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Video of large waste paper crusher (how much is Zibo waste paper crusher)

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How to make tracks with waste paper?

1. Cut the milk powder spoon into three pieces with a saw blade as shown in the picture, and each piece has the same width.

2. Similarly, remove the cover of the finished whiteboard pen and saw the body into three pieces.

3. Prepare to make the telescopic head of the robot, find an old toothbrush to cut off, punch holes, and connect with screws. Assemble the cap of the whiteboard pen with the toothbrush handle with iron wire. The two caps of the whiteboard pen removed in the previous step are the big eyes of the robot and can move up and down.

4. Prepare two milk boxes, cut off the upper part, and put the bottom of the two boxes in the lower square opposite to form the body of the robot. Now that all the parts of the robot are ready, let’s have a family photo before assembly.

5. Use cardboard, front sawed pen body and milk powder spoon as tracks and glue them respectively. The robot needs two tracks.

6. The head is glued to the body, and the rest of the milk spoon is used as the arm.

7. Put on a pencil on the lower part of the body, and then install the track on it to make a good caterpillar robot!

How do you deal with garbage in China?

At present, sanitary landfill, compost incineration and resource disposal are mostly used in garbage disposal in China, and there are also simple landfills. Although it is a pollution-free way as far as possible, it still occupies tens of thousands of mu of land, which has the problem of serious environmental pollution. Therefore, classified garbage collection can reduce the amount of garbage treatment and treatment equipment, reduce the treatment cost, reduce the consumption of land resources, and has social, economic and ecological benefits. Different cities in China implement different waste disposal methods: Beijing implements the pilot community of garbage classification, Shanghai implements the reward system of exchanging recycled materials for gifts, Shenzhen defines the technical standards for classification, and Hangzhou garbage classification real-name system.

How much is the waste paper recycled now?

The recycling price of waste paper will vary depending on the quality of waste paper. At the general material recycling point, the old newspaper is 0.7 yuan per jin and cardboard is 0.5 yuan per jin. Printing paper and used books and the like, at 0.6 yuan per jin, some used books and printing paper and cardboard are the same price.

From January to December 2012, China imported 30.0692 million tons of waste paper and used foreign exchange of US $6.272 billion, up 10.22 percent and-9.98 percent respectively over the same period last year, according to the Zhiyan data Research Center. Among them, 2.6871 million tons of waste paper were imported in December, an increase of-3.77 percent over the same period last year. The average unit price of imported waste paper was 199.27 US dollars / ton, an increase of-15.14 percent over the same period last year and 6.55 percent month-on-month.

Extended data:

The raw materials of paper are mainly wood, grass, Reed, bamboo and other plant fibers, waste paper is also known as “secondary fiber”, the main use is fiber reuse to produce recycled paper products. According to the different fiber composition, the corresponding recycling according to the type of paper can maximize the value of waste paper resources.

In addition to the production of recycled paper, waste paper of low quality or mixed with other materials has a wide range of recycled uses: furniture production: in Singapore and other places, waste paper such as old newspapers, old books and periodicals are rolled into round slender sticks and coated with plastic paper to make practical and beautiful furniture.

Molded products: paper mold packaging products can be widely used in the inner packaging of products, can replace foamed plastics.

Daily necessities or special products for technology: difficult to deal with waste paper can be broken, ground, added binders and various fillers and then molded to produce soap boxes, shoe boxes, soundproof cardboard, installation paper.

Source: people’s Daily-1 jin of waste paper = 3 jin of scrap iron? The price of waste paper recycling continues to rise

How to realize the crushing of construction waste?

According to statistics, China produces more than 400 million tons of domestic waste every year. If construction waste is taken into account, this figure will exceed 3 billion tons. Construction waste is the general name of dregs, abandoned soil, abandoned materials, silt and other wastes produced in the process of new construction, reconstruction, expansion and demolition of buildings. at present, it is also the largest and most concentrated solid waste discharged by a single variety of cities in China.

