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The situation where domestic automatic palletizers are widely recognized

Although the automatic palletizing machine has long been very popular in China, there are still many people lack definitions for all-automatic pallets, and they are not very mastered. Where is the use of this machine, actually, fully automatic code The steering machine is not so complicated, and it is said that the full automatic palletizing machine is the use of the instead of palletty. It is only a more artificial palletty of the automatic pallet. Technology, intelligent system, more cost savings.



The palletizing machine is a new automation device that places a palletizer at the end of the pipeline, which can set the products of the products on the pipeline. It is easier to ship and store it. What is the palletizing machine?

General palletizing machine consists of a base with a housing, in food, drinks, household appliances, fine feed, and pharmaceutical industry can be widely used to palletizers. The equipment is equipped with magnetic induction equipment, which can identify the products on the pipeline, and will terminate at any time without the product.



The actual operation of all automatic pallets is high, and the reliable performance is good. It is a plurality of dodge employees, and there is no need to worry about a series of personnel department issues such as position changes. Applying automatic pallets not only improving the work efficiency of packaging, its simple practical method, convenient middle and late maintenance, and also improve the company’s work efficiency, reducing the company’s product cost and its artificial cost funds Investment. It is also because of this advantage, industrial production automatic pallet machine is used to use more and more companies, and the company continues to make use value.

What is the situation of China’s palletizer? Because the stack is low, the relativity is relatively low, and most of the Chinese robot is first Completion of technical improvement robotics *, China’s automation machinery limited liability company manufacturers have rapidly rise.



China’s palm the relative backwardness of overseas, but the advantages of price, and in the field of palletizer, the full process of palletizers are also More complete, many companies will be good at picking up the country, the country is convenient, and the domestic general after-sales service will be more convenient.


For the field of pocket pallets, the automatic pallet machine has no doubt that it has greatly improved its work efficiency, and it is convenient to enter the library. , It is also convenient to go into the library.

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