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Yanmao automatic box erector machine helps companies improve production efficiency

Today, the development trend of social development is slowly accelerated, and everyone’s living standards are constantly improving, so automatically unpacking the box in industrial production, everyone should use the resources next to them, as far as possible Guaranteed to reduce excess resource consumption. Previously, the packaging foundation of the carton must bear a different part of each person, but the speed is slower and the human resources are consumed. With the continued speed of today’s development trend, the speed is not allowed to consider everyone’s must, so the opening machine will appear in the eyes of everyone, automatically open the box, is an indispensable machine equipment for packaging automatic production line. I have already been familiar with everyone. Many popular carton packaging is all the contributions of opening the box. The unpacking machine is also called a cardboard forming machine, and the small box bottom is converted according to a certain procedure process, and it is shipped with the tape seal. Box machine professional equipment. Its whole process is automatically operated by mechanical equipment, and does not have to carry out human production and processing.


 box opening machine


So which of which is better, I also understand today. Suzhou City Raw Automatic Opening Machine Machinery. The product development and production and manufacturing of Suzhou Yanmao boxing machine are very professional. Each of its automatic unpacking machine machines in its product development and design is a very good quality and user evaluation. This XK-1122 carton automatic unpacking machine is a successful use of excellent technical and self-developed, stable Rely, with international high quality. XK-1122 carton automatic unpacking machine components ensure that every key point is more smooth according to aging test. Automatic unpacking, automatic folding, automatic sealing carton bottom, equipment selection PLC + industrial touch screen manipulation, actual operation, easy repair, stable characteristics, is an indispensable automated operation scale production and manufacturing. The parts feature of the carton automatic unpacking machine is fine and durable. The overall design is strict, and the whole process has no vibration. It operates smoothly and reliable; the skills plus the tool head safety device, prevent accidental injury in the actual operation; modified protective cover, make production and manufacture More secure, packaging is more efficient.


Machine equipment highly recommended: XK-1122 carton automatic opening machine

Yanmao automatic universal use in a wide variety of goods in various commodities, and obtains several five-star praise and praise in the sales market, and the automatic opening machine has also become an indispensable automation packaging. Mechanical equipment, automatic unpacking machine in automatic work, such as insufficient storage tank box, can advance the police report warrants and cardboard boxes, do not necessarily shut down, and fill it anytime, anywhere, and improve the work efficiency each component Very durable, constructing overall planning, stable effect, simple operation, strong application, huge improving effort, huge savings of human resources.




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