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Plastic box sealing machine (plastic box sealer)

A list of the contents of this article:

How often is the automatic box sealing machine maintained? Is it easy to operate?

First, it is necessary to use No. 10, No. 20 or No. 30 oil to change the lubricating oil in the worm gear reducer of the box sealing machine regularly. The machine needs lubricating oil maintenance for a long time, this is the basic common sense, please keep in mind that it is replaced regularly.

Second, if signs of chain oil loosening are found during use, we can remove a few sections to adjust. But the chain is too long, so it must be replaced. And we should use carton machinery in a certain way and principle, and also need maintenance and maintenance, at the same time need to solve different obstacles in time. Of course, what we should pay attention to in the process of changing or adjusting the chain is that the installation direction of the spring card at the chain joint needs to be consistent with the running direction of the chain, in order to produce impact, jump, or even collision and fall off during the movement.

Third, after the repair of the parts, the whole machine should be assembled, and then try to turn it on to see if the machine is running normally. Heat the drum properly and add a small amount of special oil for carton packaging machinery to melt and cover the inner surface of the cylinder, and finally cut off all the power supply. During this period, you can spray paint on the outside of the machine. after drying, the paint can be covered with plastic paper and stored in a dry place.

Fourth, disassemble and wash all rolling bearings, after which you can add calcium-sodium base lubricating oil.

Fifth, if there is smoke leakage from the stove, the drum stall smoke ring, stove, chimney and other parts should be inspected immediately, and if any damage is found, it should be repaired and replaced in time. The electric heating machine should check whether the electric heating pipe is damaged, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

6. All dirt on the friction surface should be removed in time, especially the chain and sprocket, and finally re-lubricated regularly.

Technical parameters of baling machine

Packing speed: 1.5sea/strap

Minimum packing: 60mm

Maximum tightening force: 60Kgs

Maximum packing: any

Packaged PP bandwidth: 5mm-15mm

Power supply: 220V (50/60Hz)

Drive motor: 220V 220W

Packing machine volume: 1490 × 570 × 530mm

Weight of packing machine: 80Kg

The main technical parameters of the classic baling machine, other types are also similar to these parameters.

Suitable for conventional object bundles

Power supply, power: 380V/50HZ 750W/5A

Packing speed: ≤ 2.5s / channel

Table height: 750mm

Frame size: width 800mm * height as needed

Binding form: parallel 1 ~ multi-channel, with a little movement, manual, continuous play, ball switch, pedal switch

Applicable strap: thick (0.555-1.2) mm* wide (912) mm

Electrical configuration: French “TE”, Japanese “OMRON”, “ZIK” electrical appliances

Suitable for conventional object bundles

Power supply, power: 380V 50Hz 5A

Packing speed: ≤ 2.5s / channel

Table height: 750mm

Frame size: W (1070) x H (668) mm external W (800) x H (600) mm customization

Applicable strap: thick (0.55 to 1.2) mm* wide (915) mm

Electrical configuration: LG “PLC” control, French “TE”, Japanese “OMRON”, “ZIK” electrical appliances

Machine weight: 240kg (gross weight) / 200kg (net weight)

The development of professional plastic machinery has led to the development of balers, automatic balers, binding machines, automatic binding machines and other binding machines. Steel belt manual packing machine is a new type of advanced pneumatic packaging machinery. It is mainly used in iron and steel enterprises and non-ferrous metal enterprises to bundle various small sizes of pipes, plates, profiles and other products, and is also suitable for the development of the bundled plastic machinery industry in which all kinds of products are packed in wooden cases. it is necessary to strengthen the “three connections” in the light of China’s national conditions and the basic reality of the existing industry, that is, to associate plastic machinery with the high end of the manufacturing industry and seek the development of high-efficiency industries. It is related to the specific needs of important industries that affect the national economy and people’s lives, and highlights the important mother machine position of plastic machinery in the manufacturing industry. Associate plastic machinery and processed products with the national policy of sustainable development, and realize a series of important contributions that the plastic machinery industry can make to sustainable development and scientific development through the coverage and huge output of the plastic industry. reflect the overall planning and development trend of the green development of the industry. Development contact

