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Abb Robot 20293 (abb Robot 20212 alarm)

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A requirement of robot speed instruction

Speed control instructions: PathAccLim 1, instructions for use PathAccLim (Path Acceleration Limitation) is a TCP acceleration instruction that reduces the acceleration along the path and is used to set or reset the TCP acceleration and / or deceleration limits along the motion path. Restrictions are imposed along the motion path, that is, the acceleration in the path coordinate system. The tangent acceleration / deceleration in the path direction will be limited. This directive does not limit the total acceleration of the equipment, that is, the acceleration in the world coordinate system, so it cannot be directly used to protect the equipment from large acceleration. This instruction can only be used for the main task T_ROB1, or if it is on a MultiMove system, it can be used for a sports task. 2. Parameters: PathAccLim AccLim [ AccMax] DecelLim [ DecelMax] parameters optional variable 3, usage limit (1) the minimum allowable acceleration / deceleration is 0.1m/s2. It is recommended to make the acceleration and deceleration limits symmetrical, that is, generally set the same value of AccMax and DecelMax. (2) if the parameter AccMax or DecelMax is set to a too low value, the system variable ERRNO is set to ERR_ACC_TOO_LOW. The error can then be handled with an error handler. (3) the acceleration / deceleration limit applies to the next command that executes the motion of the manipulator, and then remains in effect for the motion instruction until a new value is set for the execution of the new PathAccLim instruction. (4) automatically set the maximum acceleration / deceleration (PathAccLim FALSE, FALSE), that is, if the setting is not used, when the RAPID is reset using restart mode, it is set to the default state when the new program is loaded and when the program is executed from the starting point. (5) if there is a combination of instructions AccSet and PathAccLim, the system reduces acceleration / deceleration in the following order: first according to the AccSet limit, then according to the PathAccLim limit. 4, for example to use (1) program and its annotation speed control program: PROC rPathAcc1 () AccSet 100,100; rSJX1;!

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Take you to understand the ABB robot speed control command news center ABB robot grinding.

After executing the motion speed control instruction VelSet on June 24th, the actual running speed is the running speed specified by the motion instruction multiplied by the running speed of the robot, and does not exceed the maximum running speed of the robot. The default value of the system is VelSet….

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ABB robot speed control instruction data introduction! Press Center ABB…


1. Allow * small acceleration and deceleration of 0.1m / S2. The acceleration and deceleration limit is recommended to set symmetrically, that is, AccMax and DecelMax generally set the same value.

two。 If the parameter AccMax or DecelMax is set too low, the system variable ERRNO is set to ERR_ACC_TOO_LOW. Errors can be handled by error handlers.

3. The next command to execute the manipulator motion applies the acceleration and deceleration limit, which is valid for the motion instruction until a new PathAccLim instruction is executed and a new value is set.

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How to solve the abb robot fault code 20293?

20032 (rotation counter is not updated) alarm reason: ABB robot has a rotation counter, which uses independent..

ABB robot fault description: check whether the motor is overheated, if the motor temperature is normal, check whether the connecting cable is normal (it may be that the aviation plug at the control cabinet is not plugged properly, if there is no problem, and you are in a hurry to use the robot, you can temporarily connect the alarm signal short, but note that the motor will not alarm after it is really overheated, which may cause the motor to burn out. [abstract] abb robot 20293

The abb manipulator shows 20293. What is the reason?

The fault code found is the figure above, translated:

20293, the requested operation is restricted


The requested arg is limited by the system input arg set by vo signal arg.


The required action will not take place.

Possible reasons

For a variety of reasons, the system input arg can be set by external devices, such as asPLCs, etc.

Suggested measures

1) investigate the reasons for the input of the setup system, and correct the reasons if necessary

For other fault parameters, please refer to the web page link

This is the end of the introduction of abb Robot 20293 and abb Robot 20212 alarm. I wonder if you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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