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What is the difference between various common palletizers?

Palletizer  robot and palletizing machine:
The palletizing robot and palletizing machine seems to be three words from the literal, many people have seen The palletizer, and they look all the automatic, but actually really? Do they just unlike the name? I will easily explain their different points for everyone. Easy, the palletizing robot should be at home. However, compare with the general palletizer, these both have some significant differences.

Performance in a general palletizing machine, the palletizing robot has some advantages. The coordination capacity of palletizing robots is stronger, especially the adaptability of the goods is high, and the category of palletizers can be more efficient and efficient. Especially some automated technology production pipelines must use palletizing robots.

The general palletizing machine is critical with some squares such as a trailer side. The key to the intelligent machine code machine is to carry out the palletty of the robot’s mechanical arm on the machine device, which is the machine’s machine to make the palletizing robot better than the palletizer.

In fact, whether it is a palletizing robot or a general palletizing machine, it can become a corporate palletty production pipeline. The left and right arm. It not only improved the cost of the company, but also enhanced the company’s manufacturing and market sales efficiency. There is also an immediate harm to the production and manufacturing economy of the company.

Natural, some industrial production packaging areas, logistics warehousing, and various industrial production areas must be used, and palletizers must be used because palletizers are more The stupid efficiency is gradually increased by the palletizing robot to enhance the podium podi efficiency of the company, and the cost of the company can also alleviate the cost of the company.

However, if the tipping machine and the palletizing robot is compared, the palletizing robot has no doubt, and it is more possible to show the production efficiency of the company, whether the palletty is machine People and palletizers are all mainly dedicated to the production and manufacture of everyone.

The difference between the low graphic press:

Low stacker, start code is new, High-speed large-capacity stacking code;
Improved construction, a seven thine method excellent, enhances the trajectory of car operations;

Improve The tray belt conveyor operation mode reduces the tray transportation time;

Select a differential protection to accelerate the push package team and the stacked rate;
The advantages of low engineering cost, low body burst, small inspection and inspection and convenient production capacity of high-level pallet machine;    Manipulation mode: PLC + Touch Display + Specification Control button + Data signal power switch, complete automatic / manual manipulation mode;

can look for common fault points according to touch display, easily detect;
The new production process and technology is selected, so that the characteristics and extempore quality of the machine equipment are the standard of foreign countries;



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