In the construction waste management system, promoting the reduction of construction waste has always been an important content. After the revised solid waste Law requires the government to formulate a plan for the prevention and control of construction waste (polluting the environment), including source reduction, the Ministry of Housing and Construction soon put forward the short-term work goal of “preliminary establishment of a working mechanism for construction waste reduction in various regions by the end of 2020” in the “guidance on promoting the reduction of Construction waste” (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”). And around the construction site, which is the main battlefield of construction waste reduction work, the “Construction site Construction waste reduction guidance Manual (trial)” (hereinafter referred to as “manual”) is developed.

Combined with the pilot work experience of construction waste treatment since 2018, the New deal revolves around the two-pronged approach of stock management and incremental control, which aims to effectively reduce the discharge of construction waste in the whole life of the project.

1. Management of construction waste stock.

At present, the stock of construction waste in China has reached more than 20 billion tons, and the phenomena of “besieging cities”, “piling mountains” and “filling rivers” are becoming more and more serious. It is an urgent task for the reduction of construction waste to absorb and treat the stock of construction waste that occupies public land and affects the urban environment.

Consumption treatment is to ensure that construction waste is dumped to designated places, rather than dumped, scattered or piled up in other places. Accordingly, the Manual standardizes from the construction site: the construction waste should be transported to the construction waste disposal site or absorption site that meets the requirements. In view of the infrastructure situation of consumption management, the revised solid waste Law also requires the government to do a good job in the layout and construction of consumption facilities and places. In addition, local policies have also set flexible requirements in line with local conditions, such as the “opinions of the General Office of the Hunan Provincial people’s Government on strengthening the Management of Urban Construction waste and promoting the Utilization of Resources” is clear: for the existing dregs in urban areas and urban-rural fringe areas, if it cannot be cleaned up in a short period of time, all localities should carry out greening on the basis of safety reinforcement and topographic arrangement.

While speeding up the consumption and management of construction waste, establishing and improving the development and reuse system of construction waste is also one of the ways of stock management. Construction waste is not “useless”, many of which can be reused as renewable resources after sorting, removal or crushing, such as bricks and tiles can be reused, and waste bricks and broken tiles can be used as recycled aggregates.

In order to improve the resource utilization rate of construction waste, the “opinion” is clear: the construction unit should make full use of the remaining materials such as concrete, steel bar, formwork and perlite thermal insulation materials, on the premise of meeting the quality requirements, according to the actual demand, it is processed into all kinds of engineering materials and recycled. In fact, construction units in the terrain arrangement, engineering filling and other links of rational use of construction waste, can directly achieve on-site reduction. Of course, the “opinion” also makes provisions on the construction site that does not have the conditions for local utilization, requiring it to be transferred to the construction waste disposal site in time for resource disposal and reuse.

2. Incremental control of construction waste

In order to reduce the production of construction waste, the opinion requires all participants to actively carry out green planning, implement green design, promote green construction, and control the increment of construction waste in the whole cycle of project construction.

Green planning is to promote the normalization of incremental control of construction waste in the composition and overall vision of the project. From the perspective of construction mode, the application of green building, prefabricated building and full decoration delivery can reduce the production of construction waste at the construction site, and it is also the only way for the modernization of the construction industry; from the perspective of construction materials, renewable and recyclable green building materials and construction turnover tools can improve the utilization efficiency of building materials, which is a long-term choice to achieve the reduction of construction waste. In addition, in order to reduce the waste of building materials and produce construction waste caused by rework caused by construction quality and “mistakes, omissions and deficiencies”, the opinion also encourages construction units to promote the application of building information model (BIM) and other technologies in engineering design and construction, and innovate organizational models to strengthen the deep coordination between design and construction.

Green design provides a systematic basis for incremental control of construction waste in engineering design. On the one hand, the opinion requires the design unit to promote the standardization of functional modules and parts, and to avoid or reduce construction waste during construction through the unification, serialization, generalization, combination and modularization of details; on the other hand, it requires the design unit to deepen the design to ensure that the design depth meets the construction needs and reduce the design changes in the construction process.

