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Production line palletizer: the palletizer equipment that enterprises deserve to own!

Everyone understands that all companies are accompanied by the continuous development of business, and the management methods are getting higher. In response to the manufacturer, and its development trend is fast logistics enterprise, mechanical automation, intelligent system will reduce the difficulty of business management. Production line palletizing machine This type of automated technology palletizing machine machinery, not only further improves the efficiency of packaging delivery, but reduces the difficult factor of business management due to the reduced total number of employees. Today, I have the advantage of being with the advantages of the packaging palletizing machine and artificial contrast.

The advantage of the comparison of the production line palletizing machine and the artificial stack productivity faster


The palletizer is fast, the speed is faster, and the high reliability is high. Diverse, even if the three shifts are inverted, only one percent of the annual output value of 24 hours, and the time of the automatic palletizing machine is fixed, but the continuous operation of 24 hours, the annual output value reaches 100 Above ninety-nine; Packaging frock palletizing machine is a mechanical equipment that can be operatively, programmable controller, using its replacement of artificial operation automated technology In manufacturing, the productivity is increased

Application packaging line palletizing machine to reduce the risk of employee accidents;

People less touch products Prevent employee burn due to overtime temperature, or due to huge work injury accidents due to the product volume;

replacing natural environmental operations such as high-risk, harmful hazards, and put people from extreme nature The environment is getting out;

The packaging line palletizing machine is equipped with equipment. If a common fault will fully automate alert reminder, prevent the explosion and destroy the machine equipment or serious harm to personally safe.

The product quality is more stable

Use the production line pallet machine operation, quality inspection staff can be more concentrated to be more concentrated;


The accuracy of the packaging line palletizer is high, the product quality is affected Smaller, thereby ensuring the consistency of the product;

Prevent the difference between the product, the product is not excellent, and the product quality is reduced.

Flexible production, raw material usage rate Product production plan can be manipulated, the supply cycle is precise, and the customer’s service quality is improved. For the company to maintain a stable credibility, enhance the company’s competitiveness;

The actual operation is very simple, can reduce product transformation according to the production process of the modified product workpiece in accordance with the modified procedure process Update the cycle time and the cost of reducing the machine;

Intelligent robot automated production operation, preventing the consumption of raw materials, and increasing raw materials usage.




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