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Common faults and solutions of customized flat-shaped sealing machine

The character sealing machine is one of the automatic sealing machine, and is also a more common sealing machine. The character sealing machine is stable and reliable, with a high high Quality, and components are based on high and low temperature tests to ensure the preciseness of each key point.

The level of automation technology is also very high, actually operated, faster, single-machine version of work, appropriate small batch production, multi-specific model production and manufacturing application. Two-sided transmission belt drive, suitable light-shaped paper box available, left and right box stable, rapid. The choice is to sealed, the actual effect is flat, the standard, the standard, beautiful; you can also use the hot stamping tape, which can improve the image of the product brand.

One-character carton sealing machine although the equipment failure rate is very low, it is accompanied by a small problem in the long term, more or less will have some small problems, and there will be a small common failure, so we must master the sealing machine. Small frequent failure The lower side is a common fault that is commonly visual sealing machine for the summary of Tsuki Technology.

1, a character sealing machine tape can not completely stick to small boxes is possible:

A, the main The bonding is very loose; B, the gas drum is deposited, the adhesive can not be all normal;

C, the tape is not closed.

Solution: Touching the main bonding spring, lighting this transmission roller, replacement tape

2, a word type sealing machine small box is might be able to kill The reason:

A, the rubber wheel regulation nut is tight;

B, small box height adjustment is not scientific; C, automatic bonding spring Overtight.

Solution: Release the pressure tape wheel adjustment nut, start adjusting the height from the head, and loosen the main body spring.

3, the tape is disconnected in the process of sealing the sealing process:

The cutter head extension is too long; the solution: adjust the direction of the cutter

4, a word type sealing machine tape is not possible in the centerline:

single-sided wheel broken Drop; solution: Replace the single-wheel wheel.

Customized a word sealing machine selection problem The type of carton automatic sealing machine is still much, especially The shaped sealing machine, many customers come back to buy sealing machines will encounter this problem: Is it a sealing machine selected or selected to have a sealing in the mouth?

In fact, these two models are dependent, and the sealing machines of the left and right sealing are generally used to produce the pipeline supporting facility applications, and intelligent packaging can be completed; It is used in the sealing of the paper box, which can be discontformed to the bottom of the sealing after manual loading.


The relative sex is in the price, if only the seal is only the sealing, it will cost it, if the price will be expensive if the price is sealed. Real requests to buy according to specific situations, Yanmao intelligent automatic sealing machine!



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