Green construction is to implement the incremental control of construction waste in the process of project construction. In order to implement the responsibility of all parties for construction waste reduction, the opinions require construction units to reduce construction waste at source (source reduction measures include deepening design, optimization of construction organization, permanent combination, reuse of temporary facilities and turnover materials, construction process control, etc.), classified collection and storage, on-site disposal, emission control, etc. Also guide the participants to adopt advanced technology, technology, equipment and management measures, the application of technical strength to achieve the reduction of construction waste. Among them, around the “opinions”, “encouraging the detailed classification of construction waste under the guidance of end-to-end disposal”, and the “Manual” also formulates the detailed rules for the classification, collection and storage of construction waste at the construction site, which will also provide assistance for the resource utilization and classification of construction waste. In addition, the manual is also deployed from the aspects of the compilation of the special plan for the reduction of construction waste at the construction site, source reduction, local disposal, emission control and other dimensions.

Stock management and incremental control go hand in hand to do a good job in the reduction of construction waste and promote the transformation and upgrading of green construction and construction industry. On this basis, the construction waste management system should also be perfected: through the full-cycle implementation of construction waste reduction in construction waste collection, transportation, resource utilization and disposal management, China’s construction waste treatment capacity can be improved as a whole. the construction industry will also make due contributions to saving resources and protecting the environment.

The perception of fire safety

When we reap new ideas after tasting a work, it is necessary for us to write an article about it. Come and refer to how the post-view is written. The following is the fire safety perception that I help you organize. It is for reference only. I hope it can help you.

Thoughts on fire safety 1

Fire control is the duty of every citizen, and to ensure fire safety, people’s personal safety and property safety can be greatly guaranteed. In view of this, we must pay attention to fire safety all the time.

In terms of fire prevention, we should understand the “general knowledge of fire safety”. The important ones are: do not throw cigarette butts or kindling, dial 110 clearly in case of fire, learn to use fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, do not overload electricity, remember to turn off the gas, natural gas switch, and so on. If these are strictly observed, the chance of causing a fire will be very low.

But there is always a time of negligence, inadvertently causing a fire. Therefore, we also need to learn the “common sense of escape and self-rescue” in order to ensure our own safety. Abnormal should pay attention to the location of the safe passage, and in the case of fire, do not covet property, everything is based on their own safety. If we find a fire hazard or fire safety violations, we can call 96119 to report and eliminate the hidden danger.

“Fire fighting” is based on “prevention”, while “elimination” is a remedial measure. So we must do a good job of prevention to make our life more perfect.

Thoughts on fire safety 2

This afternoon, my father took me to the cinema to watch the fire special film “Glorious Mission”. There were many children who almost filled the hall. We were deeply moved and shocked by the storyline described in the film.

Xiong Bing, the character in the movie, is a recruit at first, training and doing things are always casual, but after the monitor Adili’s strict training and many heart-to-heart talks, Xiong Bing gradually realized the sacred significance and mission of his military uniform-for the safety of people’s lives and property, firefighters must train hard and actively prepare for unexpected dangerous situations at all times!

The fire accident described in the film puts firefighters in extreme danger, but they always insist on striking quickly, keeping calm in the face of danger and taking the lead. Adili, Xiong Bing and Zhang Huazhong were all injured in the fire, but fortunately they were rescued by the hospital and returned to the team.

We salute the firefighters! They protect our safe life, and to this end, they have made painstaking efforts unimaginable. We should learn from firefighters, study hard from an early age, and make our own contributions to the country and the people when we grow up.

Thoughts on fire safety 3

After watching the fire safety promotional video, I found that there are many flammable things, such as unextinguished cigarette butts, fireworks falling on the wires, unextinguished matches and so on. And I also see that several kinds of household appliances are also flammable, they are easy to cause fire, we must remember: household appliances can not be too old, prone to fire; wires can not be placed under the carpet, for a long time will easily cause fire; short circuit is also very easy to cause fire; inserting a lot of plugs on the wiring board will also cause circuit overload, which will cause fire; the heater should keep away from the bed. The gas water heater should be put in a ventilated place. It is important to pay special attention to the fact that nothing can stand in the way under the safe passage.

Of course, fire is also good, it can make Shenzhou fly into the sky, it can keep warm, it can cook food, and it can make fireworks open.

Fire is both our friend and our enemy. We must make good use of the good side of fire to reduce the horrors that fire brings to people.

