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Advantages of loading and unloading robot (robot loading and unloading work flow)

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of truss manipulator and six-axis robot in terms of automatic loading and unloading?

The technical industry has specialization, each has its own advantages, the span of the truss manipulator can be very large, can achieve 20m, the general truss also has about 6 or 7 meters, one to two. The occupation area is less than the six axes, the cost is lower than the six axes, the security is better than the six axes, and the maintenance is simpler than the six axes. Is slightly slower than the six-axis, considering the processing cycle of the product, in fact, is often ignored.

For automatic loading and unloading, it is recommended to choose a special truss manipulator.

As shown below, making bearings, one-to-two manipulators, batching bunkers

What are the advantages of manipulators over manual hands?

1. Mechanical automation equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises and avoid the impact on production caused by human factors. 2. Enterprises can save time and money for staff training. By changing the production process, they can be quickly put into production, which is convenient and fast. 3. The industrial robot is responsible for the whole production process, feeding, clamping and cutting, which greatly improves the quality and beauty of the workpiece. It improves the instability of the product quality of the original manual loading and unloading. 4. The use of robots can meet the needs of mass production, reduce manual labor intensity, reduce industrial accidents, and improve work efficiency and product quality. 5. Maintenance is convenient. When the robot breaks down, it is only necessary to adjust or replace the maintenance robot without affecting the normal operation of the machine tool. 6. at present, industrial robots and mechanical automation equipment are being widely used, and more and more enterprises will choose industrial robots in the future. Therefore, the advantages of industrial manipulators compared with labor are self-evident so that enterprises can get more advantages. as a manufacturing trend, intelligent manufacturing will certainly occupy all the domestic manufacturing market in the future. It is the most favorable weapon for enterprises to face the rising labor costs at present.

Compared with manual, what are the advantages of machine tool loading and unloading manipulator?

The manipulator can reduce workers, improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, good safety, and enhance the image of the factory. The multi-joint manipulator has the advantages of flexible action, small motion inertia, strong versatility, grasping the workpiece near the machine base, and can work around the obstacles between the body and the working machinery. With the need of production, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the flexibility, positioning accuracy and working space of the multi-joint arm. The multi-joint arm also breaks through the traditional concept, the number of joints can range from three to a dozen or more, and its shape is not limited to the human-like arm, but varies according to different occasions. the excellent performance of multi-joint arm can not be compared with single-joint manipulator. Application prospect, with the development of network skills, the networking operation of manipulators is also the direction of future development. Industrial robot is a kind of high-tech automatic production equipment developed in recent decades. Industrial manipulator is an important branch of industrial robot. It is characterized by programming to complete a variety of expected tasks, and has the advantages of both human and machine in structure and performance, especially reflecting human intelligence and adaptability. The accuracy of manipulator operation and the ability to complete work in various environments have broad prospects for development in all fields of the national economy. According to the market demand, manipulator is a new type of device developed in the process of mechanization and automation. In the modern production process, the manipulator is widely used in the automatic production line, and the research and production of the robot has become a new technology which has developed rapidly in the high-tech field, which promotes the development of the manipulator and makes the manipulator better combine with mechanization and automation. Although the manipulator is not as flexible as the human hand, it has the characteristics that it can constantly repeat work and work, is not tired, is not afraid of danger, and that the power of grasping heavy objects is greater than that of human hands. Therefore, the manipulator has been paid attention to by many departments and has been more and more widely used. Plastic machinery in China has become one of the fast-growing industries in the machinery manufacturing industry, and the annual demand is increasing. The rapid development of China’s plastic machinery industry is mainly due to the following two major factors: one is the renewal of equipment and the elimination of obsolete equipment brought about by the demand for high-tech equipment; the other is the rapid development of domestic plastic processing industry. there is a strong demand for plastic machinery.

Why do many enterprises choose to use loading and unloading robots?

Many enterprises are now facing difficulties in recruiting workers, and choosing to use loading and unloading robots has the advantages of high speed, high flexibility, high efficiency, high precision and no pollution, which can reduce manpower and rhythmic production to improve production efficiency, improve working conditions, avoid personal accidents, and improve the degree of automation of the production process. In this way, the choice of loading and unloading robot is of course the first choice of enterprises, Haowei joint loading and unloading robot is very good.

What’s the difference between machine loading and unloading robot and material handling robot?

Moving robot is a kind of industrial robot which can carry automatically. In recent years, with the development of logistics warehousing industry and the progress of intelligent technology, the technology of handling robot has been greatly improved, and gradually recognized in the warehousing industry.

The advantage of the handling robot is that it can accomplish all kinds of expected tasks by programming. In its own structure and performance, it has its own advantages of man-machine, especially reflects artificial intelligence and adaptability. Handling robots, forklifts or AGV are lifted with heavy objects, focusing on positioning accuracy, weighing and stability of bulk objects. The manipulator is generally used to transport small pieces of goods, paying attention to intelligence and flexibility, and the weight of the goods is average.

The difference between the manipulator and the robot is that the manipulator imitates the action of the artificial arm according to the fixed or preset program, and realizes the transportation and transportation of materials in the industrial field through various trajectories. At the same time, it can process tools to accomplish specified tasks. On the basis of the fixed program, the robot manipulator completes the learning tasks and enabling operations within the scope of non-specific programs through its own power and enabling programs.

Robot handling is a high and new technology in modern automatic control field. The handling robot can install different end-effectors to complete the handling of workpieces of various shapes and states, which greatly reduces the labor cost. It is widely used in machine tool loading and unloading, punch automatic production line, automatic assembly line, palletizing handling, automatic container handling and so on.

The handling manipulator of the merchant world adopts the principle of force balance. Under the power of the gas source, the material is suspended when rising or falling, reaching zero gravity. The button on the operation handle realizes the functions of convenient clamping, accurate workpiece positioning and multi-directional operation, and has the characteristics of various clamping materials, simple operation, thorough pressing and high efficiency.

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