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The advantages of automatic high-position palletizer in the building materials industry

The palletizer further replaces the porter, and the automatic high palletizer stacks building materials.
The neat stacking type will bring convenience to the warehouse to a great extent. For example, the quantity of goods can be seen at a glance, which is convenient for goods entering and leaving the warehouse, saving warehouse space. The automatic palletizer can ensure the stability of the product, the palletizing effect is more neat and beautiful, and the palletizing type is stable.
The automatic high-position palletizer not only improves product quality and labor productivity, but also ensures personal safety, improves the labor environment, and reduces labor intensity; at the same time, it is of great significance to save raw material consumption and reduce production costs. Automatic high palletizers are used in chemical, fertilizer, grain and other industries to promote palletizing automation, speed up logistics, and reduce material damage and waste. Therefore, automatic high palletizers play an increasingly important role in improving production scale and production efficiency. In addition, with the continuous increase of labor costs, high-performance and low-cost automatic palletizers are gradually entering the factory and have a broad application market.

automatic high-position palletizer

automatic high-position palletizer

The high-level palletizer is also an automatic palletizer. The main machine is highly integrated, driven by servo motors, with simple and durable structure, automatic oil maintenance, low noise, accurate control, and various types of stacking.
Automatic high palletizer is a bagged material specially developed and produced by Yanmao for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as grain, chemical, fertilizer, cement, waterproof and fireproof materials, friction materials, refractory materials, plastic particles, building materials and other materials. High palletizer is an efficient, practical and beautiful automatic mechanized equipment. More and more manufacturing industries are used at the end of the production line instead of the growing palletizing operation of porters. The application advantages of palletizers in the building materials industry as follows:
1. Simple structure, simple and flexible operation, durable structure and low failure rate.
2. Small footprint and low maintenance cost.
3. Improve production efficiency, realize civilized production, and improve the level of production automation in enterprises.
4. A variety of stacking types can be stacked. The stacking types are compact, neat and standardized, and will not collapse, which is convenient for entering and leaving the warehouse.
5. It can replace manual work in harsh environment and reduce the harm of dust to human body.
6. It can work continuously for 24 hours, reduce the product damage rate, shorten the production cycle and relieve the production pressure.
7. There is a fault automatic alarm display system to provide protection for the use of the machine.
The extensive application of automatic high-level palletizers in the building materials industry has further replaced many porters, accelerated the pace of robot replacement, played an important role in reducing costs and improving efficiency, promoted the development of human science and technology, and created more value.



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