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Palletizer Machine for Bag/

High lever palletizer YM-MD04

Model YM-MD04
Palletizing mode High push type
Palletizing mode 10-30pcs/min
Product bag
Product size L:150-1200mm, W:100-1200mm, H:100-600mm
Power 380V,50/60Hz,10KW
Gas 0.4-0.8Mpa
Pallet size L:1000-1300mm, W:1000-1300mm
Pallet supply unit Option
Machine size 3600X3500X3000
Machine Weight 7000kg

  • Product Detail

Palletizing machine, also called stacking machine, it to put the carton and bag that have been loaded into carton according to a certain arrangement on the pallet, and then push out and move to warehouse by forklift

The equipment adopts the Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen to realize intelligent operation, which is simple and easy to master

Can greatly reduce labor cost and labor intensity

High speed, smooth and space saving

Several stacking methods can be completed: corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, barrel packaging, bag packaging.

Multiple use of one machine, quick adjustment, no need to worry about upgrade of products

The safety door and cover are equipped with electrical sensor, when the cover door in opened, the machine stops working and the operator can be protected.

The palletizing machine can be connected with the automatic pallet supply machine.


Palletizing machine Features:

Strong reliability and long time operation

High precision and stable quality of parts

Rugged and durable suitable for severe production environment

Fast speed and short operation cycle time

Strong function and wide application range

Good versatility, flexible integration and production


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