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Thoughts on Planning and Design of Automated Packaging Line

The overall design has a significant impact on the performance, size, shape, quality and production cost of the mechanical system. Therefore, in the overall design, it is necessary to fully apply the various advanced design principles, comprehensive utilization of machinery and electronics and other key technologies and attach importance to scientific experiments, and strive to be in principle and correct. It is economically reasonable.

The packaging process line is a basis for the overall scheme design of the automatic packaging production line, which is basically clearly explicit in investigation and analysis of the collected materials. When designing the packaging process line, it should be based on the basis of ensuring the quality of the packaging quality, low cost, and easy to construct automatic control system, maintenance and actual operation. There is the following design principle:

1, effectively select the packaging machinery and packaging vessel;

2, the concentration and dispersion of the step. The centralized and dispersion level is based on which design plan is more comprehensive, comprehensive, highly quality and quantity, improve productivity and control costs, and other elements:

The characteristics of the process concentration: because the process is concentrated. Reduce the stages of main transportation, storage, and transfer, so that the organization is simplified, and the reduced production line will cover. However, the process is too centralized, and the packaging process will increase a lot of limitations, reduce practicality, improve the complexity of the organization, not convenient for adjustment. Therefore, when choosing a concentrated chemical process, it should be ensured that the adjustment, convenient repair, and reliable work, there is a practicality.


In order to improve productivity, it is easy to make a packed actual operation in many steps in many steps, ie The process is dispersed. Process dispersion can reduce the complexity of the organization, improve the stability of the work, easy to adjust and overhaul, etc. However, the production line covers an area, too dispersed, and the cost is increased, and it is not economically developed.

Concentrated in the processAnd dispersion, according to the comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of the production line, the plan is effective, and the plan plan is best.


3, the rhythm of the equalization process, the rhythm of the equalization process is one of the key challenges of forming a packaging automatic production line machining process plan. Each packaging facility has excellent synchronization, which is important for ensuring that the packaging automatic production line continues to harmonize and produces manufacturing. When equilibrium rhythm, resist the pressure sensation is excellent, and it is used to a balanced method.

In summary, the selection of processing process planning is a more complex problem, be sure to consider the quality of goods, product costs, stability, and laborer standards. . The packaging process planning plan should be excellent, reliable and effective, to ensure productivity under the premise of ensuring the quality of packaging; in addition, the production line should be simple, low noise, easy to operate, maintenance, etc. After conducting the necessary simulation experiments, moderate changes and synthesis are finally clear.



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