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Application characteristics of fertilizer automatic palletizer

The fertilizer automatic pallet machine is a industrial robot in the production of fertilizer packages in the production of fertilizer industrial production. It is a new technology product integrated. According to the high and wide ratio of automation technology of the system software, the automatic code code of the end of the fertilizer packaging pipeline is completed, and the necessary maintenance is presented to machine equipment and actual operation staff.


There are three types of palletizing methods in the field of fertilizers in the stage: human palletize, traditional mechanical palletizing and palletizing robot palletizing. Although the price of the fede pallet machine is compared to the top two expensive, its future practical value is beyond imagination, and it can save the company’s product cost.


The advanced nature of the fertilizer automatic pallet machine, the quality of economic principles is the life of the company, and the equipment is guaranteed. When packaging equipment selection, consider its performance price ratio to obtain a more ideal package equipment. And under the premise of investment conditions, we should pay attention to scientific and technological progress and technology investment, continuously introducing and absorb the latest technical results and equipment at home and abroad, and choose highly accurate high-performance modern technology equipment.

In the process of work reliability in the production of fertilizer pallet, any packaging equipment will be more or less affecting the production of the entire enterprise, reducing production efficiency, impact Production order and product quality, so you should try to choose a series of, standardized mature equipment, and take into account the stability of its performance and the simplicity of maintenance.


The success of the smart chemical fertilizer pallet is achieved in the following seven characteristics:

1, the fertilizer code The body is changed from 3 to 4 people to 6-8 people in the middle of the year, and each year can save hundreds of thousands of dollars of human cost. 2, energy saving type. The output power of the mechanical palletizing machine is about 26 kW, and the output power of the palletizing robot is about 8 kW. Largely reduced the customer’s operating costs;

3, the structure is simple, the parts are small. The component equipment is low, the characteristics are reliable, easy to repair, the required parts are small;

4, the scope of application is strong. When customers’ specifications, volume, and their trailerWhen the size changes, it is only necessary to change the change on the touch display, which is not easy to endanger all the normal production manufacturing of the customer. However, the mechanical palletizing machine is not easy to replace.

5, actual operation is simple, all manipulation can be made on the control box display, the operation steps are simple, easy to use. 6, which is small. The total area of ​​the warehouse can be pre-buried, which is beneficial to the layout of the customer production workshop production.

7, the palletizing machine code is high precision, preventing the collapse status. Which of these seven characteristics is not a customer depending on the charging machine, because it is just the integration of this advantage to promote the fertilizer plant palletizer.




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