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Roof box (roof box packing)

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The lost light is the strongest weapon blueprint how to collect

1. The legendary sword, obtained on the eastern island, is taken out of the body of the zombie, and then the zombie will be burned and can be made.


Machete: the blueprint of the machete is hidden in a blue container in a grotto on the roof. You have to kick it many times before you can open it.

These are the only two weapons. Let’s talk about throwing weapons:






Checkers: found on the top of the tower, finishing checkers will give you a blueprint: 1) take action, 2) take the elevator down, 3) sleep in the bed until the morning, 4) take the elevator, 5) start a new round

A drawing of a grenade

two。 Hidden orange grenade drawings, this has to take two unknown stones, put them in the skull’s eye sockets will appear drawings, this grenade has a small area, no teammate damage.

The first one, (not in the box, is the place of the player’s white arrow)

The second one.

Then go here, there is a skull, put it in the eye. Don’t take two at a time, take one and put it down again, like a bug?

Of course, you have to do the regional task first: the shadow of the king.

3. You have to take the feeder task first: Porut the gunsmith (seems to be the name? )

Enter the kindergarten

There is a pink Rupert bear in kindergarten. When you see it when you enter the first door, press f all the time. Every time you press f, you will say a word. If you press too much, your eyes will turn red. Be careful at this time. If you can’t press it and step back immediately, he will explode, and then there will be a blueprint for grenades.

Map location:

4. You have to do the main task first: public image.

Then teleport it to a place where you can put things on top of a red tower, and then go here when you come down.

There is a plane in the water, and there is a blueprint in the airdrop box. (there is venom near the plane, so take it quickly)

It is a signal flare. A missile will fall a few seconds after it is thrown out. It is very powerful, but it has more materials.

There are only four weapons thrown, and then say the blueprints.

1. Bolt poison: level III poison, mission reward for a branch line in the slum, but I forgot all about it.

two。 Angel Sword: secondary electricity + secondary fire, which is where the gunsmith Porut mentioned above, he will first let you find insulin, after looking for him, let you do several feeder tasks for children, first go to help the little boy pick up building blocks, the second is to help the little girl kill a thug + Titan, after killing a thug + Titan, he will give you a reward, go to a place to get the reward, reward map location:

(remember to bring a gun. Rice’s people are there.)

3. Pick it up near the supply officer of the safe house in the old city of Shenhammer.

4. The first floor of the building where the safe house is in the picture of the flash knight.

5. Integration

That’s basically it. I can’t remember a few orange weapons blueprints.

The difference between Tetra Pak and Camille Roof Bailey

1. Tetra Pak’s “brick bag” and “pillow bag” are common milk and beverage paper packaging, which is a classic of moderate packaging. At the “simple Classic” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in September 2004, Tetra Pak was praised as a moderately packaged masterpiece that is “full of design inspiration and makes life easier, more convenient and safer”. Small Tetra Pak bag, which embodies a lot of science and technology and wisdom, is simple but not luxurious, which has brought great changes to our lives. The high-quality milk of the prairie in northern China can be easily delivered to thousands of families thousands of miles away by relying on Tetra Pak aseptic bags.

Tetra Pak has found a good balance between protecting functions and meeting emotional needs. Compared with plastic bottles and glass bottles, brick and pillow Tetra Pak bags have a relatively larger volume ratio, and this packaging shape is easier to pack, transport and store. From a technical point of view, Tetra Pak is a six-layer composite paper package composed of paper, aluminum and plastic, which can effectively block air and light, which is the killer that easily spoils milk and drinks. Therefore, the small Tetra Pak bag makes the consumption of milk and beverages more convenient and safe, and the shelf life is longer, achieving higher packaging efficiency.

Of course, Tetra Pak is also completely “simple and flamboyant”. First of all, its shape is simple and atmospheric, the outer layer of paper can conveniently print different designs according to the demands of different products, or bright, fresh, or cartoon, which can vary from product to product and from consumer to consumer. Tetra Pak is also on the basis of “Tetra Pak Brick”, on the premise of saving costs as far as possible, innovative variation, launched a good feel, metal texture, more high-end and fashionable “Tetra Pak” packaging, such as the market popular “Yaha” coffee packaging, fully reflects the flavor of youth and fashion.

