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Shanghai packing Machine (Shanghai packing Machine Factory)

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How about Beishike Packaging Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.?

Beishike Packaging Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is very good.

Beishike Packaging Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a leading professional supplier of post-packaging equipment in Germany, providing high-speed and stable automatic equipment such as film wrapping machine, packing machine and palletizer for pharmaceutical, daily chemical and food enterprises. Advanced technology, efficient and flexible. Headquartered in Germany, it has a history of more than 100 years, and has 8 branches and 35 agents around the world, providing quality equipment and services to global customers and promoting technological progress in the field of post-packaging in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Beishike Packaging Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established on October 28, 2011, the company’s business scope includes: packaging machinery, packaging materials wholesale, commission agents (except auctions), and provide other related consulting, maintenance, installation services, import and export of goods or technologies (except goods and technologies prohibited by the state or involving administrative examination and approval), trade consulting services, business management consulting, etc.

What are the advantages of automatic packing machine

What is the function of automatic packing machine

Packaging has always played an important role in daily life, ranging from household appliances such as televisions and air conditioners to daily necessities such as salt and soy sauce. However, if the packaging uses manpower, it is still a waste of time and money, and carton packaging mainly goes through three links: unpacking, packing and sealing. It seems simple, but it still takes some time to do it!

When it comes to carton packaging, in the production and packaging workshop of traditional factories, nothing is more labor-intensive than the packing of products, which is also the most labor-intensive link in the packaging process. The use of manual packing can only rely on manual labor every day, the number of production packages per day is also very limited, and sometimes the production schedule may be delayed by illness or other reasons. If you have a fully automatic packing machine, it can reduce a lot of problems. The machine can liberate the productive forces, liberate labor from the difficult working environment, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, expand production efficiency, and inject new vitality into social and economic development.

The fully automatic packing machine can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve the production level. Automatic production and packaging is the main index to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. no matter in the long run or at present, increasing the investment in automation scale is the first step towards modernization. Therefore, it is necessary to have a fully automatic packing machine.

At present, in the condiment industry, most powder and granule products will choose four-side seal, back-seal vertical bag and three-side seal bag packaging. In the form of these bags, the four-sided sealed bags are more and more favored by condiment enterprises because of their smooth, beautiful and many other advantages. At present, in chicken essence, soup seasoning, as well as some powder, granule type high-grade seasoning, four-side seal packing bag is widely used. The popularity of this form of packaging is bound to directly lead to an increase in the demand for quadrilateral sealing bag packaging equipment, high-speed, large-capacity quadrilateral sealing high-speed packaging machine will have a lot of room for development. Therefore, the automatic packing machine plays an important role in the seasoning industry.

The difference between automatic drop packing machine and grab packing machine

Drop type means that after accumulating a good quantity, open the load-bearing board and drop it into the carton to complete the packing; grasping is to lift the specified number of products through the grip or sucker, properly separate the interval between the products, and then put them into the carton. Are you looking for packing equipment?

What is the speed of the automatic packing machine and which brand is better?

Automatic packing machine speed is generally between 60-120/min, can automatically arrange the products into the box, Boris automatic packing machine can automatically flip the carton and for, to ensure the smooth completion of the packing, you can try.

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