If you do have a fire, what should you do? Let me tell you: when the fire is small, put it out with a fire extinguisher; when the fire is big, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel and call 119 to give a clear address; cover the pan if the oil pan is on fire; unplug the electric fire. Remember, don’t panic when there’s a fire!

The perception of fire safety 4

School has just begun, the head teacher assigned a homework, that is, let us watch the public safety education program. At first, I didn’t take it seriously. I felt that those things were far away from us.

When the show started, I was attracted. The more I watched it, the more scared I felt. Before, these dangers were all around us. If there is a fire, cover your nose with a wet towel, escape to the room near the road, make it easier to call for help, and keep the door closed so that the smoke can’t get into the room. When you encounter a big truck, you should avoid it far away, because it has a blind spot, and the driver can’t see the people standing there at all. Usually at home, when someone comes to ring the doorbell, you must ask clearly and never open the door for strangers.

With the deepening of the program, I also realized the importance of crossing the road. “I would rather wait a third than grab a second”. I have to take the crosswalk. After this safety education, we should establish a correct sense of safety, learn to protect ourselves, improve our adaptability, and cherish life.

The perception of fire safety 5

Today, we watched a video of “Fire Protection Education”, which gives us an impression of fire safety knowledge. At the beginning of the program, there was a scene of a fire, which made the building beyond recognition, and some people were killed in the fire. The video reports the number of fires and the number of casualties in recent years. Most of these painful lessons are caused by people’s negligence or children playing with fire. All the students watch carefully and listen carefully.

In one fire, several students were baking potatoes in the woods, and the teacher stopped it, but when the teacher left, they rekindled the fire, which unexpectedly caused a forest fire and caused huge losses.

He also talked about the knowledge of how to save himself in case of a fire, what to say clearly when calling the police, and what to do at the first moment of a fire. When there is a fire, do not call for help or you will inhale poison gas. Also said a lot of knowledge, but mainly asked everyone to prevent the occurrence of fire.

Through these education, we are deeply aware of the importance of fire prevention, and everyone should have the consciousness of preventing fire.

The perception of fire safety 6

Today, I watched the fire control knowledge film, which made me increase a lot of fire control knowledge.

When a fire occurs, it will lose property and lead to disaster, so it is necessary to prevent fire first. How to prevent it? You can’t throw cigarette butts everywhere. Turn off the gas when you are not at home and before going to bed at night. Turn off the switch when you go out. When ordering mosquito-repellent incense in summer, it should stay away from the bed and curtains. You can’t use your cell phone at a gas station.

Don’t panic in the event of a fire. Ask people outside the building to call the fire alarm number 119. If the fire does not spread to the door, quickly go downstairs to escape, and can not take the elevator, because the fire is easy to escape into the elevator, or the wire is burned off, trapped in the elevator, to take the safe passage. If the fire has spread to the front of the house, those who live on the short floor can spread quilts downstairs and jump off to escape; those who live on the high floor can hold up mirrors or clothes, wait for rescue, cover the quilt in front of the door and splash cold water, and if it is too late, use wet towels to cover your mouth and nose and go out creeping forward. When a fire breaks out, life safety is the first, property safety is the second, escape from the fire scene as soon as possible, do not be greedy for money.

Through the viewing of this fire knowledge film, I understand the importance of fire control. In the future study and life, I should keep in mind that I will never forget to do a good job in fire fighting.

The perception of fire safety 7

Today is the first day of school. After the opening ceremony in the morning, Mr. Lu organized us to watch the Fire Safety Video.

The video tells us how to deal with fire correctly in the face of fire:

1. Keep calm and call 110 in time.

2. Learn to use fire fighting equipment correctly

3. Learn to prevent fire. When you go out, you must cut off the fire source and power supply at home.

4. when you escape from a fire, you can’t take the elevator, pick up wet towels and clothes to escape from the safety exit, and be careful not to step on the stairs.

5. Primary and secondary school students can not directly participate in fire-fighting activities, actively participate in fire drills held by the school every month, and so on.

By watching the video, I learned that fire will not only cause losses to our property, but also cause casualties, so we should cherish our own and other people’s lives, starting from childhood, from ourselves, bit by bit, at home, at school, to be a qualified fire safety officer in society.

