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Food packaging machinery takes the development of diversified high-end lines

In recent years, in my country’s packaging machinery, it has entered the slow development period. From the development of the whole industry, it seems that the technical and old machine equipment, the old machine equipment, etc., to solve the current According to the case, the packaging machinery business must select independent innovation, accompanied by the improvement of quality requirements, also predicts that packaging machinery towards high-end lines are a development trend.

food packaging machinery lack of high-end technology innovation

Many of the company’s packaging machines have not qualified, producing can’t make good machine equipment, can not consider the market demand, coupled with uncomfortable development overall planning The government departments lack relatively macroeconomic policies, leading to the development of the Chinese packaging machine development.

China Packaging Machine Company has made many products from overseas because of the lack of high-end high-tech technology. Introduced, despite the great acceleration of the development rate of China’s packaging industrial production, it has become a difference between China’s food packaging industrial production and development, but it is too much high-end technical and technical equipment that rely on overseas. In the overall improvement of the technical strength of China, it is unfavorable to develop its own patent rights, and it is unfavorable to cultivate its own design professional staff.


In my country’s food packaging machine industry, the high-tech quality of high-tech majors, the scientific research is insufficient, and the product research and development of unfavorable new products, many companies are market sales For the dominant, lack of research institutes, can not convert technology into production main force, so a large number of scientific and technological staff should also create professional research institutes, and improve product innovation capabilities. It is not difficult to see that the long-term development of the packaging machine industry is still in trial, but also can’t be separated from independent innovation.

Food packaging machinery Development will be diversified development trend


Food packaging machinery means mechanical equipment for food packaging of all or part of the product. The whole process of packaging includes a key process flow such as fillers, wrappers, seals, and the front and rear and rear left and right process flows between the two, such as cleaning, code and disassembly. In addition, the packaging also includes a metering check or a process flow such as a cover on the package. Application mechanical equipment packaging products can improve production efficiency, alleviate labor efficiency, integrate large-scale production, and consider daily cleaning regulations. Because of the huge packaging requirements of food, drugs, etc., packaging machinery maintained a shocking development rate. In addition, the technical standards for intelligent systems, automation technology, predictability, and compatibility models have clearly proposed high provisions on the China Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Industry.




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