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How does the fully automatic palletizer in the fertilizer plant save costs for the enterprise?

General fertilizer industry palletizing method is human palletizing and traditional pallet. Nowadays, more and more fertilizer production companies introduce palletizing robots. Today, I will introduce the special type of federal fertilizer plant in the fertilizer industry for the whole automatic palletizing machine for the fertilizer industry.


The fertilizer chalet is a high-tech commodity for the production of bag fertilizer pallets for the chemical fertilizer industry. It is a high-tech commodity of machine and electrical integration. According to the system software aspect ratio automation technology, the automatic palletty of the end of the fertilizer packaging pipeline can be completed, and the necessary maintenance is exhibited for machine equipment and actual operation staff.

Despite the price comparison of all-automatic palletizing machines in the fertilizer factory, it is far more than your imagination in the future. Can save the company’s product costs. The success of the fully automatic palletizing machine in the fertilizer plant can be made to benefit from the following seven characteristics:

1 -8 people, each year can save cost of labor costs of hundreds of thousands;

2, Which is low. The output power of the general pedal-type palletizing machine is 26 kW, and the output power of the palletizing robot is 5 kW. Largely reduced the cost of operation of customers;

3, The structure is simple, the parts are small. Therefore, the equipment of the components is low, the characteristics are reliable, and the maintenance and maintenance is simple. The stock parts are less;

4, The scope of application is strong. When the specifications, volume, and the size of the customer have changed, it is only necessary to make a little change on the touch display, it is not easy to endanger the customer’s normal production and manufacturing. The foot-type palletizing machine is very inconvenient and even the actual operation is not completed;

5, The actual operation is simple, all manipulation can be operated on the control box display, the operation steps are easy to get started

6, Covering less. The total area of ​​warehouses can be vacuum, which is beneficial to the layout of the production lines in the customer’s industrial plant.

7, The palletizing machine code is higher, preventing the prevention of the prevention.

Which feature is not ignored in this seven characteristics for the chemical fertilizer charterSince this advantage is just a combination of this advantage, the hot fertilizer pallet is promoted.



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