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Automatic high-position palletizer packaging manipulator palletizing production line.

Automatic high-position palletizer packaging manipulator palletizing production line.
At present, the palletizers in the Chinese market are mainly divided into robotic palletizers and high-position palletizers. In contrast, high-position palletizers are widely used because of their high quality and low price. He also uses PLC program control and automatic palletizing. No manual involvement is required after the machine is started. The hourly palletizing capacity is between packages, which is fully capable of material palletizing work for general small and medium-sized enterprises.
The application of the high-level palletizer is very flexible. One palletizer can adapt to various types of products. The palletizer can handle different products on three production lines at the same time. When the product is updated, it is only necessary to enter a new palletizing type, change the new data, and recalculate it to run without modification and setting of hardware and equipment. This is really handy for a factory producing many different packaging materials.
The composition of the high-position palletizer is generally gantry type. According to the work requirements, set the movement stroke, negative speed, acceleration, etc. of each axis of the palletizer to make the reasonable configuration of each component of the palletizer and the safety and stability of its operation.

Water purifier robot palletizing

Water purifier robot palletizing

The palletizing production line of the high-position palletizer packaging robot is different from the automatic high-palletizing production line. The main reason is that the former can identify different packaging bags to meet the stacking needs of multiple production lines, while the high-position palletizer can only stack the same product in one production line at the same time.
However, compared with the palletizing manipulator, the application range of the high-position palletizer is not so wide. The high-position palletizer is mainly used in the palletizing production line of packaging bags.

Introduction of automatic high-position palletizer
The production line consists of an automatic packaging machine and a robotic palletizer, and the installation is more flexible. It is very different from the palletizing production line for automatic packaging, mainly in the robot, because it can recognize different specifications and place them in the designated position.

Features of automatic high-position palletizer
The automatic high-position palletizer packaging machine and the manipulator palletizer belong to the same program linkage control, and there is no time difference during operation;
Professional production line for two or three specifications products;
The automatic high-position palletizer packaging machine has a high configuration, and the manipulator palletizer adopts the original German KUKA machine, and the program is optimized and operated stably.
Two or three packaging machines respectively pack different materials, and are palletized by a manipulator palletizer. The palletizing specifications are not chaotic, and the palletizing type is neat and beautiful.



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