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Warehouse stacker (warehouse stacker)

A list of the contents of this article:

Working principle of palletizer

The palletizer is to put the cartons that have been packed into containers on pallets and pallets (wood, plastic) according to a certain arrangement code, which can be stacked automatically, which can be stacked in multiple layers, and then pushed out to facilitate forklift transportation to the warehouse for storage. This equipment adopts PLC+ touch screen control to realize intelligent operation and management, which is simple and easy to master. The labor force and labor intensity can be greatly reduced. The palletizer is the equipment in which the bags, cartons or other packaging materials transported by the conveyor are automatically stacked and transported according to the working mode required by the customer.

How it works:

A layer of workpieces on the plate that meet the requirements of the pallet, and the plate and the workpiece move forward until the vertical surface of the pallet. The upper stopper rod drops, the other three sides position the stopper bar to start and clamp, and the plate resets at this time. Each workpiece falls to the pallet plane, the pallet plane is 10mm away from the bottom of the plate, and the pallet drops one workpiece height. Repeat the above until the pallet stack meets the set requirements.

What are the advantages of palletizing robot

Characteristics of palletizing robot

1. Simple structure and few parts. Therefore, the failure rate of parts is low, the performance is reliable, and the maintenance is simple.

Few spare parts are required in stock.

2. It covers a small area. It is beneficial to the layout of the production line in the customer’s factory building, and can set aside a larger warehouse area. The palletizing robot can be set in a narrow space and can be used effectively.

3. Strong applicability. When the size, volume and shape of the customer’s products and the external dimensions of the tray change, you only need to make a slight modification on the touch screen, which will not affect the normal production of the customer. The mechanical palletizer change is quite troublesome or even impossible to achieve.

4. Low energy consumption. Usually the power of the mechanical palletizer is about 26KW, while the power of the palletizing robot is about 5KW. The operating cost of the customer is greatly reduced.

5. All control can be operated on the control cabinet screen, and the operation is very simple.

6. Only need to locate the starting point and placement point, the teaching method is simple and easy to understand.

What is the working principle of the stacker?

The palletizing manipulator is a kind of high-tech equipment, the user needs to input the data in advance, and the control system of the palletizer controls the automatic palletizing according to the data. It can divide the goods into the same quantity according to certain steps and put them in a place. According to the pre-set data for standardized and beautiful placement, it is convenient for future transportation or storage. The existence of the palletizing manipulator can greatly improve the work efficiency of a factory, reduce the labor intensity of the palletizing workers in the factory, let the workers have spare time to do other work, and save time, so as not to delay the palletizing. It can also complete the production and transportation of other products.

What is the important role of palletizer in automatic warehouse

The palletizer is an important part of the automated three-dimensional warehouse system, and it is the executive component of the whole system. When it is in stock, it accurately stores the goods from the entry and exit counter to the goods space, and when picking up the goods, it takes the goods back to the entry and exit counter. No matter what type of palletizer, it is generally composed of horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, loading platform and fork mechanism, frame and electrical equipment and other basic parts. It is the product of the so-called high-level, high-speed, high-density storage concept. Although each manufacturer has its own originality and some differences in structure, it can be said that all palletizers are nothing more than a rack, cargo platform, telescopic fork, track and control system and other parts. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the technical level of automated three-dimensional warehouse and the dynamic performance of storage machinery and equipment are also improving.

This is the end of the introduction of the warehouse stacker and the warehouse stacker. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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