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One-word sealing machine (I-shaped sealing machine)

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Which brand of automatic box sealing machine is of good quality?

The automatic sealing machines in Shuangcheng Packaging are very good, vacuum machines, sealing machines, opening machines, heat shrinkage machines, winding machines, sealing and cutting machines, packaging materials in various industries and other related products are available at home, and our previous automatic sealing machine was bought at their home.

Performance and advantages of the sealing machine how about Guangdong Gu’erqi sealing machine?

The performance of the automatic one-word sealing machine: connect the power plug, turn on the power switch, and the machine starts to run, at this time, fold the cover of the carton and push the box by hand, when it reaches the position of the upper and lower power plant, the upper and lower power belts drive the box to seal automatically through the movement sealing device, the blade on the movement automatically cuts off the adhesive tape, and the back box wheel is affixed to the back of the box to complete the whole sealing process.

1. Single machine fully automatic one-word sealing series, suitable for unmanned assembly line online packaging operation

two。 After the carton enters the position, it automatically adjusts the height and width, automatically flattens the top cover, and finishes the tape work again.

3. Suitable for linear high specification, multi-standardized different carton size packaging at the same time, fully automatic adjustment type

4. The performance of the parts is precise and durable, with stable operation and long service life.

5. It is suitable for batch use of multi-specification cartons at the same time.

6. It is more beautiful, faster and more efficient than manual tape.

7. The standard size can be widened and heightened.

Automatic sealing tape machine what is the tape wrinkle?

Automatic box sealing machine is also known as tape sealing machine, carton bottom sealing machine, etc., according to the location of sealing box, there are one word sealing machine, folding cover sealing machine, I sealing machine, side sealing machine, etc., no matter which kind of automatic sealing machine, the most common problem in the sealing process is the folding and bonding of the tape. Qingdao Youchuang technical personnel according to many years of maintenance experience, there are generally the following problems:

1. Using the machine movement to cut the tape for a long time, the blade is worn, or there is residual tape on the surface of the blade, resulting in abnormal cutting tape.

2. When the blade is in contact with the tape, it is different from left to right, which results in the pulling of the tape when it breaks.

3. The pull spring of the rubber roller is not strong enough.

4. the cutting position of the tape is decisive or too long.

5. The tape does not match the cutting blade. The tape is wide and the blade is narrow.

The above problems often cause tape wrinkles, if it can not be completely solved, you need to find professional and technical personnel to communicate, although the structure seems simple, but the technical point of the automatic sealing machine is still relatively high.

What is the difference between semi-automatic sealing machine and full-automatic sealing machine?

The main differences between semi-automatic box sealing machine and full-automatic box sealing machine:

Semi-automatic sealing machine: use a single specification carton for sealing, if you need to replace the carton, you need to re-adjust the applicable size of the sealing machine. It is generally suitable for large quantities of single products with high speed.

Automatic box sealing machine: multiple carton specifications can be used at the same time, and the equipment can automatically adjust the width and height according to the carton size. It is generally used in mixed production.

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