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Agv robot price (agv industrial robot)

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How much is an AGV unmanned moving car?

The price taken by the manufacturer will be relatively low, like the one above, which is basically more than 50,000 points, with QR code navigation and laser navigation.

What is the price of forklift agv?

Well, if this price, it should be between 70,000 yuan and 100000 yuan, this price is relatively reasonable.

The cost of laser-guided forklift truck agv

100000 yuan per set. Compared with the traditional manual forklift, the price of laser navigation forklift AGV is expensive, the price of traditional forklift is tens of thousands or even lower, while the price of intelligent AGV forklift is 100000 yuan per set, using 3D lidar imported from Germany. Laser navigation forklift AGV, also known as agv unmanned forklift, unmanned handling robot and other names, by Hangzhou Guochen robot research and development of laser navigation technology as the core of AGV products.

What is compound collaboration agv?

Compound cooperative AGV is a kind of AGV, which is generally composed of AGV chassis and manipulator.

As shown below:

Mainly used in 3C, semiconductor, loading and unloading, inspection and other scenarios, the advantage is that it can completely replace labor. The main disadvantage is that the price is expensive, the general composite robot price is about 40-80w. When it comes to more complex functions, the price may be more expensive.

What is the difference between imported AGV and domestic AGV! Is there any difference in quality?!

Now many enterprises will choose foreign AGV, foreign AGV security obstacle avoidance must be advanced? Our answer is no, now I will give you a detailed analysis of the security of AGV products at home and abroad.

Except for the commonly used obstacle avoidance schemes at home and abroad:

1. Non-contact obstacle Detection by Infrared Sensor

two。 Laser rangefinder for obstacle detection (high cost is mainly used for large AGV)

(3) contact mechanical collision avoidance. Let’s first analyze the non-contact obstacle detection. About 60% of the small AGV abroad use infrared induction to avoid obstacles, and almost 100% of the domestic use infrared for obstacle detection.

Is the measurement of infrared obstacles really reliable?

1. Anyone who knows anything about mechatronics knows that infrared is very sensitive to the [light] and [color] of the environment, such as: driving paths through areas with strong window light and windowless areas; sunny and cloudy days; with and without lighting or power outages; and when your employees wear different colors, the distance perceived by infrared is very different. Maybe in the case of strong light (assuming 50CM parking), the obstacle parking may be detected far away (1m away), or you may detect the obstacle parking far away from the set parking distance in white clothes.

two。 The common infrared detection (low-end bargain) commonly used in domestic AGV is only a point, of course, infrared detection is a very small conical surface (the upper and lower left and right range must be less than the distance between the sensor and the ground, usually less than 20CM), can not do full-range obstacle detection, so there are many blind areas can not be covered.

3. Because the infrared obstacle detection itself can not simulate the distance of the environmental variables (only by accepting the sensor switch signal to achieve the value of obstacle parking), the obstacle distance can not be quantified.

1. Intelligent recognition

AGV adopts self-developed AGV special obstacle avoidance device, which is not subject to ambient temperature, light, color, electromagnetism. Factors such as interference, automatically identify the ground plane to filter invalid obstacle signals, achieve full-range coverage obstacle detection, and accurately simulate the obstacle distance (the accuracy reaches 10mm), even if a small plastic bag or a paper ball (set value) is dropped on the ground, it can accurately detect and respond.

two。 Passive security

Domestic AGV basically did not consider passive safety at the beginning of AGV structural design, and always adopted a square “iron pimple”, which basically depended on the mechanical anti-collision triggered by the car after it hit you for emergency stop.

The intelligent AGV adopts the front and rear arc design to avoid the sudden rush of employees or other obstacles, through the car body structure automatically planing to prevent personnel and other injuries.

How is the performance of the AGV car? How much is it and how long does it usually last?

The price of an AGV car ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. If you want to know the specific price of an AGV car. We need to make a general plan according to the actual situation: the carrying weight, the route to be carried, the frequency of the car transport, the beat, how many sets, the imported or domestic accessories, which navigation mode, and so on. The price of different requirements will be different.

AGV car integrates light, machine, electricity and computer, and integrates the advanced theory and application technology in the field of science and technology. The guidance ability of the AGV car is very strong, and the positioning accuracy is high, and the autopilot performance is better. AGV car can be organically combined with all kinds of production lines and assembly lines quickly.

Work content:

1. AGV stops at the standby point (or automatic charging) when there is no task.

2. When there is a handling task in the production line, the AGV is started by manual operation or with the help of external accessories (such as pager, tablet, etc.)

3. AGV receives the task for delivery (distribution can be divided into automatic and manual modes, which are selected according to the actual application)

4. After AGV finishes the task, proceed to the next task or return to standby.

This is the end of the introduction about the price of agv robots and agv industrial robots. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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