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Palletizing robot/

Fully automatic mechanical palletizer

 machine model MD-D01J  Manipulator palletizer
Power supply/power 380V    50/60HZ  12KW
The payload 80KG-700KG(Select the right type of robot according to customer requirements)
Suitable for products Paper bags, woven bags, composite bags and other large bag packaging products
Palletizer speed 10-40 bags/min
Grab way Single/multiple packs
Using air source 6-7KG
Working radius 800mm-3150mm

  • Product Detail

The palletizing manipulator is designed for packaging applications, and while small in size, it can be integrated into compact packaging machinery, it can meet your requirements for reaching range and payload.With motion control and tracking performance, it has high precision and is the inevitable choice of robot automation.Palletizing robot is suitable for automatic palletizing requirements of rice, flour, feed, fertilizer, plastic, chemical raw materials and other large bag packaging products. Palletizing robot can be placed in a narrow space, can be effectively used;All controls can be operated on the control cabinet screen, the operation is very simple.Can work around the clock, equipped with manipulator can replace manual work, can save a lot of manpower costs every year


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