The perception of fire safety 8

Fire, in our opinion, is omnipotent and powerful, it is invincible, and everything can be reduced to ashes in the fire. Well, today, we are fortunate to watch the “National Open course on Fire Protection in Primary and Middle Schools” and learn a lot about fire fighting.

Now, it is a special period of the epidemic, in the face of very different campus life, there will inevitably be some fire risks. In case of fire, do not yell, push and shove each other, calmly use some fire signs, equipment, do not be greedy for money, quickly escape. Of course, in order to avoid these things, we have to examine and correct ourselves. The use of alcohol should be away from the fire source of high temperature, do not smoke, open doors and windows and timely ventilation. The school’s laboratories, canteens and student dormitories should also be carefully inspected. Keep away from flammable and explosive things, strengthen fire drills and education, and learn how to use fire extinguishers. The use of gas in household appliances should be standardized, the driving of vehicles should also be guaranteed to be safe, and do not go to crowded places as far as possible to avoid casualties.

Fire is a blessing if it is used well, and a disaster if it is not used well. The unfortunate fire examples told by the teacher in class strengthened our attention to fire control. Nowadays, under the influence of the epidemic, we have to protect ourselves all the more. How easy the fire accident is, and how inconspicuous the reason is. A cigarette butt and a mass of flames can make a building collapse and a group of families break up. What a disaster it is. How important it is to learn to reserve fire prevention knowledge now. Let us do a good job of defense and build a hard firewall for our lives.

The perception of fire safety 9

In our life, fire is closely related to us. Cooking and cooking all need fire, but if you don’t make good use of fire, fire will also have an evil side, and it will cause fire.

Do not leave the kitchen when cooking, it is easy to start a fire; under the age of 15, it is best not to play with fire or set off firecrackers.

If there is a fire in the mall, do not panic, first go to the bathroom, take a towel dipped in water, cover your mouth and nose, bend over to walk, follow the safety exit arrow, if you want to go out, please check whether there is an open switch in the house, whether it is not unplugged. Otherwise, it is easy to cause electric fire.

Be sure to pay attention to fire prevention in the future. If you are not prepared for fire, it will threaten your life and property at any time. People often say, “Fire and water are ruthless”. We must always pay attention to fire prevention every day, listen to school teachers and parents, and strictly abide by the relevant fire regulations.

Prevention is better than disaster relief, we should always ring the alarm bell, do not let tragedies happen.

The perception of fire safety 10

When it comes to fire safety, I believe everyone is no stranger.

Safety issues, teachers, parents, stressed all the time, it is very important, extremely important. Some people always say, “it’s all right, the fire won’t happen to me.” In the event of an accident, it is too late. There are no trifles in all safety issues, which should be borne in mind.

First, prevent the fire of high-rise residential buildings.

Remember the “three passes and three clearances”. In the kitchen, clean regularly so that combustibles can not be ignited to cause a fire. On the balcony, clean up flammable materials such as empty plastic bottles and waste cartons. In the aisle, clean up the debris and clear the safe passage. Gas, power, doors and windows are closed in time, and precautions Brooks no delay.

Second, fire safety is not relaxed.

Daily habits are very important, do not smoke on the sofa or bed, keep a safe distance from electric heating items, do not apply to overloaded electrical appliances, and so on. Form good living habits and keep them in mind.

Third, there is a way to escape from the fire.

1. Be familiar with the escape route.

two。 The fire alarm button should be clear.

3. Fire fighting equipment, you should know.

4. The wet towel covers the nose, the wet quilt covers the body, the escape speed is fast.

5. “Magic weapon” should keep in mind that if a fire does not wait for anyone, it is a treasure to escape.

The perception of fire safety 11

Life is a beautiful symphony, is a gorgeous classic poem, is an experience of setbacks and difficult voyage, life is precious! We praise the statement, because life is precious, he only once; we love life, because life is perfect, he makes our life glow with luster! The most vigorous and perfect thing in the world is human life! Fire safety is a major event related to life.

