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Stacker (difference between stacker and stacker)

A list of the contents of this article:

Application of principle and structure of palletizing robot

The palletizing robot is composed of:

1. Active control system: there are intelligent PLC and touch screen, which act as the center of the system, which is used to coordinate the orderly work among various subsystems, and to check the running status of system equipment and alarm information.

two。 Baffle device: the quantity value of the material reaching the grab is detected, and the material behind is blocked from continuing to transport.

3. Positioning device: the material transported by the conveyor belt is located, which is convenient for the robot to grasp.

4. Palletizing robot: complete the task of grabbing and palletizing materials

5. Pallet automatic lifting and conveying device: batch pallet is placed so that it is automatically sent to the designated position.

6. Safety fence: used to isolate the working area of the robot and protect personal safety.

Application workflow:

The movement mechanism of the palletizer robot enables the hand to complete all kinds of rotation (swing), movement or compound movement to achieve the prescribed action and change the position and posture of the grasped object. In order to grasp objects in any position and orientation in space, it needs 6 degrees of freedom. The degree of freedom is the key parameter designed by the manipulator. The more degrees of freedom, the greater the flexibility of the palletizing manipulator, the wider the versatility, and the more complex its structure. The general palletizing manipulator has 2-3 degrees of freedom. The control system completes the specific action by controlling the motor of each degree of freedom of the palletizing robot.

Robot palletizer can be integrated in any production line to provide intelligent, robotic and networked production site, and can realize palletizing logistics for a variety of operations in beer, beverage and food industries. It is widely used in cartons, plastic boxes, bottles, bags, barrels, membrane packaging products and filling products. It is equipped with three-in-one filling line to palletize all kinds of bottles and bags. The automatic operation of the palletizer can be divided into automatic box feeding, rotating box, separate arrangement, stacking, moving pile, lifting pile, into support, under stack, out of stack and other steps.

Working principle of palletizer

The palletizer is to put the cartons that have been packed into containers on pallets and pallets (wood, plastic) according to a certain arrangement code, which can be stacked automatically, which can be stacked in multiple layers, and then pushed out to facilitate forklift transportation to the warehouse for storage. This equipment adopts PLC+ touch screen control to realize intelligent operation and management, which is simple and easy to master. The labor force and labor intensity can be greatly reduced. The palletizer is the equipment in which the bags, cartons or other packaging materials transported by the conveyor are automatically stacked and transported according to the working mode required by the customer.

How it works:

A layer of workpieces on the plate that meet the requirements of the pallet, and the plate and the workpiece move forward until the vertical surface of the pallet. The upper stopper rod drops, the other three sides position the stopper bar to start and clamp, and the plate resets at this time. Each workpiece falls to the pallet plane, the pallet plane is 10mm away from the bottom of the plate, and the pallet drops one workpiece height. Repeat the above until the pallet stack meets the set requirements.

What are the types of palletizers?

Automatic palletizer systems are generally divided into the following three categories:

High position palletizer

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Yuzhuang YZ-HP high position palletizer

Fully automatic high position stacker

Video from: Youku

High position palletizer video

The high-position palletizer receives the palletizing products at a certain height or level above the pallet. Blank pallet from one

A silo or accumulation station goes down to the palletizer, where the machine stretches the pallet and positions it under a pallet; the product is loaded into a pallet and assembled into a layer or row.

The palletizer places the assembled product layer or product column on the pallet below them; then the palletizer continues to assemble the second layer of products, changing the arrangement format of the cartons to match the pallet format; after that, the pallet

And the first-tier product will go down one layer so that the second-tier product can be placed on the first-tier product. The pallet keeps falling.

Layer after layer of products continue to be high until the specified number is completed; the pallets then slowly descend to the ground level and are then transported to other sections by transporters or forklifts. Back and forth.

Middle and low position palletizer

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Yuzhuang YZ-LP low position palletizer

Mengniu milk automatic palletizer

Video from: Youku

Low position palletizer video

Middle and low position palletizer: the situation of middle and low position palletizer is similar to that of high position stacker. It’s just that the pallets on the middle and low position pallets do not need to be raised.

High and low, the product layer and product line are formed at a level close to the ground. Each layer of products is made on a tray.

After the shape, then lift it and place it on a fixed pallet. After that, the tray goes back to the starting point to load the next layer of products. Goods

After the tray is loaded, the palletizer unloads it, and another blank pallet replaces its original position, and so on.

Robotic palletizer

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Yuzhuang YZ-RP robot palletizer

The mechanical hand palletizer is self-contained.

Video from: Youku

Robot palletizer video

Robotic palletizer: a robotic palletizer is often seen as a grab and placement system, which can be obtained from one or more locations.

Grab one or more cartons and place them in a pre-set location on the pallet. Basic computing power, plus

Sensors can be integrated to identify product changes, making the robot palletizer an intelligent system that can identify and distinguish a variety of products.

Products; a robot can automate multiple production lines, arranging the shipping ports of multiple production lines next to a robot station, and the robot can identify and process a variety of products; robot palletizing can also produce pallets of different sizes and shapes.

So much for the introduction of the stacker. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look up the stacker in this site for more information about the difference between the stacker and the stacker.



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