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The multiple benefits of using fully automatic pallet palletizers for enterprises!

What is the benefit of the tray pallettening machine to complete the automation technology?   1, the fully automatic tray palletizer can do 1000 packages (box) / when the  rate is used, and the net balance of the pallet is 20-70 kg, which can replace 6-8 employees. High efficiency is high, will not be harmed by all people.
2, the automatic palletizing machine is uniform in the pallet processes, and the difference is basically ignored according to the setup program process, and the person is the responsibility of the worker, the long-term pallet makes workers. Heart is awkward, of course, the status of the pallet does not have the same.
3, the automatic palletizing machine at the cost level, only the first * capital investment. And the salary of 6-eight workers, it also takes 3,000 yuan / person, and it takes 288,000 yuan / year according to 8 people. The cost of automatic pallet pallets can be profitable for only 2 years, and the automatic palletizing machine is reasonable for 8-10 years.  4, the automatic tray pallet machine can work in a hard environment, and people have a variety of unstable elements, and now today’s social development is difficult or is all production enterprises. Difficulties, especially companies that are poor office environment, palletizes are also a resource, recruit workers are also very difficult.

Where is the advantages of automatic tray pallets?
With a fully automatic tray pallet machine, some production and manufacturing process, which can not only improve productivity, control cost, and improve product quality. The palletizer is a device that combed product on the end of the pipeline. The equipment claws climbed the products on the pipeline. The whole process is placed on the trailer, and the whole process simply has a lot of high efficiency.  Why is the palletizing machine why the palletizing palletizing, the advantages of tray pallet press are also well known:

1. Simple construction, less components. Therefore, the equipment of the components is low, the characteristics are reliable, and the maintenance and maintenance is simple. The stock parts are less.  2, less land. It is beneficial to the layout of the production flow line in industrial plant, and can be vacuum out of the total area of ​​warehouses.   3, the scope of application is strong. A palletizing machine can conduct pallets for products that are several pipelines, and can also crawl proditing and disassemble more different products.
4, easy to operate. All manipulation can be operated on the control box display, and the operation is relatively easy to get started.



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