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Fully automatic palletizer manufacturers teach you how to purchase a fully automatic palletizer

The role of all-automatic palletizing machine is very strong. It can have a lot of different roles in a different environment. For example, packaging robots can collect, distribute, and distribute goods in work. However, because the generalization of mechanical equipment and the continued improvement of the market demand, the production and design of all-automatic palleti machines also have different. Thus, I don’t know how to choose all automatic palleti machines.


Under the automatic palletizer manufacturer, I will interpret the selection principle of packaging machinery:

The reasonable packaging equipment selection is the key to ensuring high quality packaging And reflect the standards of production levels, can provide a basis for power, electricity, water, and auto volume calculations. Therefore, how to choose the application capacity, strong support, and wide-wide packaging equipment have become an important part of the packaging production line design.

The principle of packaging mechanical selection From an economic point of view, the packaging equipment selection must be based on the economy of the company. Strength, comprehensive consideration from the rational aspect of technical and economic indicators, both need to meet production, process and health requirements, but also to consider the best quality, full and energy-consuming products, get the best Economic benefits. This requires packaging equipment selection staff to familiarize with the specific process requirements given by craftsmanship, and must master the frontier technology and product information of packaging machinery, try to collect data, combined with the actual situation of enterprises. Comparison.

From the perspective of operating stability, reasonable packaging equipment selection should ensure that the production is easy, cleaning and maintenance is reliable, there is less fault, and there is also a good set of good equipment and the necessary spare equipment. It is guaranteed that normal production can be performed during an important equipment maintenance.


1, palleti speed: robot speed is high efficiency indicating. If the speed of the robot cannot consider production regulations, then high efficiency will endanger the company’s production plan. The speed is one of the basic elements of the robot in a certain category. 2, the constituent quality and internal structure of the palletizing machine are important for the operation of robotics and design. Excellent equipment and electronic devices are important for goods,The company chooses the key points.

3, equipment construct: equipment structure is the production requirements of the design. If the robot’s design can not consider production requirements, it will have a very inconvenience. For example, crawling packaging robots, its key work is fully automatic collection, combing, and packaging goods, so it must be clear before purchasing such robots. Identifying overall design is not satisfying demand, considering improvement in the future.

4, system software: Like other industrial equipment, robot also has a manipulator operating system, which is common for most robots. In general, the system software is a necessary element for a smooth operation of machine equipment. If the function is complete, there will be many problems in the application process, and machine equipment and practical operations can be maintained. Good system software is also available. It is important to choose.

When the above selection principle believes that when you are, you don’t have to worry if you choose a fully automatic pallet. Based on these aspects to choose to ensure your favorite palletizers!



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