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Sealing tape machine (picture of cutting hand of sealing tape machine)

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Jinhua package tape machine

This question is a bit professional, and it is estimated that few people can answer it.

If you have time, go to the store on the street and ask about it. Take a look at Jiangbei Labor Road.

Where can I buy transparent tape sealing tape machine?

There are all stationery stores. I’d like a bigger one. Then many stores also sell sealing tape on the Internet.

Except for the tape on the packing box, what was the tape machine originally sealed?

No way, you can call the manufacturer, six-year warranty, you can buy it in a regular store.

Automatic sealing tape machine what is the tape wrinkle?

Automatic box sealing machine is also known as tape sealing machine, carton bottom sealing machine, etc., according to the location of sealing box, there are one word sealing machine, folding cover sealing machine, I sealing machine, side sealing machine, etc., no matter which kind of automatic sealing machine, the most common problem in the sealing process is the folding and bonding of the tape. Qingdao Youchuang technical personnel according to many years of maintenance experience, there are generally the following problems:

1. Using the machine movement to cut the tape for a long time, the blade is worn, or there is residual tape on the surface of the blade, resulting in abnormal cutting tape.

2. When the blade is in contact with the tape, it is different from left to right, which results in the pulling of the tape when it breaks.

3. The pull spring of the rubber roller is not strong enough.

4. the cutting position of the tape is decisive or too long.

5. The tape does not match the cutting blade. The tape is wide and the blade is narrow.

The above problems often cause tape wrinkles, if it can not be completely solved, you need to find professional and technical personnel to communicate, although the structure seems simple, but the technical point of the automatic sealing machine is still relatively high.

Introduction of sealing tape machine

The sealing tape machine is the machine for sealing the carton with adhesive tape, which is economical and fast and easy to adjust. It can complete the upper and lower sealing action at one time, and can also use printing tape, which can improve the product image and is the first choice of automatic packaging enterprises. The key component of the box sealing machine is the driving motor. The greater the motor power, the better. The sealing belt machine is light and durable, easy to operate, side belt drive, suitable for narrower cartons. Upper and lower belt drive, suitable for higher cartons.

How to install the tape in the tape machine

First of all, you need to open the drum of the tape sealer. 2. Put the whole roll of tape into the tape cutter. 3. Fix the tape roll with a fixed core. 4. Pull out the front part of the whole roll of tape and let the tape pass through the gap between the front shaft of the tape cutter and the bottom from the bottom. Please make sure that the sticky side of the tape is facing down in order to make the tape slide smoothly. 5. The next step is to gently pull the small square at the front of the tape, pull down a piece of tape, and then gently pull the blade back to cut the tape. When the tape of the sealing machine is installed on the mandrel of the sealing machine, the tape needs to be pulled out (the adhesive surface of the tape we pull out must face outward), which is to wrap the pulled tape around the knurled sleeve in the movement, and then continue to pass the tape through the sleeve. After passing through the shaft sleeve, continue to wrap the tape around the knurled sleeve, and then complete the sealing machine core belt piercing process by wearing the tape from the black steel inner sleeve, but the final process should be paid attention to in the process of wearing the belt, and the operator should be careful to seal the box cutter to prevent cutting accidents. The specific wearing process is shown in the following figure. First of all, the tape of the new sealing machine is put on the mandrel, as shown in the picture, second, pull out the tape, bypass drum C and then around drum B, third, bypass drum D, and finally pass the tape through the tape holder E through drum F, as shown in the following figure. In the whole process, it must be noted that the sticky side of the tape must face outward.

This is the end of the introduction of the sealing tape machine. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about the cutting hand pictures and sealing tape machine on this site.



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