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Points to see if you want to reduce the defects of the palletizer

Today’s processing plants are gradually changed to intelligent systems, intelligent levels, and universal applications in many enterprises production workshops, the emergence of industrial robots alternatively The human worker method has improved work efficiency, and it also greatly saves the company’s human cost, and is more common in industrial robots – palletizing robots.

The use of palletizing robots not only improves the work efficiency of packaging, but its simple actual operation method, convenient mid-term maintenance, and also improved the company Work efficiency reduces the product cost of the company and its human cost investment. It is also because of this advantage, palletizing machine talents are more increasingly used, and the company continues to create value.

The palletizing robot is typically used to produce the tail end of the pipeline, carry out raw materials such as bags, boxes, and buckets from the production flow line. According to the standard code to have already set a good standard code, the electric forklift is stored in the warehouse. According to the different product categories and specific requirements, the programs can be prepared to engage the palletizing robot to integrate the palletizing settings of various commodities.

Renewal to reduce the problem of diagnosis of palletizing machines:

In order to better reduce the probability of the diamond probation of palletizing machines on the edge of the business process, it is inevitable to ensure the following aspects.
Mainly, in order to better reduce the problem of palletizing machine, it is mainly necessary to test the palletizing machine before actual operation. If it is a newly selected palletizer Of course, the trial operation is required to ensure that the palletizing migration is carried out under the condition of the pallet machine.
Time, the product you need is not the same, to set the main parameters on the pallet machine, although the automatic palletizing machine does not require people to actually operate However, the standard is to set a variety of primary parameters, and the setting of this main parameter must be in line with the product needs of the required palletize.

In addition, there is also a point, although it is a fully automatic palletizer, but such goods are the same manual actual operation, in some essential conditions, can reduce the probability of manual presence, such as presentation Plastic packaging is shorter and unclear. In this case, you can pick a hand-moving band. Naturally, in addition to the problems of the chart, we must reduce the problem of the palletizer on the edge of the process, and ask for a lot of problems. If the problem is presented, it requires that the switch is turned off the switch power supply, and the staff of the technical professionals will be used to conduct inspection. There is no test address without testing, and there is no need to completely solve difficulties.



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