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Large box opener (price of box opener)

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What is the price of the molding machine?

Generally speaking, the price of the molding machine is about hundreds of thousands, and the price of the molding machine is not fixed, which is mainly affected by many factors, such as configuration, manufacturer, competitiveness and so on. The market quotations of different factors are also very different. The following is a brief introduction to these factors.

1. Configuration factors

The actual situation of different sand plants is different, and their configuration of molding machines are also different. in general, the larger the equipment model and production capacity configured by the user, the higher the market quotation of the equipment, and the smaller the equipment model and production capacity, the lower the market quotation.

2. Cost input

The cost input of the molding machine is one of the main factors that determine the price of the molding machine. The reasonable design and production process of the molding machine can reduce the overall input cost and ensure a more favorable quotation for the molding machine equipment.

3. Production technology content

The technology of molding machine production is an important embodiment of measuring the quality of molding machine equipment. If the technology content is high, the quality of molding machine is naturally very high, but the price of molding machine equipment may also be higher.

4. Type of sand-making machine

The parameter information, production capacity and motor configuration of different types of molding machines will be different, so the price of molding machines will fluctuate. Generally speaking, the larger the model, the higher the price of molding machines.

5. Relationship between supply and demand

When the supply of the molding machine exceeds the demand, the price will be relatively higher, and if the supply exceeds the demand, the price will be relatively more favorable.

6. Price of raw materials

The main material of the molding machine equipment is steel, and the price of steel will also affect the quotation of the molding machine. The higher the steel price, the higher the price of the molding machine equipment.

The above introduces the factors that affect the price of the molding machine, if the above answer is useful to you, please encourage me to like me, so that I can help more people, thank you!

Japanese: what do you mean by “plastic” (industrial Japanese / involving molding and injection molding)

Japanese: Yoshimi


1. Toggle; rope piles, noose nails, elbows; bolts (of a woolen coat).

two。 Repetitive circuit, trigger circuit, spring switch.

Japanese (Japanese / Japanese Nihongo  ), abbreviated as Japanese, whose writing is called Japanese, is a language mainly used by the Daiwa people in the Japanese islands. Although Japan does not specify its official language in law, various decrees stipulate that Japanese should be used, and Japanese is also taught as Mandarin in school education. It is an indisputable fact that Japanese is the common language of Japan.

What is a fully automatic carton forming machine

What is a fully automatic carton forming machine? The fully automatic carton forming machine is what we call the box opener. Do you understand the automatic carton forming machine? In the process of packaging production, a series of operations such as out of the box, forming, folding and so on can be produced automatically, and the tape seal at the bottom of the carton can be realized at the same time, according to the packing procedure from the distributed sealing belt to the packaging device, the packaging device is essential for the modernization of large-scale production automation enterprises.

Brief introduction of EDM Machine

EDM machine tool refers to the CNC machine tool used for electrical discharge machining. After the designed model is machined with copper and other electrode materials by engraving and milling machine or lathe, the machine tool is put on the EDM machine tool to do EDM. It is also called CNC EDM machine tool.

Buy electric spark molding machine to go to Kai Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., the company was established in May 2008, located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, the existing staff of more than 100 people. Suzhou Longkai Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Suzhou Longkai Technology, is a new modern numerical control equipment company integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. The company mainly sells spinneret die, CNC drilling machine, CNC piercing machine, fast WEDM, WEDM, turret milling machine, surface grinder, EDM machine and other mechanical and electrical equipment sold all over the world.

Please consult Longkai mechanical and electrical customer service for more questions!

What kind of equipment is needed to open a carton factory?

1. Carton factories have large ones and small ones. Take the equipment of a large carton factory: a large carton equipment a corrugated board production line costs tens of millions, plus some messy things, about tens of millions. A medium-sized carton factory needs about 4 sets of production equipment and some senior technical personnel, while some small carton factories can produce cartons with only one nail machine, so it is not easy to run a carton factory.

2. If you make ordinary cartons, you need some equipment. A corrugated board printing press and a nail box machine will do.

The products of Zhengzhou carton factory range from high-quality cow jam paper to bright color printing cartons to make your goods attract the attention of the public; from cheap turnover boxes to save costs for you, to gorgeous gift boxes to make your products stand out. We have excellent quality and low and medium price advantages. All this is the driving force and guarantee of your cooperation with us.

Does anyone know the working principle and characteristics of vertical vibration extrusion molding machine?

What we buy is the product of Wali heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. I will tell you the working principle of their machinery. Wali Machinery specializes in manufacturing vertical vibration extrusion molding machine, carbon electrode molding machine. Vertical vibration extrusion molding machine, carbon electrode molding machine can withstand your strict inspection, high-quality vertical vibration extrusion molding machine, carbon electrode molding machine to create higher value for you. Only do the products that the customers are satisfied with, not the products that the customers don’t want! I. the scope of application of machinery

This machine is suitable for producing carbon products with large cross-section, round and rectangular cross-section and long length. Such as: graphite electrode, carbon electrode, carbon block and so on. The internal structure and volume density of the finished products are consistent. This equipment can replace the large extrusion molding machine.

Second, working principle and characteristics

The molding machine hangs the vibration motor on both sides of the mold barrel as a vibration source, and a pressure mechanism is arranged above and below the mold barrel. After the material in the mold barrel is pressurized up and down, and after the end of the pressurized vibration, the mold barrel is flipped to the horizontal position. The molded products are pushed out and cooled by a hydraulic pusher set at the bottom of the mold barrel, and become qualified raw electrode products after inspection.

The main features are: reasonable design of vibration source, reliable and easy vacuum mode, simple overall structure, convenient maintenance and small amount of maintenance, large single machine capacity and high degree of automation. For detailed technical parameters, please consult the customer service of Wali heavy Industry Machinery Company! I hope it will help you!

This is the end of the introduction of the large box opener. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don’t forget to look for more information about the price of the large box opener and the large box opener.



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