According to the current situation of the industry, enterprises should continue to be encouraged to acquire high and new technology by means of joint ventures, cooperation and license transfer, but the phenomenon of foreign capital swallowing domestic enterprises through joint ventures should be prevented. Formulate corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to increase investment in science, technology and products, with emphasis on supporting high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic injection molding machines, balers, winding machines, vacuum packaging machines, lightweight technology and equipment for plastic products, as well as the independent research and development of technologies and equipment such as high-efficiency and low-pollution plastic recycling. Encourage enterprises to apply for enterprise technology centers at all levels, cooperate with scientific research institutions to set up plastic machine research and development institutions, and actively make use of government innovation funds to improve the independent development and innovation ability of domestic enterprises. China’s machinery industry will be invited to climb another high-rise!

Technical parameters: suitable for conventional object bundles

Product concept

The control system of the automatic packing machine is composed of the core control unit PLC and the man-machine interface used for operation. The core control unit is controlled by LG “PLC”. The hydraulic system is the core part of the pressurized packing machine. The reliability of its work directly determines whether the action of the packing machine is normal and reliable, in which the oil temperature control becomes the key of the hydraulic control part of the metal hydraulic packing machine. For mechanical and electrical equipment, automation, intelligence and unitalization make the design thoughtful, and its important parts should be considered. The service life of each product is determined by a core component, which is often the most valuable. For example, the core component of the packing machine is the movement; the core component of the sealing machine is the motor; the core component of the shrinkage machine is the furnace channel; the production of the winding machine has been modularized, and the core components are in each module. The core component of the vacuum packaging machine is the vacuum pump. This is enough to see the high technical requirements of packaging machinery production. 1. The automatic packing machine adopts high-quality material guide pulley to effectively solve the wear of ordinary plastic guide pulley and the clamping problem of PP belt.

two。 A high strength blade with a hardness of 65 is adopted, which greatly improves the ability of cutting band and the life of the blade.

3. The resin caster is used, which is more convenient for mechanical movement, and the caster will not deform under the load for a long time.

4. The aluminum alloy frame is adopted, the body shell is composed of a combined way, and the carton baler can determine the size of the bow frame according to the size of the package.

5. All parts are precision machined by NC processing equipment. The firmness of the parts of the automatic packing machine and the unification of the connection action are well guaranteed. For more instructions on balers, please see other series. First of all, install the packing tape coil according to the fitting diagram and tighten the handle (in the toolbox).

Note: 1. The tape rolls of high 170mm and 190mm should be tightened according to the matching drawing respectively. 2. In order to prevent the tape from being loose, do not disassemble the wrapping paper and rope before installing the tape, and remove it after it is fixed in the reel. Secondly, the middle platform and low platform type first remove the upper limit screw of the triangular bracket with disc, correct the brake rod, and then install the limit screw back. Then insert the bracket into the slot on the right side of the rack, tighten the screws, and put on the belt reel. Pass the lead through the rewind pulley A → rewind piece → rewind wheel B until you see the lead go out of the machine table.

Third, the packing machine platform type open the left door, put the belt reel, and then open the right door, take the lead through the guide pulley A → rewind pulley B, then pass the lead through the lower hole of the right door, close the right door, and then take the lead through the hole on the right door of the → (4) → rewind pulley C → rewind piece → rewind pulley D, until you see the lead through the introduction plate. Fourth, after the operation is completed, the baler turns on the “power switch” on the front board of the machine, and the ironing temperature has reached the working requirements after about one minute. Turn on the “power switch” and the bundling work can begin.

Fifth, in order to ensure the safety of the operator, the baler machine must be connected to the protective ground wire PE. If there is leakage, be sure to check whether the power outlet is connected to the protective bottom line to prevent electric shock.

Sixth, the lack of temperature should adjust the “temperature controller” (that is, the knob on the ironing transformer), the right-hand rotation of the baler can increase the ironing temperature, and the left-hand rotation can lower the temperature.

Seventh, adjust the “belt length regulator” on the front plate according to the volume size of the bundles. Each box represents the belt feeding time (seconds). Do not put it at 0 and do not send the tape.

Eighth, if the temporary tape is not long enough, you can press the “manual out” button to feed the belt at will, and put it by hand.