There is only one life, how can we not cherish him? As the saying goes: fire and water are ruthless, which is also true. People inadvertently lead to disaster. We can’t live without fire everywhere. We need fire to cook and water to boil. Since the ancients invented drilling wood to make fire, human beings have eaten hot food and got warm in the biting wind in winter. But everything has two sides, if human beings do not make good use of it, it will cause serious losses. How many serious accidents are caused by fires every year? How many people have died under the clutches of this raging fire? People don’t pay attention to fire safety. Isn’t that enough to give us a warning?

“people, the most precious is life, life for everyone, only once.” Indeed, only the healthy existence of life can have a new life. Especially the flowers of our motherland, but also to live a wonderful life! Fire safety is life, we should always keep in mind that life is precious!

The perception of fire safety 12

Today, I watched a video of “Fire Protection knowledge Education” and had some ideas.

There are a lot of people who died in the fire, and most of them were caused by the lack of awareness of fire prevention and self-help. In the video, a classmate was unable to speak clearly when he called the fire alarm, which wasted valuable time. I don’t think you should panic in case of fire or other emergency in the future. As primary school students, our strength is limited, so we should call the first aid number as soon as possible (usually we should memorize all kinds of emergency calls). When making a phone call, one must state clearly the address, and the other is to state your name and the telephone number that you can contact at any time. Also, try to explain the fire and the cause of the fire as clearly as possible, so that the other party can bring the most useful tools.

After watching this video, I also learned how to save myself in case of fire: if the fire is small, you can escape to the open space, do not cling to property, or else the loss will be greater. Do not shout for help when running away, or you will inhale poisonous gases. When escaping, you should first cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel or a wet quilt, and try to get to the bottom of the body and then escape to the open space.

Although there is a lot of knowledge about fire fighting and self-rescue, it is more important for me to prevent fire.

The wires at home should be checked regularly to eliminate hidden dangers. Natural gas and gas pipelines should also be inspected regularly, and aging pipelines should be replaced in time. Remember to turn off the fire when cooking dinner. Romantic candlelight dinners should also be careful.

In short, the most important thing is to take precautions. If we check the fire and electrical switch at home before we go to bed and go out, it will effectively prevent the fire.

Comments on fire safety 13

Watching the live video of the school fire safety open course, I was deeply impressed after watching the video. Fire safety work needs to be “safety first, prevention first”. Fire safety should be taken as the top priority, and an important way to eliminate fire hidden dangers is to do a good job in fire safety management and always take fire prevention as an important task. But we ignore the harm caused by fire in our daily work, and we often don’t realize its harmfulness until we see it. This is why fire prevention is not put in the first place.

The key to doing a good job of prevention is to improve our attention to this work. Schools can strengthen the training of fire safety knowledge and improve students’ awareness of fire safety. Implement the fire control work of “giving priority to prevention and combining prevention and elimination”, perform safety duties and ensure safety. This time, through live broadcast, we have mastered the basic knowledge of fire prevention, fire fighting and self-rescue and escape, and learned “how to prevent fire”, “how to put out a fire” and “how to escape”. If the fire prevention work is done well, the incidence of the disaster is very small, and the disaster occurs. If it can be extinguished in time, the fire will not spread. If we master some basic knowledge of escape, we will be able to escape smoothly at the scene of the fire. Fire fighting work needs everyone’s common concern, understanding, support and participation. As long as we make concerted efforts and make concerted efforts to completely eliminate fire and other hidden dangers, life and property will be effectively protected.

Fire is ruthless, only by fully understanding the causes and serious consequences of fire, can we prevent the occurrence of fire more scientifically and effectively!

The perception of fire safety 14

Fire has been used in our country since ancient Beijingers. Fire brings light, delicacy and warmth to mankind. But if we don’t pay attention, the fire will bring us ashes. Nowadays, various schools often hold fire drills. Some students didn’t take it seriously at all, running slowly and saying, “there was nothing to hold a fire drill, but there was no real fire.”

But if a terrible disaster really happens, can it still be so leisurely? Fire awareness should be cultivated from an early age.

Because it is understood that because people around us do not have a strong awareness of fire control, hidden dangers of fire safety can be seen everywhere: Ching Ming Festival burns paper money in the mountains, sets off firecrackers, sets up firewood when having a picnic in the suburbs, and plugs water dispensers that have been plugged in for a long time at home. Candles on a night without electricity; chargers that I forgot to remove. This series of minor problems are likely to cause a fire and endanger people’s lives. Therefore, for the sake of our life safety, we should enhance the awareness of fire safety.

