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Horizontal box opener (horizontal box opener 3D)

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What exactly is the function of the box opener?

The box opener is a fully automatic equipment which automatically operates the carton, converts the bottom of the carton according to a certain procedure, and seals it with adhesive tape and transmits it to the packing machine through the conveyor belt. The machine has a high degree of automation and simple operation, and can automatically complete a series of work, such as box picking, forming, folding cover, bottom sealing and so on. It has developed rapidly in the packaging machinery industry. The workload of operators and the number of operators are reduced. At the same time, the occupation space of machinery is reduced, and the cost of purchasing other auxiliary machinery is saved. Save the cost of workers and improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Learn more about automatic box opener Shanghai trek intelligent equipment

What is a plastic injection molding machine? What is it used for? What is the finished product?

Plastic injection molding machine is used for injection molding machines, a wide range of products, such as the general NOTEBOOK,LCD frame, mobile phone case, TV case and so on, almost all plastic parts are made in this way.

The following is the working principle of the injection molding machine and the injection molding process:

1. The working principle of injection molding machine

The working principle of the injection molding machine is similar to that of the syringe for injection. With the help of the thrust of the screw (or plunger), the plastic which has been plasticized and melted (that is, viscous flow) is injected into the closed mold cavity, and the product is obtained after curing and shaping.

Injection molding is a cyclic process, and each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding-melt plasticizing-pressure injection-filling cooling-opening and taking parts. Take out the plastic part and then close the mold for the next cycle.

2. The structure of injection molding machine.

According to the plasticizing mode, the injection molding machine is divided into plunger injection molding machine and screw injection molding machine. According to the transmission mode of the machine, it can be divided into hydraulic type, mechanical type and hydraulic-mechanical (connecting rod) type, and it is divided into automatic, semi-automatic and manual injection molding machine according to the mode of operation.

(1) horizontal injection molding machine: this is the most common type. The mold closing part and the injection part are on the same horizontal centerline, and the mold is opened along the horizontal direction. Its features are: the fuselage is short, easy to operate and maintain; the center of gravity of the machine is low, and the installation is stable; after the product is ejected, the product can be automatically dropped by gravity, so it is easy to realize automatic operation. At present, this type of injection molding machine is mostly used in the market.

(2) Vertical injection molding machine: the mold closing part and the injection part are on the same vertical centerline, and the mold is opened along the vertical direction. Therefore, the utility model has the advantages of small area, easy placement of inserts, convenient loading and unloading of moulds, and the materials falling into the hopper can be plasticized more evenly. However, after the product is ejected, it is not easy to drop automatically, it must be removed by hand, and it is not easy to realize automatic operation. Vertical injection molding machine is suitable for small injection molding machine, generally less than 60 grams of injection molding machine is more, large, medium-sized machine is not suitable.

(3) Angle injection molding machine: its injection direction and mold interface are on the same surface, so it is especially suitable for flat products where gate marks are not allowed in the machining center. It covers an area smaller than the horizontal injection molding machine, but the inserts put into the mold are easy to fall. This type of injection molding machine is suitable for small machines.

(4) Multi-mold turntable injection molding machine: it is a special injection molding machine with multi-station operation, which is characterized by the turntable structure of the mold closing device and the rotation of the mold around the rotating shaft. This type of injection molding machine gives full play to the plasticizing ability of the injection device, which can shorten the production cycle and improve the production capacity of the machine. therefore, it is especially suitable for the production of mass products with long cooling setting time or more auxiliary time due to the placement of inserts. However, because the mold closing system is huge and complex, and the mold closing force of the mold closing device is often small, this kind of injection molding machine is widely used in the production of plastic soles and other products.

The general injection molding machine includes injection device, mold closing device, hydraulic system and electrical control system and so on.

The basic requirements of injection molding are plasticizing, injection and molding. Plasticizing is the premise of realizing and ensuring the quality of molded products, and in order to meet the requirements of molding, injection must have sufficient pressure and speed. At the same time, due to the high injection pressure, there is a high pressure in the mold cavity (the average pressure in the mold cavity is generally between 20~45MPa), so there must be enough mold closing force. Thus it can be seen that the injection device and mold closing device are the key components of the injection molding machine.

3. Operation of injection molding machine

3.1 Action procedure of injection molding machine

Mold closing → pre-molded → inverted → nozzle forward → injection → packing → nozzle back → cooling → opening → ejection → door → take workpiece → close → closing mold.

3.2 injection molding machine operation items: injection molding machine operation items include control keyboard operation, electrical control cabinet operation and hydraulic system operation. Select the injection process, feeding action, injection pressure, injection speed and ejection form, monitor the temperature, current and voltage of each section of the barrel, adjust the injection pressure and back pressure, and so on.

3.2.1 Action selection in injection process

The general injection molding machine can be operated either manually or semi-automatically or fully automatically.

Manual operation is in a production cycle, each action is realized by the operator toggling the operation switch. Generally, it is only selected when testing the machine to adjust the mold.

In semi-automatic operation, the machine can automatically complete the action of a work cycle, but after each production cycle, the operator must open the safety door, remove the workpiece, and then close the safety door, so that the machine can continue the next cycle of production.

When fully automatic operation, the injection molding machine can automatically enter the next working cycle after completing the action of one working cycle. In the normal continuous working process, there is no need to stop the machine for control and adjustment. However, it should be noted that if fully automatic work is required, (1) do not open the safety door halfway, otherwise the automatic operation will be interrupted; (2) the material should be fed in time; (3) if you choose the electric eye sensor, you should be careful not to close the electric eye.

In fact, it is usually necessary to stop temporarily in the fully automatic operation, such as spraying release agent to the machine mold and so on.

