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Roof box packing machine (roof box packing machine)

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Matters needing attention in installation of electric water heater

With the development of the times, our living standard has also been improved, electric water heater has become an indispensable partner in our life. However, many friends buy electric water heaters but do not know how to install them. Today, the editor will share some notes with you.

1. Install wall-mounted water heaters

Installation location: ensure that the wall can withstand twice the water filling weight of the water heater, the fixed parts are installed firmly, and ensure that the water heater has maintenance space.

Water pipe connection: the water inlet (blue cover) of the water heater is connected with a pressure relief valve, and the hot water pipe is connected from the water outlet (red cover). The raw material belt is used at the pipe interface to prevent water leakage. At the same time, the safety valve should not rotate too tightly to prevent damage. If the water pressure of the inlet pipe is similar to the relief value of the safety valve, a pressure reducing valve should be installed on the inlet pipe away from the water heater.

Power supply: make sure the water heater is reliably grounded. The sockets used must be reliably grounded.

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2. Installation of floor type electric water heater

Installation location: the water heater should be installed on the horizontal plane and close to the floor drain; the installation site of the water heater should be close to the use and power supply of the main hot water; the water heater should not be installed in places where ice may be formed.

Water pipe connection: make sure the pipe does not leak. If the cold water supply pipe of the building has an anti-backflow device, a positive check valve or a water meter with a check valve, the hot water system should be equipped with a water supply expansion mechanism. When multiple units are connected in parallel, the branches of all water heaters must have the same size and length to ensure water flow balance.

Electrical: electrical grounding to reduce the risk of electric shock or possible electric shock. The water heater should be reliably grounded. Each commercial electric water heater shall be equipped with an air switch with overload protection and leakage protection. Don’t turn on the water heater until it is full of water.

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Note: after all pipes are connected, open the faucet or valve, then turn on the water heater, inject water into the water heater and discharge air until the hot water faucet flows out, indicating that the water is full. Turn off the hot water faucet and check all joints for leaks (very important! )

Here, I would like to remind you that installing water heaters is a great test of technology. now that the network is so developed, we can directly find Qibing to go home to find the installer, and the master’s door-to-door service can help you solve the difficult problem of furniture installation / maintenance.

What kind of equipment is needed to produce drinks?

The equipment needed for the production of beverages, first of all, the production equipment of beverage bottles, the production equipment of beverage bottles are all flushed into one-off beverage bottles through thermoplastic technology. After high temperature sterilization, the second link to enter the beverage is the filling link. The second is the process of beverage making. To put it bluntly, it is composed of water and some additives, so the process of beverage blending is the process of beverage making. Beverage in the filling process is to ensure aseptic operation, and mechanized operation, the production line from the beverage bottle into the production line to the canning, and finally affixed with a trademark, the whole system is all mechanized assembly line operation. The last link is the vaginal packing link, drinks are generally painted into 6 12, 24, 36 this packing form. The above are all kinds of equipment needed to produce drinks.

The difference between roof bag, Tetra Pak bag and Kangmei bag

Roof bag is a kind of packaging of pasteurized milk, also known as fresh house, is a kind of paper-plastic composite packaging, the shape is a bit like a small house, inside is pasteurized milk, referred to as pasteurized milk.

Tetra Pak bag is a series of packaging products for liquid food developed by Sweden’s Tetra Pak. This product occupies a leading position in China’s beverage packaging market.

SIGCombibloc Kangmei Bao Co., Ltd. was originally affiliated to the Swiss listed company SIG Group, is a German company supplying aseptic paper packaging systems to the world, with paper mills in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia, North America, South Africa, Australia and other places. Kangmei Bao Machinery Company in Germany is responsible for the production of Kangmei bag filling machine, and a company is responsible for the development and production of Kangmei cover. In 2007, SIG was acquired by New Zealand Rank Group.

The difference between Tetra Pak and Camille Roof Bailey

1. Tetra Pak’s “brick bag” and “pillow bag” are common milk and beverage paper packaging, which is a classic of moderate packaging. At the “simple Classic” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in September 2004, Tetra Pak was praised as a moderately packaged masterpiece that is “full of design inspiration and makes life easier, more convenient and safer”. Small Tetra Pak bag, which embodies a lot of science and technology and wisdom, is simple but not luxurious, which has brought great changes to our lives. The high-quality milk of the prairie in northern China can be easily delivered to thousands of families thousands of miles away by relying on Tetra Pak aseptic bags.

Tetra Pak has found a good balance between protecting functions and meeting emotional needs. Compared with plastic bottles and glass bottles, brick and pillow Tetra Pak bags have a relatively larger volume ratio, and this packaging shape is easier to pack, transport and store. From a technical point of view, Tetra Pak is a six-layer composite paper package composed of paper, aluminum and plastic, which can effectively block air and light, which is the killer that easily spoils milk and drinks. Therefore, the small Tetra Pak bag makes the consumption of milk and beverages more convenient and safe, and the shelf life is longer, achieving higher packaging efficiency.

