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The design status and development prospects of palletizing robots

Overseas palletizing robot technology has treated the direction of the intelligent machine and intelligent control system, and its current situation analysis development trend is reflected in the following many levels:


(1) Palletiizer robot characteristics Continuous improvement (high-speed operation, high precision, reliability, easy practical operation and maintenance), while single-machine version of the price continues to decrease, average stand-alone version of the price of 1030,000 US dollars in 96 years of $ 65,000.

(2) The mechanical system is designed to modular design and can be re-constructed. For example, the three-bit integration of the AC servo motor, reducer, monitoring system in the bone chastic module; the asset recombination method of the bone control module, the crankshaft control module is the entire machine; overseas existing modular design palletizing robotic goods. (3) The palletizing robot automatic control system is easy to standardize, networked according to the opening control board of the PC; the speed of the component processing is improved, the control box is exquisite, and modular Design constructs; further improve the stability, easy operability and maintenance of system software.

(4) Virtual Reality Technology Technology In the pallet machine, the efficacy has been simulated, the drill development trend is used to manage process management, so that the remote control robot operator feels in the distant work in the natural environment. To control smart robots.

(5) Palletizer machinery is gradually prevalent. Since 1994, the British development has designed the “Valley Axis CNC lathe” to this day, such new equipment has become a network hotspot for international research, and the industry has developed its specific use.

Design of related handling robots

(1) Palletizing robotic tissue technology At this stage, various types of intelligent robotic organizations have been developed, and the fitness motion can playability from 3 playability to 7 or 8 can be playable, and it is structurally connected, series and vertical bones and The planar cracker has a variety of diverse. At present, the key research is the new construction, role and completion of palletizing robots, which is a stronger to make equipment, and have higher softness to achieve different requirements. In addition, some new sets of palletizing robots Method, explore new high toughness light raw materials, further increase the load / own weight ratio. In addition, the intelligent robot organizations are designed towards modular design and can renew their development trends.

(2) Palletizer robotic manipulation technology

The full intelligent manipulation of palletizing robots has been completed, and the control power of the 21 axis is completed; The sensor manipulation technology has been greatly broken. At present, the key research is open, modular design automatic control system, industrial touch screen is more friendly, with excellent language expression and pattern preparation page. In addition, the standardization and network of the palletizing robotic control panels and its dependent PC Internet control panel have become a research network hotspot. Program writing techniques have further improved visual programming, productization prepared by the offline program will become key research content.

(3) Data Servo Motor Drive Technology The palletizing robot has long completed full data communication AC servo motor driver manipulation, absolute * partial opinion feedback. At present, it is studying electronic computer technology to explore high-efficiency manipulation drivers optimization algorithms, enhance system software response time and linearity; additional distributed system, which is used by computer interface (PROFIBUS) technology.



To further improve the intelligent and adaptability of the intelligent robot, the use of a variety of diverse sensors is solved. The problem is important. At present, the machine vision system, photoelectric sensor, etc. have been successfully used in palletizing robots. The next study of research network hotspots concentrates in a reasonable row (especially in the case of discrete systems and non-standard non-standard normal distribution) multi-sensor combined optimization algorithm, and its processing sensor system software problem.

(5) Palletizer robotic use technology

Palletizing robotic application technology key includes reliability design and intelligent work of palletizing robot office environment. Reliability design Key to use a variety of excellent electronic computer methods to complete the dynamic changes and simulation simulation of design solutions, enhance design of high efficiency and improvement. Intelligent work is to use inductor technology and control measures to complete palletizers.The high and wide range of robots work and the adaptability of the natural environment, and reduces the diversity of actual operating staff. At this stage, the key to the work of palletizing robots rely on human participation, lacking self-learning and improving self. The research work in these aspects begins.

(6) Palletizer Robot Network Technology

Networking makes palletizing robots to develop trends from a separate system software to the human group system software, making long distance actual operations Regulatory, maintenance and remote control brain processing plants become very likely, it is a milestone for the development trend of palletizing robot technology. At this stage, the palletizing robot is just a simple network communication and manipulation, and the network palletizing robot is a network hot spot in the study of palletizing robotics.




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