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Up and down automatic box sealing machine (manual box sealing machine)

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What is the price of the box sealing machine

The price of the sealing machine is mainly based on the size and speed of the carton. There is also the type of sealing machine to determine.

At present, the main types of box sealing in the market include: semi-automatic box sealing machine, automatic box sealing machine, automatic folding cover sealing machine and so on.

Semi-automatic box sealing machine

The semi-automatic box sealing machine is manually folded and then pushed, such as the box sealing machine, to seal the box in one word. Take Shanghai Guangbao sealing machine as an example, the price of semi-automatic sealing machine is about a few thousand yuan.

Automatic box sealing machine: it can be adjusted automatically according to the size of the carton. The price of Shanghai Guangquan automatic box sealing machine generally ranges from 10,000 to 40,000, which is determined according to the equipment.

Folding cover sealing machine is generally used in conjunction with production, it can be said to achieve unmanned production, the price of equipment is generally more than 10,000-20,000. The specific price still needs to be determined according to the size, efficiency, place of use and so on.

Folding cover sealing machine

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What are the uses of automatic box sealing machines?

The sealing machine is mainly suitable for the sealing and packaging of cartons, which can be used not only on a single machine, but also with an assembly line. it can also be used with carton forming and opening machine, packing machine, labeling machine, bundling machine, pallet stacking machine, transportation and other equipment to form a packaging assembly line, which is a necessary equipment for packaging assembly line operation.

Introduction of automatic box sealing machine

Equipment for export, bottle and can making, paper making, hardware and electrical appliances, plastic chemical industry, building materials, agricultural products, food and beverage and other industries

The fully automatic winding machine adopts programmable control and frequency converter control, which has reliable performance and convenient operation. It can automatically determine the height of goods, which is suitable for light and unfixed products, reduces labor intensity and improves efficiency, and is an ideal equipment for product packaging in modern enterprises. it is widely used in foreign trade export, bottle-making cans, paper making, hardware and electrical appliances, plastic chemicals, building materials, agricultural products, food and beverage and other industries. It can improve the packaging efficiency, reduce the loss in the process of shipment, and has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof, reducing packaging cost and so on.

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