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How to use Yanmao carton sealer machine and what should pay attention to?

The carton sealer machine is a mechanical equipment used for carton sealer and packaging. It can work independently in a stand-alone version, and can also be used with other automatic packaging production lines. It can be easily adjusted into different sizes of cartons (according to the specific specification carton category 500*500*500 as the standard), and the cartons can be sealed with adhesive tape (ie transparent tape). The economic development is rapid, it is very easy to adjust, and the sealer is flat. , Standard, beautiful and generous, and carry out left and right sealer work.

Let’s master Yanmao’s “basic common sense of the application of the box sealer machine” together below:


First, we must master the principle of the sealer machine:


When the machine and equipment are normally plugged in, you must turn on the main power switch, and you can see the equipment running. Manually launch that one, fold up the cover, put it on the non-driving flip and promote the box, when the box is magnetically induced by the machine and equipment. The system software automatically starts the drive, the drive belt starts to run, and the carton is transported to the sealer knife group (ie, the movement) according to the drive belt drive. When the carton arrives at the left and right power system, the left and right driving force transmission belt pushes the box forward again, according to the condition of the machine core sealer equipment. The machine and equipment movement carries out automatic sealer. In addition, the brushes of the left and right drives flatten the scotch tape to ensure that the scotch tape adheres to the carton very well. When the box is about to leave the movement, the upper cutter head of the movement automatically disconnects the cellophane tape, and the rear pressure wheel is attached to the back of the box until all the movement categories of the box are released. Above is the detailed process of sealer all cartons.

Second, we must master the adjustment operation of the sealer machine:

In order to better make the machinery and equipment stronger to achieve the actual effect of the sealer that everyone wants, everyone must carry out the operation and adjustment of the sealer machine. First, everyone adjusts the aspect ratio adjustment rocker to adjust the left and right aspect ratio (according to the specific carton as the standard), then loosen the main shaft, gradually adjust the upper and lower total width and clamp the main shaft, and ensure that the unpacking machine is plugged in. Normal conditions (such as warning lights, power switches, etc.).


Below everyone gradually adjust the basic operation (refer to the first item): manually put on the shell and fold the cover, put the carton on the unpowered roller, push it to the power system, and the system drives the shell to move forward. When the movement is located, the case is automatically sealed. According to the personal behavior on continuous operation, check and compare the actual effect of sealer, and then adjust the best machine running state.

Third, in order to better ensure safe production, everyone must master some basic safety knowledge about the application of the sealer machine:

  1. Determine the switching power supply, working voltage, and wire connectors used by the equipment.
  1. Do not touch the knife head on the movement immediately with your hand to prevent scratching your fingers.
  1. Do not disassemble or adjust the parts on the mechanical equipment casually.
  1. Do not clean the equipment with tap water. If the workplace is wet and cold, the operating staff must not work barefoot.
  1. The key parts and components should be often lubricated with cooking oil.
  1. Do not put your hands on the left and right power system.

Naturally, the application and operation of the carton sealer machine is simple. As a user, mastering the above content will have a certain in-depth understanding of the sealer machine, achieving production safety, standard manufacturing, speeding up productivity and reducing human resource management. According to the basic operating instructions of the “carton sealer machine” above, do you have a deeper grasp of the machinery and equipment of the carton unpacker? Warmly welcome to call Yanmao intelligent packaging machinery and equipment telephone for information.




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