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What are the advantages of using heat shrink packaging machine for enterprise products

With the development trend in the packaging, the heat shrink packaging machine is more efficient, and the heat shrink packaging machine has the advantageous way of internationally better packaging methods, which is mainly economically developed. It is mainly It is the contraction plastic film package in the outside of the goods or packages, and then seals and then shrink according to the temperature of the shrinking furnace, so that the packaging raw materials are contracted, and the goods or packages are sufficient to indicate the external shape of the item, and the package after packaging can be sealed. Waterproof, pollution control. And maintain items from the external impact, with certain cache, in addition to this, can reduce the probability of goods being removed, theft; enhance the assembly of items to enhance the beauty and its value.

The main features of the company use this type of heat shrink packaging machine:

1. The heat shrink packaging body is ingenious, short heating time, power saving;   2. Applicable standard or irregular items;
3. Heat shrink packaging machine Far-infrared immediately warmed;
4. Electrical variable speed control;
5. Contracting the quality of the packaging items and can shrink the packaging;
6. The heat shrink packaging machine has a fully automatic shutdown, and the machine device is fully automatically disconnected when the temperature control rises to a specific temperature, saving the time to be redumbled, and all the normal use period of the machine device is guaranteed.

According to the automatic control system, the product surface is sealed with a shrink film (generally used The shrink film is a POF shrink film).
Sealing shrinkers have multiple advantages of the following:

1 The heat pipe is heating the heat pipe with a stainless steel plate.
2 The temperature of the exhaust fan using power is ensured according to the unique design of the wind tube system software to ensure the temperature is uniform.  3 Adopt temperature control electronic device automatic control system to ensure that the internal temperature of the equipment is stable.
4 Shrink does not endanger the quality of the packaging items and can shrink the packageWell-equipped.
5 Applicable to the packaging of standards or irregular items.   Edge shrinkers adopt “PLC” programmable controller program process control board, completion machine, electricity, gas integration, after the unique modification, packaging light and small goods can be easily transported The advantage of the device and the general roll and the intensity of the general side feed equipment.
Especially the design of the design, the sealing line is strong, no crack, not easy to stick, adopt import optical, accurate precision positioning, for the design product two group level test optical, imported conveyor belt, rugged, durable, The transmission speed is manipulated by a soft starter, and it can be variable speed.



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