Fires occur from time to time, we should do a good job in the following aspects: first, we should master the general knowledge of fire control, first, we should call the police immediately in the event of a fire; second, we should master the basic knowledge of fire prevention and fire fighting. Secondly, you should know how to make an emergency escape in a fire. Also, actively participate in fire drills.

In our daily life, we must enhance our awareness of fire protection and improve our protection ability, so that we can avoid being hurt in times of crisis. In the long history of human use of fire, fire brings us more than just benefits, carelessness will make everything come to naught, do not take it lightly.

The perception of fire safety 15

Fire is inseparable from things in people’s lives. If there is no fire, what will happen to human beings? Fire gives people light in the dark and warmth in the cold winter. People often say “fire and water is heartless”, fire-a terrible word, such as a cigarette, a candle, a mosquito incense, improper use of fire in life, fire can bring us a great disaster at any time, but be careful. Don’t let these things happen to us.

Recently, the school organized us to watch a documentary about safety education. The main content of the film is about how to avoid fire and how to deal with it. Also let us learn some common sense of fire fighting, once you find a fire in your home, don’t panic, but keep calm and put it out in a timely and effective manner. For example, if the liquefier catches fire due to air leakage, you can spray the towel or dishcloth to cover the fire and close the valve at the same time. When there is a fire in a public place, everyone should keep a clear head, race against time, and leave quickly to a safe passageway. Do not put burning mosquito incense, oil lamps and candles in an empty place in our daily life. If you forget or you fall asleep, maybe the fire will endanger your life and the safety of your family.

The film also teaches us some common emergency tips, do not jump blindly to escape when a fire has occurred, and be sure to tell the firefighters the specific address, name and contact number of your home when calling the fire alarm. Only in this way can firefighters rescue you in the shortest and most accurate time.

After watching this film, we feel that fire prevention awareness is indispensable, we should consciously assume fire prevention obligations, learn more and master fire prevention knowledge, abide by various fire prevention systems, and keep the fire away from us forever.

Comments on fire safety 16

In order to pay more attention to fire safety and prevent and reduce the occurrence of fire accidents, teacher Pan showed us a video about fire knowledge. In the short film, he showed us the ruthlessness of fire through a vivid list of fires. After explaining the basic knowledge of fire, we can understand the basic knowledge of fire fighting, and then master the knowledge of escape in fire.

If there is a fire, try to keep yourself calm in order to make a quick determination. If the fire cannot be controlled, the staff in the safe area should be informed to evacuate as soon as possible. at this time, life comes first and money is something outside the body.

When escaping, wet the towel with water, fold several more layers, cover your nose, crawl forward, and avoid inhaling toxic gases. In fire drills, students over the age of 18 should learn how to use fire extinguishers and how to wear safety devices. When the fire breaks out, the personnel in the school are divided into two brigades, one is the personnel outside the fire point, the other is the personnel who are already at the fire point, everyone should do their own work, some have fire fighting work, so that there are fire extinguishers and hydrants. There are plenty of guidelines for evacuation, and people in the room need to be guided to safety.

In peacetime, we should do a good job of prevention. Publicize the knowledge of fire, so that our life is covered with a hard protective wall!

Comments on fire safety 17

Before, I saw the first lesson of fire safety on TV and learned a lot of knowledge. I would like to talk about my impression.

At first, a man like a policeman came to hand over a group of pupils’ knowledge of fire control. They started with an example, but in the end a whole building caught fire caused by a child playing with fire. After reading this example, I think I can’t play with fire. It’s just a small mistake that leads to a big fire. And although fire can cause fire. However, human beings are still inseparable from fire, as long as it is used carefully, it can still be used. So you must be careful with fire in the future.

Then I saw a machine. Test how many security risks you know. It marks a lot of locations for you to find out what are the security risks? I saw that the children quickly found out the safety risks. I really feel so bad that I don’t know what security risks I have. Be sure to remember the knowledge of fire safety in the future.