Tetra Pak has always followed the motto of Dr. Rubin Loussin, the founder of the company: “the savings brought by packaging should exceed its own costs.” The essence of this sentence is “cost saving”. Tetra Pak Packaging always pursues to save costs for manufacturers and bring safety and convenience to consumers in the process of food production, transportation and sales. It is worth mentioning that Tetra Pak attaches equal importance to economy in the process of product research and development. On the premise of keeping the packaging performance unchanged, after long-term efforts, the use of cardboard in Tetra Pak bags has been reduced by 18%; the thickness of aluminum foil has also been wasted? 0%; on the other hand, all Tetra Pak packaging can be recycled into stationery, tables and chairs, building materials, and so on, so that they can be “abandoned” after completing the function of packaging. This pursuit of Tetra Pak is in sharp contrast to the excessive packaging that is sometimes almost rampant in the market. We really hope to see more moderate packaging like Tetra Pak bags and less luxurious over-packaging of luxury moon cakes.

two。 The difference between Tetra Pak and Camille.

The package type is similar, except that:

a. The company is different, one is Sweden Tetra Pak, the other is Kangmei.

b. The package material is different, one is coil, the other is single filling.

c. The folding angle is different, one is a flat bottom folding angle, one is a flat bottom folding angle.

3. “Tetra Pak bag” has many years of history and good barrier performance, which is guaranteed to maintain the nutritional content of milk and ensure hygiene and safety. However, the “Bailey bag” milk is not entirely the case. when the “Bailey bag” was introduced, the packaging film introduced was also a high barrier material, which was a multi-layer co-extruded high barrier film. This kind of packaging can also meet the requirements of maintaining milk nutrition and ensuring milk hygiene and safety. This kind of film is no different from ordinary plastic film in appearance, but its barrier to oxygen is more than 300 times that of ordinary plastic film, in other words, packing milk with this high barrier film is equivalent to using ordinary packaging film with more than 300 layers, so it is safe and reliable. Now domestic dairy enterprises in order to reduce production costs, have used ordinary plastic film packaging milk, this poor packaging can not effectively protect the nutritional composition of milk, making milk as a nutritious food “junk food”. In order to control this bad situation, the state issued a special standard for milk packaging film in 2005 to put an end to the use of ordinary film packaging milk, but dairy enterprises in order to reduce production costs, except for a few enterprises are still using ordinary film packaging milk. National standards are non-existent, unenforced and unasked. Is food safety important or enterprise production cost important?

In fact, it is also very simple to identify whether the “Bailey bag” milk package is qualified or not. Ordinary consumers can smell it by sniffing. It is difficult for qualified “Bailey bag” milk to smell milk from the outside of the package, while inferior “Baili bag” milk can easily smell milk from the outside of the package. From the packaging, you can tell whether the milk you buy is “nutritious food” or “junk food”.

Exploration of Tetra Pak Packaging

Tetra Pak of Sweden is one of the world’s largest suppliers of liquid food packaging systems. Tetra Pak products are sold to world-class food and beverage manufacturers in more than 165 countries. Therefore, Tetra Pak Packaging’s expertise and experience can be trusted to provide you with comprehensive production support in food and beverage processing.

Tetra Pak’s philosophy is simple: the savings brought by packaging should exceed its own costs. Tetra Pak packaging is mainly based on renewable materials and can be recycled. At Tetra Pak, processing and packaging systems are designed to minimize the consumption of raw materials, energy and other natural resources used in the manufacture of products.

Tetra Pak packaging material consists of cardboard layer, polyethylene and aluminum foil. For each form of packaging, the only material that comes into contact with food is food-grade polyethylene. Cardboard provides toughness for packaging, plastic prevents liquid leakage, and aluminum foil blocks the entry of light and oxygen, thus maintaining the nutrition and taste of the product.

Tetra Pak pioneered aseptic technology in the 1960s, which permanently changed the liquid food industry. Aseptic technology is listed as the most important food scientific innovation in the 20th century. Unlike the way it is canned and bottled, Tetra Pak aseptic processing enables liquid food to better retain its color, texture, natural flavor and nutritional value. Tetra Pak aseptic packaging can remain sterile for up to a year without antiseptic or cold storage.

The core of Tetra Pak’s aseptic packaging technology lies in the asepsis of packaging contents, as well as filling and sealing packaging in a hygienic environment. Tetra Pak’s room temperature packaging department has the most complete product portfolio in the aseptic paper packaging industry. including a variety of innovative shape openings and straw applications.

