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The development status and future trends of robot automatic palletizers

With the sustainable development trend of high-tech and industrial production, robot technology is increated, and palletizing robots also play a more critical efficacy in various fields. Because 2020 is harmful by pneumonia, the amenities of everyone have been restricted, and each work environment is highly human, therefore, 2020 robot automatic palletizing machines have been favored by major companies. The palletizing robot manufactured by Yanmao production has done total sales in the first half of the year, and it is not difficult to see that intelligent manufacturing has become a future development trend.

Robot automatic palletizing machine is an intelligent system robot, palletizing system robot, palletizing, etc. in industrial equipment, electronic information technology, sensor technology, and artificial intelligence to complete industrial production. The emergence of robots has reduced production and labor costs and enhanced production efficiency. Palleti robot is applicable to chemical plants, organic fertilizers, cereals, fertilizers, food, decorative building materials, etc., can be pocketable, granulated raw materials, and their various bags, boxes, and buckets , Canned, slabs, etc. to carry out automated packaging pallets, facilitate customer storage, transportation and market sales.

At present, packaging machinery manufacturers generally use the PLC power load controller, although the PLC is very flexible, but there is still no power to have in the microcomputer. In the future, packaging machinery must have multi-functionalization, adjustment operation simple and other conditions, and microcomputer-based intelligent instruments will become new trends in the development of packaging mechanical controllers.

At present, the robotic automatic palletizing machine has been growing in China. From the monthly trading volume, each manufacturing company is more It is aware that the necessity of automated technology is precisely mechanical manufacturing, and it is not known that there are still many companies from market-regulation, there are still many companies to choose the traditional artificial method. They are not willing to accept new production processes. On the one hand, I feel automated mechanical funds. Increased cost, on the other hand, in terms of magicality and playability, or not. From another perspective, quality and birthYield and its cost fees, overall, application of automated technology precision machinery manufacturing is still much higher than artificial work. The industrial products have gradually become more exciting and diversified. Under the large environmental changes, the elastic diversified packaging machine species should be market demand; the design and manufacture of products should make full use of standardization and modulation, decrease Design and manufacturing workload conversion new models in a short time.


The technical properties of all levels of palletizing robots are still perfect and improved, and the newly promised “Some Opinions on Improvement Strengthening Financial Research Projects and Fund Management” in the Ministry of Science and Technology will also include key focus. Each region has gradually established an intelligent robotic industry base, the management center mechanical and electrical engineering industry base, and the science and technology park and other organizations are used to operate the basic construction of robots. It is not difficult to see the development trend of the robot’s automatic palletizing machine. The popularization of industrial production robots is a reasonable way to complete automation production, enhance social development and production efficiency, promote the development trend of company and social productivity.



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