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The new charm of the characteristics of the automatic box erector machine

The packaging machinery is a bridge that the store is connected with customers, and it is also a more beneficial security measures. The emergence of automatic unloading machine has produced new charm to the market, making the overall single and simple. Customers have continued to return to their requirements, so that they have prompted a sense of helping each other, and it is also a lot of choice opportunities.



With the rapid development trend of today’s freight logistics, the store is targeted for packaging cartons, unpacking, unpacking, express delivery, transportation, stacking. The provisions are also continuously improved, while the development trend of industrial equipment can handle this problem. Today I want to introduce it to the automatic unpacking machine, then do you understand the automatic unpacking molding machine?

The basic information under the following is detailed by the staff of the Tao automation equipment.

Automatic unpacking molding machine can carry out paper box suction boxes, unpacking, forming, fractory, title page and other packaging processes. The column storage cardboard method is selected, and the paper box can be filled with anytime, anywhere, no need to shut down.


Automatic unpacking molding machine characteristics:

1, suitable for a variety of specifications The paper box automatically opens the tedge page, if you need to convert the paper box specification model, manual adjustment can be, the required time is 1-2 minutes;

2, the box can be operated alone, or can be automated Packaging production line supporting facilities; 3, characteristics are stable, quality reliable, scope of application, high efficiency, long use period; parts are fine and durable, the overall design is strict, running without vibration, operation Stable and reliable;

4, the automation level is high: automatic opening, automatic folding cover, automatic sealed lower end tape, equipment selection PLC + monitor manipulation, big convenient actual operation, is automated operating scale production and manufacturing Inadvertent automatic pipeline;

5, Safety protection design: skills plus the tool head safety device to prevent accidental injury, safety production, high efficiency packaging during actual operation.


China’s packaging field continues to have new trends, in order to better develop a more wide market, automatic unloading machine is hard work and hard, and it is to better integrate into the market. Requirements and customers’ regulations.


In many fields in China, it is in development, and the automatic opening of the Yanmao Group brand is automatically automatically. First make the basics will be smooth, then you can have a better future. This is also a good result of everyone who wants to see, China’s broad market is to make a stronger and faster development in the packaging field to ensure that it is necessary to make good preparations for the development. Only the benefits of everyone can ensure that everyone’s interests are not Damage, it is also a stronger negotiation of the automatic unloading machine, so the automatic opening of the box is the overall development of the overall situation in the expansion of the market.




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