Tetra Pak packaging, as a packaging form of products, has been widely used in milk, fruit juice drinks and many other fields, and its many advantages have been widely recognized by people. In the aspects of environmental protection, color realization, hygiene standards and nutrition preservation of product packaging, this form of packaging can be trusted. There are many kinds of packaging in this way, such as Tetra Pak can, Tetra Pillow, Tetra Pak Cup, Tetra Pak brick and so on.

In foreign countries, the recovered Tetra Pak packaging has been separated by hydraulic pulping machine to disperse fiber, plastic, aluminum and platinum for decades, and the recovery and recycling ratio of beverage boxes after consumption has also increased year by year. In 2000, the number of Tetra Pak bags collected in the European market reached 200000 tons. Paper mills in Taiwan, Korea and Japan also began to recycle many years ago, and their fiber recycling products mainly include packaging paper, envelope paper, corrugated paper, fruit bagging paper, pulp board and so on.

Since 2002, there have been some paper mills using waste Tetra bag fiber in Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Shandong and Beijing. According to statistics, as of October 2005, the total amount of hydraulic pulping using discarded Tetra Pak bags in China has reached 8000 tons. The discarded Tetra Pak bags mainly come from community waste collection stations in large and medium-sized cities, airports, schools and other public facilities, as well as dairy products and beverage factories all over the country, mainly packaging paper, corrugated paper, pulp board and so on.

Reference: Shanghai Paper Industry

The difference between roof bag, Tetra Pak bag and Kangmei bag

Roof bag is a kind of packaging of pasteurized milk, also known as fresh house, is a kind of paper-plastic composite packaging, the shape is a bit like a small house, inside is pasteurized milk, referred to as pasteurized milk.

Tetra Pak bag is a series of packaging products for liquid food developed by Sweden’s Tetra Pak. This product occupies a leading position in China’s beverage packaging market.

SIGCombibloc Kangmei Bao Co., Ltd. was originally affiliated to the Swiss listed company SIG Group, is a German company supplying aseptic paper packaging systems to the world, with paper mills in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia, North America, South Africa, Australia and other places. Kangmei Bao Machinery Company in Germany is responsible for the production of Kangmei bag filling machine, and a company is responsible for the development and production of Kangmei cover. In 2007, SIG was acquired by New Zealand Rank Group.

What does VI mean?

The full name of VI is Visual Identity, which is the visual design of enterprise VI and is translated into visual recognition system. Is to convert the non-visual content of CI into a static visual identity. The design and implementation of scientific visual identification system is a quick and convenient way to spread business ideas, establish corporate reputation and shape corporate image.

Through VI design, the company can obtain the identity and sense of belonging of employees, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, establish the overall image of the enterprise, integrate resources, and control enterprise information in the following ways. Visual code. Enhance the audience’s awareness and gain recognition. VI is part of the enterprise CIS, and it has three aspects. It is divided into three aspects: BI,MI,VI, behavior recognition, enterprise identification and visual identification.

Extended data:

VI has a long history. A medium in which symbolic animals play an important role in the ideology of a nation or country. Ancient human totems appear, and ancient cave paintings and rock paintings can be regarded as the oldest graphic design. The common belief, life style, totem logo, dress and language habits of the primitive tribes make the formation of distinct image definition between the tribes, which is the unconscious image recognition formed between the early tribes.

The visual symbol of the slave society is that the city-state family forms the class division inside and outside and the image distinction between the city-state through the family emblem, clothing and behavior habits. The visual identity of the Middle Ages was a symbol of a large number of religions in some European countries, “emblem” and “emblem”, as well as a “medallion” representing the identity and status of the aristocracy. Throughout the history of social behavior, there are clear signs, unified clothing, characteristic architecture, highly recognized ideas and image traces.

Modern VI is due to the vigorous development of the pacifist movement and the capitalist economy after World War II. Japan and the United States soon discovered the great power of design and management. Japan and the United States fully implement the visual recognition system, which makes VI mature. Visual recognition system has a history of more than 50 years since its birth.

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-VI

To make a small house by hand, it is necessary to explain the materials and the production process.

With cardboard, you can make shoe boxes, home appliance boxes and so on, draw the unfold drawing of the house on the cardboard, basically draw four walls on the side of the square, one of which is connected to the unfold drawing of the roof. In a number of places that need to be connected later (conceived in advance in mind), draw a narrow strip for glue bonding, cut it off after painting, fold it, and stick it on. You can cut a cylinder at the top to make a chimney and draw doors and windows (of course, opening directly in the wall can also be used as doors and windows).

This is the end of the introduction to rooftop boxes and rooftop boxes. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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