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Inspection and treatment method of palletizer operation malfunction

Although it has a very high characteristic that the palletizing machine has a high efficiency, but the probilization is good, palletizers can be carried out together. But good products are not too might be perfect. During the actual operation, because of the other sakes, it will also present some problems, all automatic palletizing machines will also be this. Below is some palletizers in use It is often encountered:

A solution to the switch signal is not good:

1, check the proximity switch and the magnetic sensor board is wrong Or long distance;

2, check the proximity switch is not loose or disconnected, can be coupled again;

3, check the proximity switch is damaged, if there is damage, need to be removed change. (The first checking proximity switch does not have DC24 switching power supply, use general data or pointer digital multimeter. Tune the digital multimeter to the AC file working voltage DC file, with two DC current tables all touch the dark brown of the photoelectric switch. And dark blue core, this time, the reading value of the table should be DC24V, indicating that the switch is powered. Checking the proximity switch has output data signals. After the approach is close to the switch, take the DC current table on the green line, touch On the gray black power cord, take a metal material object to the photoelectric switch. At this time, the indication of the display light after the switch is DC24V. When the metal material is taken, the label is indicated by the indicator of the lamp after destruction, constantly It’s time to indicate that the switch is damaged.)


Second, the infrared photoelectric switch signal is not good solution: Checking infrared to reflective photoelectric switch transmitting and coordinators is not correct, reflecting surface flat photoelectric switches and reflective layers are not correct, and the spacing of straight transfection optical and detected object is suitable, is it? There is a dirty thing blocks the photocopy of the optical switch; check that the continuous line is not loose or disconnected, and the switch is damaged.

Third, a magnetic ring switch signal is not good:

The magnetic ring switch portion is skewed, moving the magnetic ring switch, making it flashing, Remove the moving magnetic ring switch. The cylinder rod is not completelyStretching or retreating in time, adjusting the cylinder shock absorbing pad, so that the cylinder rod is completely extended or retracted.


Fourth, check the procrastics are not damaged solutions:

Solving the common failure of palletizers. When the machine device operates discovers abnormal conditions, it is specified that first holds the actual operation board or the termination button on the on-site button box, and the machine device is cleaned up and resolved. When necessary, break off the machine’s switching power supply to avoid misunderstanding.

If there is a partial damage, it can be replaced with accessories, so that all the production lines are properly operated, and the damaged parts are repaired to prevent harm production. It is forbidden to resolve common faults inside the machine device without pressing the termination button, preventing personal safety accidents.



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