Ninth, this machine is equipped with an automatic stop device, and the downtime can be set by yourself. Finally, if the end of the tie is not flat, press the “manual undo, cut” button to carry on the leg belt, press the hand immediately and cut the belt automatically. It should be noted that non-technical personnel shall not disassemble or loosen at will except the adjustment parts instructed in this manual, especially the red paint parts of the baling machine.

How to adjust the baler?

1. Belt width and seam adjustment when the width of the belt is uneven or the belt of another width must be changed, it is difficult to insert the belt when the left and right slot is too narrow; if it is too wide, the joint of the back belt of the baler will be uneven. Generally speaking, the width of the slot should be about 0.5-1 mm wider than the width of the belt.

2. Baling machine ironing temperature adjustment of the ironing temperature has a great influence on the quality of the belt joint. In order to make the polypropylene strapping joint stick firmly, the knob is generally placed in the 3-5 gear position. Whether the perm temperature is appropriate, you can check the adhesion of the perm surface. If there is a white mark on the surface of the perm, the temperature has been on the high side; if the surface of the perm is wet, the temperature is insufficient.

3. The bundling and loosening adjustment of the bundles of the Packer open the table panel and loosen the inner hexagonal fastening screw on the top of Da Luomu A by hand, which is tight in the clockwise direction and loose on the contrary. After the binding force is moderate, tighten the inner hexagonal setting screw.

4. belt length adjustment the length of the belt is determined by the belt length regulator on the front panel. If the belt is too short, it is easy to tie the hands. At this time, the Packer can grab the lead and pull the belt out along the feeding direction. However, the length of the belt needs to be re-adjusted to ensure that the next binding can be carried out normally. Baler if the belt is too long, it is not easy to align the position, the baler and Panasonic straps are easy to be wound together to cause the straps to be misaligned or broken. Maintenance of baler: 1. Keep the interior of the machine clean and dry at all times. two。 It is easy to place wet or dirty objects on the machine table. 3. Avoid rolling the power cord and roll it when not in use. 4. To maintain the normal operation of the machine, choose the raw material binding tape. The daily maintenance of the baler needs to do the following six points:

(1) remove shavings or dirt from the machine once a week.

(2) once a month, the cleaning and maintenance of the upper skateboard, the middle knife and the front top knife mentioned in the previous section shall be done once a month.

(3) add some lubricating oil to all (shafts, cores) and bearings once every three months after the above two maintenance has been done.

(4) replenish the oil in the gear box of the reducer every two years.

(5) it should be noted that several parts can not be refueled: send and return belt rollers. All the belts. Slip piece and surrounding area.

(6) do not add too much each time to refuel, so as to avoid the failure of the microswitch due to oil immersion. In the early 1960s, with the emergence of polypropylene material, polypropylene plastic belt packing machine was successfully developed abroad, which gradually replaced steel belt binding in many fields, especially in light industry, so that the packing machine was rapidly popularized.

China’s automatic packing machine began to develop in the mid-1980s and was initially popularized in the distribution departments of books, newspapers and periodicals, but it has developed rapidly in recent years. It has been widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, department stores, printing, medicine, chemical industry, post and telecommunications, textile and other industries.

At the present stage, by adopting international standards and absorbing foreign advanced technical features, some manufacturers of baling machines have made great improvements in terms of standard level, design and manufacturing technology and product quality, such as the fully automatic unmanned baling machine of Yongchuang Machinery. In terms of quality, it has reached the advanced level of similar equipment abroad, and it can be automatically positioned, bundled and transposed to carry out cross-shaped, well-shaped and other pattern binding, using microcomputer control. An unmanned automatic binding production line has been realized. The future development trend of balers extends to full automation, advanced and diversification.

The development trend of balers is mainly manifested in the development of balers for various purposes, such as compression balers, heavy belts and polyester belts instead of steel strips, foam belts and soft belts suitable for desktop baling machines. Improve the degree of automation of the single machine so that after the package is sent from the conveying device, the packing machine automatically locates, binds, transposes, and binds with cross shape, well shape and other patterns; microcomputer control is adopted to realize the automatic binding production line which is unmanned. Foreign automatic balers have been developed to the goal of 40 channels / min to 60 channels / min, and randomly adjusted balers are developed to improve the adaptability of automatic balers in bandwidth, bundling specifications, workbench height, binding capacity and so on. 1. Please confirm the power supply used by the machine and do not plug in the wrong power supply. This machine adopts three-phase four-wire system. The flowered wire is grounded zero wire, which is used for leakage protection.

two。 Do not cross the runway of the belt during operation.

