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Common classification methods and functions of packaging machinery

The type classification method of packaging machinery is many, and it is simple to divide into several of the following:

1, the automation technology of packaging machine:

(1) Fully automatic packaging machine. (2) Semi-automatic packaging machine. 2, classified by packaging:

(1) Fill mechanical equipment. (2) Filling machinery. (3) Wrap machinery. (4) Sealing machinery. (5) Labeling machinery. (6) Cleaning equipment. (7) Drying machine. (8) Software mechanical equipment.


3, according to the functional classification of packaging products


China’s standard is different from the principle of dividing the main functions of machinery products, According to the function of packaging machinery, it is divided into charge machinery, filling machinery, wrapped machinery, sealing machinery, labeling machinery, cleaning machinery, drying machinery, sterilization machinery, bundling machinery, container machinery, multi-function packaging machinery, and completing other packaging operations Auxiliary packaging machinery 12 categories.

, wherein the category code (or classification name) is indicated by its representative Chinese character name, when there is a repeating letter, its classification The name code can be used in the second pinyin letter to distinguish between a pinyin alphabetic combination of a representative Chinese character name. The packaging machinery products in the same category are further divided according to their functional principles.

The composition of the packaging machinery device includes:


1, the combing and supply system software of the packaging raw materials 2, the metering verification and supply system software

3, the main transmission system software


4, packaging actuator 5, manufactured product output tissue

6, engine and transmission

7, automatic control System


Packaging machinery:

1, greatly enhance productivity

2. Improve the standard of workers. Reduce labor efficiency

3, save raw materials, reduce production cost

4, ensure product environment hygiene, improve packaging quality


5, reduce packaging cost, save storage 6, increasing the storage period, convenient product commodity circulation

7, reduce packaging site facilities, save infrastructure investment

Natural, there are many cognitive capabilities for packaging machinery. In the future, the development trend of mutual mutual cooperation industry chain automation technology is to develop technical, excellent talents and more speed packaging machinery equipment. Everyone will continue to develop high-tech technology, improve automation production standards, and fully develop design auxiliary machine equipment, fully automated design and product development technology.



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