Finally, they conducted a fire safety drill and saw that they did so well and knew all the fire fighting knowledge. Now I think I must learn the knowledge of fire control, otherwise I don’t know what to do in case of fire.

This is the impression of my first fire safety lesson. I hope I can know so much about fire fighting and how to take precautions in the future.

Comments on fire safety 18

This afternoon, we watched “Fire Control knowledge Education”, which is mainly about the causes of fire and fire and self-rescue in case of fire.

When we saw the top ten fires on TV, we all looked at each other. It was really scary! The number of people burned to death has reached thousands! The economic loss caused by the fire has also reached more than 1 billion. The fire not only takes away people’s lives, but also brings huge losses to human beings.

In the documentary, the host said that most of the fires were man-made, such as: in a Mongolian family, the youngest son burned himself out of curiosity; in a university, a classmate forgot to turn off the fire after the experiment, causing the alcohol bottle to break, causing an explosion and destroying the laboratory.

We also learned from the host how to save ourselves before the fire, and we also know that we must not jump from a building when all kinds of methods have been tried and unable to escape. The host also introduced some clever escape methods, and the students all said wonderful. Some people said that I will, the teacher reminded everyone that in times of emergency, people are easy to lose their minds and forget these self-rescue methods, so when a fire occurs, you must be calm and don’t panic! We all nodded when we heard this.

However, I think why we should wait until the fire to save ourselves, we should prevent the fire in advance and prevent the occurrence of disasters.

Comments on fire safety 19

In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of all the staff, Mr. Wang of the fire station was invited to our park on the evening of October 17 to give a unique lecture on fire safety knowledge for all the staff and parents.

Teacher Wang chose a typical fire case and visually publicized the harm of the fire to us in a documentary style. the fires in the film destroyed their homes, plunged people into the abyss of despair, and forced them to the brink of death. even devoured life.

The fire not only caused serious economic losses to the country and individuals, but also brought physical and mental harm to people. When I saw that innocent and lovely little girl in the film suffered extensive burns as a result of the fire, the selfless mother chose to use her own skin to skin her daughter many times without anaesthesia in order to make her daughter recover better. I couldn’t help but burst into tears; when I saw that people with an average age of 17 died because of the fire, I was shocked When I saw that I didn’t know how to escape when there was a fire, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the death of a beautiful female college student.

It is always said that “fire and water are ruthless”, so why does such a ruthless and cruel fire occur? It is precisely due to people’s lack of fire-fighting knowledge, lack of fire-fighting awareness, old and imperfect fire-fighting equipment, and so on, resulting in scenes of human tragedies.

Thoughts on fire safety 20

On the morning of December 28, the unit gave us a fire safety knowledge training and showed us a fire safety warning education film. Through this training, I learned a lot about fire self-rescue and fire prevention knowledge. For example, in a sudden fire, must be calm, do not panic, should find an exit to escape as soon as possible, do not take the elevator; at the same time, cover your mouth and nose with wet cloth or damp cloth. Because in the fire, not many people died of burns, and most of the people died of asphyxiation due to smoke. When a fire breaks out, the nose and mouth should be protected as far as possible; when there is a gas leak in the house, do not turn on the light to check or make a phone call, open the doors and windows immediately for ventilation, and close the gas valve immediately; if the gas cylinder catches fire, it should be put out with a wet cloth immediately. Then pour the cylinder into cold water.

Fire brings disaster to human beings and losses to the country and people. There are many causes of fire. When people use fire in production and daily life, lax management, improper use of electricity, lightning fire and so on will cause fire and bring harm.

In order to prevent fire, we need to form the habit of using fire safely. If you find a fire, you should quickly tell the relevant personnel, and call the 119 fire alarm number as soon as possible, inform the fire brigade to put out the fire, and state the location of the fire and the surrounding roads on the phone. Help the fire brigade to know more about the fire scene and arrive at the fire scene as soon as possible.

As long as we know the knowledge of fire safety and do not panic in case of fire, we can safely evacuate and save our lives in the fire.

This is the end of the introduction about the video of the large-scale waste paper crusher and how much it is for Zibo waste paper crusher. I wonder if you have found the information you need from it. If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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