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Failure and maintenance of automatic packaging machine (fault solution of packaging machine)

A list of the contents of this article:

Common faults of automatic packing machine and their solutions

Automatic binding machine refers to a machine that uses packing tape to wind a product or package, then tightens and connects both ends through thermal effect melting or using materials such as clasps. The function of the baling machine is to make the plastic belt cling to the surface of the package to ensure that the package will not be scattered because of poor packing during transportation and storage, and at the same time it should be packed neatly and beautifully. With the repeated use of the automatic binding machine, no matter how durable the automatic binding machine will be more or less wear and failure, what we need to solve is how to deal with the common failures of the automatic binding machine. The following are the common faults and solutions of the automatic binding machine summarized by the editor. I hope I can help you.

Practical information! Common faults of automatic binding machine and their solutions

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First, the bonding effect is not good

1. The heating temperature is too high or too low. Solution: heating temperature is too high or too low.

2. The heating piece is deformed. Solution: correct or replace the heater.

3. The top pressure of the middle top knife is not enough, and the spring in the body is broken. Solution: replace the spring in the middle top knife.

Second, the conveyor belt is not in place

1. The lever pull spring force is too big or too small. Solution: adjust the roller pressure properly.

2. The position of the ejector is too high. Solution: adjust the position of the ejector rod properly.

3. The storage capacity in the belt warehouse is small. Solution: adjust the storage capacity appropriately.

4. The lead splitting leads to poor operation in the belt. Solution: appropriate high-speed fastening force.

5. the belt probe is adjusted too early or too late. Solution: adjust the belt conveyor probe properly.

6. The stop probe is adjusted too far. Solution: adjust the stop probe to the direction of the belt probe for a certain distance.

7. The quality of packing tape. Solution: replace the packing belt.

Third, it can’t be tied up tightly

1. Tighten and adjust the loose position of the installation plate. Solution: adjust the binding force properly.

2. The wear of the tape block is large. Solution: replace the cassette block.

3. The teeth of the tape block are stuffed with shavings. Solution: clean up the shavings.

4. The pull spring of the pull rod is broken. Solution: replace the pull spring.

5. The pendulum rod drives the bearing to break. Solution: replace the bearing.

6. The torsion spring is broken. Solution: replace the torsion spring.

IV. Enlarge the circle

1. There is not enough time to unwind. Solution: adjust the unwinding time.

2. The clearance of the pulley is not correct (too big or too small). Solution: appropriate high-speed unwinding gap.

3. The fastening resistance is too large. Solution: check and clean the frame strap.

4. The motor belt is too loose. Solution: replace or adjust the belt tightness properly.

5. Fault with warehouse volume

1. Friction between the crossbar and the belt. Solution: adjust the clearance between the crossbar and the belt.

2. The position of the proximity switch is incorrect or broken. Solution: check and replace the proximity switch.

3. The pulley force is too small or too large. Solution: adjust the pulley pressure properly.

4. The spring is broken. Solution: replace the tension spring.

5. The pulling force of the spring is too small or too big. Solution: adjust the strength of the spring properly.

6. Brake failure with disc. Workaround: replace the PLC.

7. PLC is bad. Solution: check and replace the corresponding parts, such as brake belt, spring.

8. Too much or too little storage belt. Solution: adjust the storage capacity appropriately.

What is the fault of 620 automatic dumpling packing machine?

The fault of 620 automatic dumpling packing machine is the problem of short circuit and internal mechanical failure, that is to say, the motor is easy to burn out.

As for other aspects, as long as the correct scientific and rational use, there should be no big problem, there are some other small parts, need to be adjusted and replaced at any time, usually should be more careful observation to avoid serious damage to the machine.

The reason why the card of the automatic tableware packaging machine does not move.

The reasons why the card of the automatic tableware packaging machine does not move are as follows

Failure phenomenon 1: if the ideal vacuum or sealing effect is not achieved, the machine will stop working.

This kind of vacuum time or sealing time is set too short, so that the machine can not achieve the ideal vacuum sealing effect. When the vacuum time is set too short, then the air in the bag is sealed without being pumped out, and the corresponding vacuum packaging effect is naturally poor. Accordingly, when the sealing time is set too short, it can not achieve the purpose of sealing, resulting in air leakage. The solution is to extend the vacuum and sealing time.

In addition, when the airbag or the solenoid valve that controls it is abnormal, then when the machine is working, the airbag can not be completely pushed up, squeezing the bag in the sealing strip and heating wire. As a result, the vacuum effect is not good. For this problem, we have no choice but to replace airbags and solenoid valves.

Fault phenomenon 2: the vacuum packaging machine is halfway working, stops working, and the lid is adsorbed and cannot be opened.

Cause of failure:

1. The deflating solenoid valve is damaged, which leads to the failure of normal deflation. Under the action of vacuum, the lid is absorbed and cannot be opened. The solution is to replace the corresponding deflating solenoid valve (if it is an integrated valve of intake and deflation, then it needs to be all replaced. On the contrary, if it is separate, it is necessary to replace the corresponding deflating solenoid valve).

2. Vacuum relay (computer board damaged), which leads to the failure of normal operation. The corresponding solution is to replace relays or computer boards.

The cause and fault phenomenon of the vacuum packaging machine will stop in the middle of pumping, and the solution is shown above. When you encounter this kind of problem, you can check and deal with it according to the above. According to the above still unsolved, you can call our after-sales service staff to contact!

Common faults and treatment methods of Packaging Machine

1. Electromagnet does not attract: this kind of fault is mostly caused by the internal fault of the host, the burning of the electromagnet coil, the interruption of the line and so on.

The solution is: first, check whether there is a problem inside or outside the host; secondly, check the electromagnet safety tube, see if the electromagnet has signs of electrification, eliminate mechanical blockage, and detect the internal power supply when everything is normal.

two。 Non-suction of electromagnet is often encountered in weighing and packaging machine, which is caused by sensor damage, supply bridge voltage failure, wrong line connection or interruption.

The method of elimination is to detect the load signal of the sensor and the connection or the host, and then check the supply bridge and amplifying circuit or computer output display circuit.

3. Sometimes the stability of the system is not good, resulting in unstable bag volume.

To solve this problem, you can test whether the line is faulty, or remove the host, apply a zero-clearing signal through the internal short connection, determine whether the fault is in the machine or from the switch, and then solve the problem.

This is the end of the introduction of the fault and maintenance of the automatic packaging machine and the solution to the fault of the packaging machine. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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