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The main advantage of the handling palletizer is to save labor

With the gradual development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry, the scope of application of palletizers has become wider and wider. Yanmao handling intelligent robot is an industrial manipulator that can carry out automatic technology handling work. It is a high-tech technology in the modern automatic control system industry. It involves structural mechanics, mechanics, electrical hydraulic press standard air pressure technology, automatic control system, transmission Course industries such as sensor technology, microcontroller design technology and electronic information technology have become a key component of the contemporary machinery and equipment manufacturing production management system.

The handling palletizer is composed of a group of execution system software and commands, so that the posture of the arm is planned as a whole, and the operation of the equipment is promoted according to the order of the equipment, thereby replacing manpower.

So what are its advantages? Let’s take a look at the handling palletizer manufacturer.

Its advantage is that it can perform various estimated daily tasks according to the programming, and it has the advantages of human and equipment in its structure and characteristics, especially in reflecting the artificial intelligence technology and adaptability. It has been dominant in the competition in the same industry, and the social and economic benefits and economic benefits after entering the market are significant.

It is possible to reasonably improve labor standards. Some office environments are more difficult. For example, in these natural environments with high temperature, high pressure or heavy environmental pollution, all normal human labor is relatively risky, but the handling of palletizers can reasonably replace manpower. Improve work standards. Especially in these relatively simple and repeated actual operations, the palletizer can perform the work well, and can prevent the safety accident caused by the fatigue of the manpower due to the actual operation.


In addition, the palletizer can reasonably save manpower, so that manpower can be used for other workers. The handling and palletizer can work for a long time, and it is highly efficient, so it has been favored by many factories. The application of palletizers can not only promote the transfer, loading, unloading and handling of raw materials, but also save human capital and relative costs. It also happens that because of this advantage, there will be more and more places to apply it.


Yanmao’s handling and palletizing robots carry out fusion in accordance with the order of the processing technology. Under the condition of no intervention, they carry out actual operations and manipulations in accordance with the prescribed procedures and commands. The entire process of product handling and stacking is fully automated. The main parameters of the key processing technology are The intelligent visual management method has been completed for the operation of machinery and equipment, which has achieved the system requirements of increased production, environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption, greatly reduced labor and labor efficiency, and improved labor efficiency. Completed the production and manufacturing automation technology, continuity, and intelligence. The overall goal of the system and information management has been highly recognized by customers.




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