3. Please do not touch the heater directly with your hands.

4. Do not wash the machine with water. When the workplace is wet, operators should not work barefoot.

5. Please reel the tape in the storage compartment back to the reel when the machine is not in use to avoid deformation the next time you use it.

6. Do not stick oil on the surface of the belt roller.

7. Remember to unplug the power supply when the machine is not in use.

8. Do not change the parts on the machine at will.

9. The main parts should always be lubricated with oil.

Where is the automatic sealing and cutting machine?

Detailed description of:
Where can I buy a fully automatic film sealing and cutting machine? Zhongshan Yilida is the first choice!
Zhongshan Yilida automatic film sealing and cutting machine: automatic feeding, bag length controlled by photoelectric eye and timer, freely adjustable so that it is quite easy to change packaging.
The constant temperature heat sealing cutting adopts special material, the sealing is fine and smooth, no coking, no smoke and zero pollution.
Used for sealing, cutting and shrinking packaging of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic electronics, toys and other sets of film
Yilida Packaging equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in developing all kinds of packaging machinery / materials and automatic assembly lines / conveyors.
The main products are: automatic packing machine, PET plastic steel belt Packer, buckle-free steel belt Packer, Pneumatic Steel Strip Packer, Heat shrinkable Packer, sealing Machine, automatic sealing Machine, Pneumatic nailing Machine, body-fitted Packaging Machine, suction Packaging Machine, coding Machine, hand-held Jet Printer, vacuum Packaging Machine, external suction vacuum Machine, Hot Melt adhesive Machine, High-cycle plastic Fusion Machine, stretch Film Winding Machine, Pallet wrapping Machine, Steel Strip Scissors, Automatic assembly line, conveyor, belt production line, printing packing belt, PET plastic packing belt, printing sealing adhesive, PE stretch film, heat shrinkable film, PE protective film, hot melt adhesive and packaging machinery accessories.
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Is that all right?

The difference between carton sealing machine and box sealing machine? What is it? Is it the same?

The difference between box sealing machine and sealing machine

The sealing machine is what we simply call the sealing machine, but the difference is that the sealing machine is sealed in cartons, and the sealing machine is generally sealed in packaging bags. What is the installation work of the sealing machine? What are the specific problems with the sealing machine after use? is there any difference between the sealing machine and the sealing machine? The editor simply says:

There is a burn-through phenomenon at the seal of ①, which may be caused by too high heat sealing temperature and too long heating time, so we should lower the heating temperature and shorten the heating time.

The main reason why the ② sealing machine is not strong may be: a. If the heating temperature is low and the material is not fully fused, the heating temperature of the equipment should be properly increased, and then the test seal should be tested to check the firmness of the seal, and then make further adjustments until the seal is firm. The working face of the pressurizing element is uneven, the pressure is uneven or the pressure is low; check, repair or replace the pressurized part and increase its pressure.

(2) the maintenance operator should be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine, operate in strict accordance with the operating rules in the operating instructions, and repair and maintain the machine regularly. The contents of repair and maintenance mainly include cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, inspection and repair.

① cleaning of the machine in use of some dust and debris should be cleaned in time, otherwise it will interfere with the normal work of the machine. Cleaning should be carried out when the machine stops working and the power supply should be cut off.

② lubrication is very important for the normal operation of the machine. It should be lubricated regularly with the prescribed lubricant in strict accordance with the requirements of the machine’s lubrication table or instructions.

Whether the ③ adjustment machine is correct or not has a lot to do with the normal operation of the machine and the guarantee of sealing quality. Sealing temperature, time and pressure will directly affect sealing quality and production efficiency. Before use, it must be carefully adjusted according to the type, thickness and heat sealing performance of plastic film. “

④ maintenance should be checked frequently during the operation of the machine, so that faults can be found and eliminated at any time, especially in cleaning and lubrication, we can carefully check the wear of the moving parts of the machine and replace the worn parts in time.