Of course, Tetra Pak is also completely “simple and flamboyant”. First of all, its shape is simple and atmospheric, the outer layer of paper can conveniently print different designs according to the demands of different products, or bright, fresh, or cartoon, which can vary from product to product and from consumer to consumer. Tetra Pak is also on the basis of “Tetra Pak Brick”, on the premise of saving costs as far as possible, innovative variation, launched a good feel, metal texture, more high-end and fashionable “Tetra Pak” packaging, such as the market popular “Yaha” coffee packaging, fully reflects the flavor of youth and fashion.

Tetra Pak has always followed the motto of Dr. Rubin Loussin, the founder of the company: “the savings brought by packaging should exceed its own costs.” The essence of this sentence is “cost saving”. Tetra Pak Packaging always pursues to save costs for manufacturers and bring safety and convenience to consumers in the process of food production, transportation and sales. It is worth mentioning that Tetra Pak attaches equal importance to economy in the process of product research and development. On the premise of keeping the packaging performance unchanged, after long-term efforts, the use of cardboard in Tetra Pak bags has been reduced by 18%; the thickness of aluminum foil has also been wasted? 0%; on the other hand, all Tetra Pak packaging can be recycled into stationery, tables and chairs, building materials, and so on, so that they can be “abandoned” after completing the function of packaging. This pursuit of Tetra Pak is in sharp contrast to the excessive packaging that is sometimes almost rampant in the market. We really hope to see more moderate packaging like Tetra Pak bags and less luxurious over-packaging of luxury moon cakes.

two。 The difference between Tetra Pak and Camille.

The package type is similar, except that:

a. The company is different, one is Sweden Tetra Pak, the other is Kangmei.

b. The package material is different, one is coil, the other is single filling.

c. The folding angle is different, one is a flat bottom folding angle, one is a flat bottom folding angle.

3. “Tetra Pak bag” has many years of history and good barrier performance, which is guaranteed to maintain the nutritional content of milk and ensure hygiene and safety. However, the “Bailey bag” milk is not entirely the case. when the “Bailey bag” was introduced, the packaging film introduced was also a high barrier material, which was a multi-layer co-extruded high barrier film. This kind of packaging can also meet the requirements of maintaining milk nutrition and ensuring milk hygiene and safety. This kind of film is no different from ordinary plastic film in appearance, but its barrier to oxygen is more than 300 times that of ordinary plastic film, in other words, packing milk with this high barrier film is equivalent to using ordinary packaging film with more than 300 layers, so it is safe and reliable. Now domestic dairy enterprises in order to reduce production costs, have used ordinary plastic film packaging milk, this poor packaging can not effectively protect the nutritional composition of milk, making milk as a nutritious food “junk food”. In order to control this bad situation, the state issued a special standard for milk packaging film in 2005 to put an end to the use of ordinary film packaging milk, but dairy enterprises in order to reduce production costs, except for a few enterprises are still using ordinary film packaging milk. National standards are non-existent, unenforced and unasked. Is food safety important or enterprise production cost important?

In fact, it is also very simple to identify whether the “Bailey bag” milk package is qualified or not. Ordinary consumers can smell it by sniffing. It is difficult for qualified “Bailey bag” milk to smell milk from the outside of the package, while inferior “Baili bag” milk can easily smell milk from the outside of the package. From the packaging, you can tell whether the milk you buy is “nutritious food” or “junk food”.

I want to set up a small beverage production line. I don’t know what equipment I need. How much does it cost altogether?

First of all, the venue, how large and how large a factory, such as 2000 bottles of drinks or water per hour, the minimum factory requirement is 800sq. really, it is not possible to make do with it.

1. Water treatment. Reverse osmosis is about 40,000 to 60,000.

2. Filling machine. If the demand is 1000 pieces per day and can be produced overtime, the rotary filling line of 1000-1500 bottles per hour will be sufficient. The better quality set is no more than 150000.

3. Equipment materials and key components. In order to be durable, the equipment must be made of 304 stainless steel. In addition, pipes, valves, pumps and so on need to be better used.

4, if it is PET bottling, the back of the bottle, cooling and other facilities.

5, a half-ton coal boiler, plus installation and retrofit, etc.

6. The height of the plant is more than 4m and the area is more than 700 square meters (one line).

7. Pure production equipment can be acquired at about 350000 to 400000, but now auxiliary facilities are more expensive, such as plant renovation, personnel disinfection facilities, cleaning workshops, laboratories, etc., which is estimated to cost 300000 yuan for insurance.

In addition, the rent and petty cash also need to be prepared at least 300000 yuan.

9. Therefore, it costs at least 1 million yuan to set up a beverage factory that can make a stable quality and maintain its survival.

10. It should be noted that once set up, there is no turning back. Investors in small beverage enterprises often only focus on the investment cost of equipment, ignoring the late costs and time costs such as supporting facilities, start-up costs, declaration of QS, customized moulds, packaging design, plate making, recruitment, training, trial production and so on. Formulate more than two sets of plans and emergency measures and implement them cautiously.

I hope my answer can help you to invest carefully.

This is the end of the introduction of roof box packing machine and roof box packaging machine. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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