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Cover the medium bag with a large bag (bag in the bag to the bag machine)

A list of the contents of this article:

There are four medium bags in one large bag and five small bags in one medium bag. How many bags are there altogether?

One large bag contains four medium bags and one medium bag contains five small bags, with a total of (25) bags.

1 / 4 / 4 / 5

= 25 (pieces)

Put four medium bags in one large bag and four small bags in one medium bag. Ask for a total of several bags.

A medium bag put 4 small bags, that is, a group of 5, there are four medium bags, that is, four groups, a total of 20, plus a large one, a total of 21.

How to bag pears

The period and methods of pear fruit bagging are directly related to the effect of bagging. Bagging early affects fruit development, but bagging too late can not have the desired effect. If the bagging method is not mastered properly, not only the effect is not good, but also the serious ones will cause fruit drop. Therefore, how to grasp the time and method of bagging is very important for fruit growers.

(1) bagging period

Bagging should be carried out 30-50 days after falling flowers and carried out as soon as possible after fruit thinning. If individual varieties carry out secondary bagging, they should cover small bags first on the 25th day after falling flowers, and then large bags after 30 days. As mentioned earlier, the fruit spot formation period begins 20 days after falling flowers. If bagging is too late and the fruit spot has been formed, the effect of bagging on rust prevention and shallowness of the fruit spot will be reduced. Due to some reasons, bagging is relatively late, bagging is only 45-60 days after falling flowers, although the surface of the fruit is cleaner than that of the unbagged fruit, but the fruit spot is slightly larger and deeper. In other words, although late bagging also has a certain effect, but did not get the best effect. Therefore, in order to give full play to the comprehensive effect of bagging, bagging must be done at the right time.

(2) Management before bagging

Conscientiously do a good job in thinning flowers and fruits. The fruit position commonly used for bagging is usually the drooping fruit on the outside of the inner chamber. Therefore, we should keep a good fruit position reasonably according to the method of fruit thinning. On this basis, in order to prevent diseases and insects from invading the fruit after bagging, insecticide and disease control agents should be sprayed 5-7 days before bagging. Usually, 70% methyl topiramate is added to 2500 times of cypermethrin or 4000 times of abamectin. If the bagging work has not been completed after 10 days of spraying, the unbagged trees should be sprayed again.

(3) bagging method

The high quality fruit bag has higher moisture resistance. Before bagging, usually put the whole bundle of fruit bags in a wet place the night before, that is, wrap them in a single-layer newspaper and bury them in wet soil, or spray a little water on the mouth of the bag to make it moist and flexible for use the next day. After selecting the pear fruit, first open the mouth of the bag and hold up the bottom of the bag, so that the ventilation outlet at the two bottom corners is opened to make the bag body expand. Hold the bag mouth 2-3 cm below. After the fruit is covered, fold the bag mouth by folding fan from the middle to both sides. Above the bag mouth, turn the binding wire 90 °from the connection point, and rotate along the bag mouth to tighten the bag mouth for one week.

Note: the binding wire must not be pulled down, and the binding position should be 2.5 cm below the top of the bag. The relative position of the fruit bag and the young fruit should keep the mouth of the bag as high as possible, and the fruit should be suspended in the bag, so that the mouth of the bag should be close to the position of the fruit table to prevent the bag from rubbing against the fruit surface.

There are four medium bags in a large bag, and each medium bag has the same number of small bags. What if it’s all together?

If there are four medium bags in a large bag, there are four as many small bags in each medium bag, with a total of 16 bags.

This is the end of the introduction of the medium bag and the big bag. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about the bag in the bag to the bag machine and the large bag in the medium bag.



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