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How palletizing robots can improve production efficiency

Productivity and efficiency are the basis for your business success, and seek ways to reduce costs while achieving these two aspects is a common goal. That’s why we have to share the important information about automatic palletizing machine to benefit your business. As all technological progress and increasing consumer demand, optimized production and packaging are more important than ever.

What is a robot palletizing machine?

The palletizing robot is not a new thing because they have been more than 30 years. The system is intended to take the product from the conveyor and place it on the tray. The arm end tool (EOAT) can deal with a series of items, which can be customized according to the company’s specific needs, which may be integrated from the measuring box to the application of the paper, integrated automatic stretching packaging machine or safety device. Equipment including barrier or glowing curtains. In addition, the automatic palletizing system is programmed, and can be moved and distributed as needed, regardless of this means simultaneous delivery of one or more pallets.

The benefits of the stacker:

Whether you are producing a large number of small items or a large and bulky product, auto-heap The body can withstand greater weight and greatly reduce the time required for manual operation. View the details below to better understand how the robot pallets improve speed, improve quality and efficiency.

Speed: Although the speed of the robot palletizer will be different depending on the product being processed, the speed will far exceed the ability of physical labor, and will also reduce the monotonic task. Health problems.

Maintenance: There is less maintenance required by robot pallet, thereby reducing downtime. This automated quality and reliability delivery of people’s natural differences are unparalleled.

Character: The size of the device is different according to your business needs, but the options for custom design, spatial flexibility and safety standards can be equivalent to significantly reduce carbon. Footprints so that they are friendly.

Multifunction: Because the palletizer can only process one product at a time, it is easier to compress the product on a palletty.

Improved Packaging Options: Your assembly line involves a pocket, bucket, tray, carton or bottle; the automatic stacker can be delivered regardless of the production or material demand. After transitioning to this solution, you will be able to use talented employees to focus more important, conducive to future growth.

The robot pallet machine can run all-day, eliminating the shutdown caused by the shortage of personnel, and allows you to automate repeatability tasks, reducing employee health risks. From increasing productivity on the assembly line to improve packaging efficiency and quality, you can customize the automation process to suit your needs and budget.

The advantages of pallet gear:

Most importantly, the palletizing robot will Help you significantly increase your company’s profit margins and work environments. If you would like more information about our packaging products and solutions, please call Yanmao Intelligent Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to get more information, or fill in our online form for quotation.


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