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Three steps to determine if your business needs packaging automation

When you handle low yield, the manual packaging process is meaningful.

However, when you face growing consumer needs, you will decide whether to invest in more automated packaging equipment. The transformation from manual packaging to automatic packaging seems to be a trouble for new and old companies, but please remember that from the long run, avoid this change may make you pay more.

This is three basic steps to help you determine if packaging automation should be your product and business next.


1. Evaluate your business objectives

Determine your business objective is to determine if your business should change from manual packaging The first step for automatic packaging. If your goal is to deliver a limited local store, packaging automation may not be your proper selection. On the other hand, if you want to extend your business to 100 regional stores, automation is something worth considering. Defining the goal will help you find the direction of your business should take and you should purchase new devices.

2. Analysis of the current packaging environment

If you don’t know where you are, you can’t reach where you want to go. . This also applies when you are looking for a way of development business. Analysis of the current manufacturing process can help you find the future of the business’s future automation.

The field you should evaluate includes:


any process bottleneck

In-depth understanding of the product and packaging type you want to develop. Also, make sure you analyze the guidelines and requirements set by your current or potential product retailer. All of this will help you when determining packaging and device goals. Consideration:

package number

3. Analyze your materials and artificial cost

You don’t have to go to the high speed automatic production line. Some small manufacturers use semi-automatic or slow to moderate automated packaging lines to operate effectively. When analyzing the secondary packaging option, make sure to view all factors that may affect your profits, including:

Time and resources associated with manual packaging and tray

Then, you will be able to conclude: Automation is feasible for your organization, you may save the number of dollars and how big the capital equipment budget should be.



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