Types of baling machines

Baler series products are: automatic baler, semi-automatic baler, fully automatic baler, pressurized baler and so on. Baler products have passed CE, SO9001 and other domestic and foreign certification.

1. According to use: waste paper baler, metal baler, straw baler, cotton baler, plastic baler, etc.

two。 According to performance: automatic packing machine, semi-automatic packing machine, manual packing machine, automatic packing machine, etc.

3. According to the mechanism: unmanned baler, automatic horizontal baler, automatic sword baler, automatic pressurized sword baler, automatic pressurized baler, portable baler and so on.

Classify by use

1. Manual baling machine: need manual operation to complete the whole process, under normal circumstances: electric hot melting, iron buckle clamping way.

two。 Semi-automatic packing machine: after the packing belt needs to be manually inserted, the machine will automatically complete the packing process of gathering, bonding, cutting and leaving the belt. Because each product needs to be operated manually, it is relatively inefficient.

3. Automatic packing machine: no manual tape insertion, trigger mode is divided into a little movement, manual, continuous play, ball switch, pedal switch, just press the switch to automatically complete the packaging, convenient and fast.

4. Automatic unmanned baling machine: no need to insert the tape manually, just set it: automatically complete the whole process of gathering, bonding, cutting and leaving the tape. According to the demand, 1-5 bundles can be customized at a speed of 2.0 seconds per channel.

Classified according to high and low stations

1 automatic baling machine with high platform

2 high platform semi-automatic packing machine

3 low-stage automatic packing machine

4 low-stage semi-automatic packing machine

1 manual packing machine

Use manual operation

Split tool, manual tensioner (STTMR) with manual bite (STTR) suitable for industry: steel pipe, steel coil, wire, cutting slitting and other round or irregular plane packaging

Mode of operation: manual tensioner, used in conjunction with manual buckle biter.

Features: manual operation, sturdy and durable, easy to maintain.

2 automatic packing machine

Automatic packing machine is widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemical industry, clothing, post and other industries. It is suitable for automatic packing and bundling of various sizes of goods, such as carton packaging, paper packaging, parcel letter packaging, medicine box packaging, light industry packaging, hardware tools packaging, ceramic products packaging, auto parts packaging, daily chemical products packaging, sports supplies packaging, equipment packaging and so on.

Features: modular aluminum alloy bow frame design, convenient disassembly and assembly; fully automatic design, more convenient operation; the maximum size of the bundle is determined by the bow frame, which can be customized according to the needs of users; motor, reducer, cam, tightening arm operation; excellent packing tightening force, few faults, convenient maintenance; soft packing action, excellent durability, perfect packaging function; the motor stops immediately after packing, saving electricity and practical.

3 metal baling machine

Applicable industries: iron and steel, metal manufacturing, plywood, wood, electronics, logistics and so on.

Mode of operation: manually tighten the cutting belt at one time. Easy to repair, easy to enter and only replace a small number of parts. Damaged parts can be replaced by customers themselves. In line with ergonomic design, good body balance, bandwidth and cutter can be adjusted arbitrarily.

4 packing and sealing machine

Application: widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, and other industries, suitable for carton packing, paper packing, medicine box packing, light industry packing, daily chemical products packing and other large and small goods packing.

Features: equipped with multiple protection devices, such as overload, lack of phase, leakage, etc., to ensure the safe and normal use of the equipment. The binding machine adopts no-refueling structure, which is easy to maintain and clean. The binding machine adopts contactless switch, which works accurately and reliably and has a long service life.

5 semi-automatic packing machine

The packing machine is suitable for the packing of goods of all sizes, such as books and magazines, cartons, postal parcels and so on.

The main working principle of the packing machine is that after inserting the packing belt, it can automatically complete the binding process of gathering tape, heat closing, cutting and out of the belt, and can stop automatically. Improved design and manufacture on the basis of foreign prototype, a wide range of use, regardless of size packaging, the machine can be packed without adjusting the machine is a mechanical structure, part of the use of imported parts, the rear blade is stable and reliable, easy to adjust and so on.

This is the end of the introduction of plastic sealers and plastic sealers. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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