flexible lead direction

The installation mode of the motor junction box can be on the top, left and right of the motor, and the junction box itself can be rotated and installed. The junction box of the 71-132 base can be rotated in the direction of 490. The junction box of 160 and above can be rotated in the direction of 2 ‘180. The user must indicate the direction of the junction box and outlet hole when ordering.

Superior motor performance of 4.ABB motor

Low noise and low vibration

The selection of imported brand bearings, and through optimization design and process improvement, the noise and vibration of M2QA series motors have been greatly reduced, and reached the international advanced level.

High performance level of protection

The standard design protection level of the motor is IP55, which can provide a higher protection level according to the requirements of users.

Suitable for dual-frequency, wide voltage use.

The design of the motor takes into account the voltage changes in different areas, so that the motor can adapt to the use of voltage in multiple areas, and ensure the performance of users.

Improve the insulation grade and increase the service life of motor

The standard motor adopts F-class insulation structure, which improves the service life of the motor, increases the reliability of the motor, and can provide high-grade insulation structure according to users.

High efficiency

The motor adopts optimal design, and the efficiency index meets the Eff2 standard of the European CEMEP-EU standard, which can produce considerable energy-saving effect.

5.ABB motor has many choices to meet the needs of various users.

Installation of thermistor

Install dustproof sealing ring

Add tropical zone

Install oil-proof sealing ring

Install fuel injection nozzle

Add water swinging ring

Special shaft extension, special flange and other requirements

Refit the increased safety motor

This is the end of the introduction of abb motor parameters. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. For more information about the meaning of abb motor model and abb motor parameters, don’t forget to find them on this site.



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