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In the future, the intelligent manufacturing industry will take palletizing robots as the development goal

The intelligent manufacturing equipment has been widely concerned in the processing and manufacturing industry. By 2021, the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry will become a competitive plug-in industrial chain, create a sound intelligent equipment industry chain. The management system, the industrial chain industry income exceeds 3 trillion yuan, China’s market share exceeds 100% 60, complete the intelligent system of equipment and automation technology for producing manufacturing the whole process. In the next 5 to ten years, my country’s intelligent manufacturing equipment field will be an annual average annual growth rate. This sufficient indicates potential requirements and opportunities for intelligent manufacturing equipment sales markets.


As a key reflection of the development prospects and information management and modernization of intelligent manufacturing equipment processing and manufacturing, the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry chain is accelerated The development of the processing and manufacturing transformation improves productivity, technical standards and product quality, reducing energy supply costs, and completing the development trend of intelligent system development in the production and manufacturing process has key practical significance.



Suzhou Tao Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the development trend of intelligent manufacturing production line work, It is a technology company integrating new product development, production and processing, market sales. It is a technical professional industry production robot palletizer, automated technology production line, transport machinery and equipment, industrial production automatic control system engineering, etc. related products. And mechanical equipment, system software design, manufacturing, installation and regulation and service items. The current product has palletize open sealing box, box machine and

sack packaging machine system software, fully automated packaging pipeline, etc.


Enterprise main products: palletizing robots, palletizing robots are used in a large number of product workpieces in the whole process of industrial production, delivery, transportation, stack, and demolition A class of industrial robots such as daily tasks, is a high-tech electrical product integrating mechanical equipment, electronic devices, information content, intelligent technology, electronic information science, etc. Palletizer robot technology is not enough to deal with human capital, enhance the productivity of workers, reduce product cost, reduce employee labor efficiency, improve work environment, etc.Very great development potential. Widely used in grain and oil foods, food, drinks, pharmaceutical, chemical plants, fertilizers, concrete, sandwich glass, wear-resistant materials, fire-resistant materials, steel, decorative building materials, environmental protection, etc.

Suzhou City, the next overall goal: improve the technology innovation, maintain the field technology, obtain the core competitiveness of the sales market, continue to maintain the technical influence in the field, and actively expand the goods Main uses, leading technology development prospects and properly guides market demand, accelerate new technologies, new products development, and develop new sales markets. Continuous development of management methods improved, cast a smooth and healthy R & D team, as the source of continuous development trend. Mutual collaboration, with customers, cooperate with relevant people, enhance the company’s high efficiency and become a well-known company in my country.




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