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How to choose a drum bagging machine and what should be paid attention to?

Barrel bag machine is also known as the bucket bucket machine, is a machinery device that specializes in the bucket internal set bag, the application is common: architecture Coatings, chemical plants, feed industries, plant grease, etc., have been warmly welcomed;

How to choose a bell bag machine?

1. Everyone is a universal bucket is an open bucket;

Skill making machine for open barrels is a style, this type of bag machine First put the packaging bag into the bucket immediately, and everyone is also called a puzzle;

2. In addition, a more popular bucket is a small hole under the hole;

This type of bucket is also possible, but this type of kit is to make the bag in the opposite side of the bag to the outer side of the bucket, and then press the membrane in the barrel. In the bucket, this type of bagging method is called anti-directional bag;

Although the bagging method of these two devices is different, the role is all the same, all give The bucket is a bag, the difference is a variety of equipment that is different from the bucket. It is different;

Drum bagging machine

Second, the choice of drum bag machine needs to pay attention to the positive and anti-swing:

bucket bag machine

There is a machinery that specializes in the bucket internal set bag, mainly used in the chemical manufacturing industry, plant grease field, feed industry;

To buy a drum bag machine, you must pay attention At this point, the bell bag has a positive set and anti-set, then everyone must clear when using the positive set, when do you use the anti-set? General open buckets, is a bucket consistent with the upper caliber and the lower caliber. You generally use the staple bag;

and there is also a bucket, the most popular The class of the class of the class is small, such a bucket bag, you will use it.Set of methods to bag; it is made up of a bucket; The type of packaging equipment is all kind, but this is completely don’t worry, such as everyone chooses a bucket bag. Next, it is necessary to give the manufacturer to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will of course give you strong recommendation of the appropriate machine equipment for the regulations; say so much is to better master some, there is no shortage;

Yanmao intelligent equipment manufacturers wholesale drum bag making machine, professional for buckets of built bag products have developed several equipment, suitable for current market A few buckets of a few buckets, consider everyone’s requirements; can be customized as required.



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