In normal production, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation is generally selected. At the beginning of the operation, the mode of operation (manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic) should be selected according to the needs of production, and the manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic switch should be switched accordingly.

The semi-automatic and fully automatic working procedure has been determined by the circuit itself. the operator only needs to change the speed and pressure, the length of time, the number of thimbles and so on on the cabinet surface, so that the working procedure will not be confused by the operator adjusting the wrong button.

Before each action is adjusted properly in a cycle, manual operation should be selected first, and after confirming that each action is normal, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation should be selected.

3.2.2 selection of premolded action

According to whether the injection seat retreats before and after pre-plastic feeding, that is, whether the nozzle leaves the mold, the injection molding machine generally has three options.

(1) fixed feeding: the nozzles are always affixed to the mold before and after premolding, and the injection seat does not move.

(2) pre-feeding: the nozzle carries on the pre-plastic feeding against the mold, the pre-molding is finished, the injection seat retreats, and the nozzle leaves the mold. The purpose of choosing this method is to use the injection hole of the mold against the nozzle during premolding, so as to prevent the melt from flowing out of the nozzle when the back pressure is high, and after premolding, the heat transfer between the nozzle and the mold can be avoided for a long time, which affects the relative stability of their respective temperature.

(3) Post-feeding: after the injection is completed, the injection seat retreats, the nozzle leaves the mold and then premolded, and the injection seat moves forward after premolding. This action is suitable for processing plastics with very narrow molding temperature, because the contact time between the nozzle and the mold is short, the heat loss is avoided and the solidification of the melt in the nozzle hole is avoided.

After the injection is over and the cooling timer is finished, the premolding action begins. The screw rotates to squeeze the plastic melt to the front of the screw head. Due to the function of the one-way valve at the front end of the screw, the molten plastic is accumulated at the front end of the barrel, forcing the screw back. When the screw retreats to a predetermined position (this position is determined by the stroke switch to control the distance of the screw retreat to achieve quantitative feeding), the premolding stops and the screw stops rotating. This is followed by the retractive action, that is, the screw makes a small amount of axial retreat, which can relieve the pressure of the molten material gathered at the nozzle and overcome the “salivation” phenomenon caused by the imbalance of pressure inside and outside the barrel. If there is no need for retraction, it should be stopped and the switch should be set to the appropriate position to allow the premolding to stop. At the same time when the switch is pressed, the reverse stop switch is also pressed. When the screw retracts back to the pressure stop switch, the reversal stops. Then the betting seats began to fall back. When the injection seat retreats to the pressure stop switch, the injection seat stops retreating. If the fixed feeding mode is adopted, attention should be paid to adjusting the position of the stroke switch.

In general, fixed feeding is adopted in general production to save the injection seat advance and retreat operation time and speed up the production cycle.

The technological process of plastic products (simply described)

Technological process of plastic products

1. Preparation before molding

(a) preheating and drying of the granule family: if the grain family is damp, it should be dried.

B, insert preheating: in order to reduce the cooling shrinkage gap between metal and plastic, larger metal inserts should be preheated in advance.

C, barrel cleaning: it is necessary to clean the cylinder when changing the product or changing the raw material.

2. Injection molding process feeding-plasticizing-injection-pressure-holding-cooling-opening and taking parts

A. feeding: the quantity of each feeding should be maintained to ensure the uniformity of plasticization.

B. Plasticizing: the granule is heated in the tube to reach the melting state.

C. Injection: the injection molding machine uses a screw to inject the molten plastic into the mold cavity

D, holding pressure: keep the pressure on the melting for a certain period of time after filling the mold

E, cooling: keep cooling in the mold cavity for a certain period of time

F, open the mold to pick up the parts: open the mold and take out the product.

3. Post-processing of plastic parts: post-processing of plastic parts:

A, remove the flying edge, material handle.

B, inspection, packing.

Surface requirements of plastic products class 121.What do you mean?

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17, thermal bonding process and mold 18 of plastic strip and fabric, combination of plastic camp and sealing body and manufacturing method and mould 19, forming method of plastic hollow part with flange and mould and device 20, manufacturing process of plastic pattern mold and its products 21, Fluoroplastic bellows processing method and products and special moulds 22, new methods for manufacturing plastic molding moulds 23, methods for producing double-wall reinforced plastic pipes and moulds 24, manufacturing methods for plastic optical total reflector moulds 25, manufacturing methods for plastic optical total reflector moulds and fixtures 26, plastic mold manufacturing methods 27, production methods for porous plastic moulds and moulds for implementing the method 28, Mold closing device for articles made of thermoplastics 29, mold closing device 30 for plastic processing machine, thermosetting plastic stamp manufacturing method and mould 31, low alloy steel 32 for manufacturing 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What kinds of injection molding machines are there?


(1) classified according to plasticizing mode

1. Plunger plastic injection molding machine

Its mixing property is very poor, plasticizing property is not good, so it is necessary to install a shunt shuttle device. It is seldom used.

two。 Reciprocating screw plastic injection molding machine

Rely on the screw for plasticizing and injection, mixing and plasticizing properties are very good, now the most used.

3. Screw-plunger plastic injection molding machine plasticizing by screw and injection by plunger, the two processes are separated.

(2) classified according to the mode of mold closing.

1. Mechanical type

two。 Hydraulic type

3.。 Hydraulic-mechanical type

Injection molding machine, also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is the main molding equipment for making thermoplastics or thermosetting plastics into plastic products of various shapes by using plastic molding moulds. It is divided into vertical, horizontal and all-electric type. The injection molding machine heats the plastic and exerts high pressure on the molten plastic so that it can be ejected and fill the mold cavity.

So much for the introduction of the horizontal box opener. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about the horizontal box opener 3D and horizontal box opener on this site.



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