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Box sealing machine (box sealing machine and automatic box sealing machine)

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What is a box sealing machine?

First, the principle of box sealing machine

The use of instant adhesive tape sealing carton, economic fast, easy to adjust, can complete the upper and lower sealing action, can also use printing tape, but also can improve the product image, is the first choice of automatic packaging enterprises. The key component of the box sealing machine is the driving motor. The greater the motor power, the better.

Second, the structure of the box sealing machine

The main structural components of the automatic box sealing machine are composed of aircraft head, base, control panel, width adjustment handle, height adjustment handle and movement. The sealing machine adopts the sealing packaging of the carton seal with adhesive tape, which can not only be used in stand-alone packaging, but also can be equipped with assembly line for back-packing. The principle of the automatic folding cover sealing machine adopts the form of left and right drive, pneumatic folding mechanism, trapezoidal screw width adjustment mechanism and high strength structure design, which makes the machine reliable and can adapt to the continuous heavy sealing work of the production line.

3. Characteristics of automatic box sealing machine

1. The structure of the box sealing machine uses screws and chains to synchronously adjust the width and width.

two。 The use of imported box sealing machine accessories of a new type of patent tape sticker, no blower blowing tape, the use of patent pressing device, so that the tape upright will not bend, resulting in can not be pasted, sealing packaging is convenient.

3. The width of the belt is designed for better grip. Ring buckle type connection design, there will be no degumming fracture, sealing machine to change the belt is very easy, convenient and fast.

4. Sealing belt manufacturers independently innovate large-scale transmission wheel design, increase the bending Radian, increase the belt contact area, the belt will not skid, and the service life increases, the sealing machine technology is very mature. The main transmission mechanism of professional sealing machine uses special Peilin seat with high precision and low noise to increase the service life of the belt.

5. The corner length of the tape at both ends of the carton can be adjusted.

6. The box sealing machine factory designs a series of non-tape alarm, which opens the door and stops automatically to ensure the safety of maintenance.

For more information, please refer to Yongchuang sealing machine.

What is the box sealing machine? What’s the use?

The box sealing machine is the machine that can seal the box automatically in the packaging production line.

The function of box sealing machine: it is mainly a kind of automatic mechanical equipment to save labor. The unmanned production line can be realized. Inquire about Li Yue Packaging Machinery for details

Do you have any box sealers with bearings?

There are bearings.

According to Baidu Encyclopedia inquiry, the box sealer device is equipped with a number of bearings, bearings fixed on the bearing fixed column.

The box sealer, also known as the box sealing machine or tape cutting machine, has a shaft to install the tape, which can rotate freely and has a hidden blade that can easily cut off the tape when needed.

What are the uses of automatic box sealing machines?

The sealing machine is mainly suitable for the sealing and packaging of cartons, which can be used not only on a single machine, but also with an assembly line. it can also be used with carton forming and opening machine, packing machine, labeling machine, bundling machine, pallet stacking machine, transportation and other equipment to form a packaging assembly line, which is a necessary equipment for packaging assembly line operation.

Does the box sealing machine use frequency converter?

You need to use a frequency converter. The frequency converter is a kind of electronic equipment, which can control the speed and operation mode of the motor, so as to improve the efficiency and performance of the equipment. In the box sealing machine, the frequency converter can be used to control the speed and torque of the motor to adapt to the sealing work of different types and sizes of cartons. Specifically, when different types or sizes of cartons are used for sealing, it is necessary to adjust the working speed and output strength of the sealing machine. To ensure that each carton can be accurately and firmly closed, it is necessary to use a frequency converter to adjust the speed and torque of the motor to meet different work requirements. The frequency converter can also start and brake smoothly, reduce the friction loss and energy consumption of the equipment, prolong the service life of the sealing machine, and reduce the maintenance cost. in short, the sealing machine often needs to use the frequency converter to improve the efficiency and performance of the equipment. to meet different sealing needs.

The reason for the break of the box passing by the left and right drive sealing machine

1. The height of the box is not adjusted reasonably.

2. The blade sticks out too long, and the tape is not on the centerline.

3. The speed of each belt is inconsistent, and the box is not in the correct position when the box is pushed into the machine. Sealing machine is now a common packaging machinery, it mainly uses tape to seal the machine, plays the function of sealing in the production line, can help our products to better complete the packaging work.

This is the end of the introduction of the sealing machine. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about the sealing machine and the automatic sealing machine.



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