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Online weighing (mobile screen sensing weighing app)

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What products can be detected by automatic online weighing machines?

1. Check the weight of a single product: for example, in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, individual products have specifications, and these specifications can be judged by measuring the weight, while the automatic weighing scale can dynamically detect the weight of the product. and can respond quickly to ensure the quality of products of different specifications.

2. Testing the quantity of products: single product is retail, multiple products are wholesale, different sales channels, product packaging specifications are different, for boxes, bags, box packaging, there are quantitative restrictions, more manufacturers will have losses, fewer customers will complain. If you want to ensure the quantity of product packaging, you need to use a weight checking machine, which can monitor the number of product packaging and eliminate defective products in time.

3. Product quality inspection: in the quality management system, the product weighing standard is one of the main standards of the product quality requirements, and the weighing machine is the weighing equipment to test whether the product weight is up to the standard or not, which can ensure the product quality. For more information on the price of weighing machines, please click on the online customer service consultation.

4. Product safety inspection: for some electric appliances, they are made up of many parts, and if one part is missing, there may be hidden dangers. This problem can be found by using a weighing machine to detect the weight of the finished product, which can avoid the hidden danger of bad products entering the market.

5, testing product packaging accessories: many products in packaging, will add accessories, such as food desiccant, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics have instructions, drinks have straws and so on, such as the lack of these accessories, will cause unnecessary trouble to users, some products may also have safety risks. The dynamic weight check machine can not only detect the weight of the product, but also detect whether the product is lack of packaging accessories, so the products with packaging accessories also need to be monitored by the weight detector.

Casso CW210 automatic weight sorting machine can realize the centralized control of multiple weight checking machines in a computer / man-machine interface. it is suitable for testing whether the weight of a single product is qualified or not. it is widely used in electronic, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, health products, daily chemical, light industry, agricultural and sideline products and other industries. Such as food industry condiments, cakes, ham sausage, instant noodles, frozen food, food additives, pigments, modifiers, preservatives and so on.

What is the weighing principle of on-line weighing?

The working principle of the on-line weight checking machine is to use weight comparison to identify qualified / unqualified products. The on-line weight checking machine first presupposes the standard weight range, and then measures the weight of each product in the production line through the weight checking machine. The comparison between the measured weight and the standard weight of the weight checking machine will determine three kinds of weight comparison results: normal weight range, underweight and overweight. The identification of normal weight range is that qualified products flow into the next process automatically, while underweight and overweight means that the abnormal types of quality corresponding to unqualified products are less and more; at the same time, those judged as defective products will be automatically removed through the removal mechanism of the weight checking machine; in short, the working principle of the weight checking machine is to identify the abnormal weight and quality and eliminate NG products through the comparison of the measured weight and the standard weight.

What is online weighing?

On-line weighing detection

The equipment is suitable for on-line automatic weighing detection, underweight detection, missing detection, accessory missing detection, etc., and is widely used in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, electronics, industrial products, hardware, military and other industries with strict net content of products. Product alias: dynamic weighing scale, on-line weighing machine, automatic weighing machine.

Advantages of automatic weighing sorter:

1) check the pre-managed product weight on the production line, sort the quantity, insufficient weight and excess weight to prevent the defective products from leaving the factory.

2) according to the standard weight of the product, the excess or insufficient quantity of the products in the box or packing box shall prevail, and the products that meet the standard quantity will be manufactured.

3) according to the standard weight value of the product, the abnormal state of the product is sorted, and the excellent product leaves the factory.

4) if it belongs to the assembled product, the standard weight value of the product shall prevail, and the spare parts and decorations shall be measured and confirmed whether they are missing.

5) this equipment is connected with other auxiliary devices to increase inspection and manage production.

What is the reason for the inaction of the online weighing machine?

The elimination inaction of the online weighing machine may be in the output control, but it may not be selected to use elimination, or it may be an error in setting the upper and lower deviation in the quick setup, but first, you have to enter the system test and manually check whether the cylinder is acting or not. to make sure there is no problem with the hardware, check the above items. Choose online weighing machine, recommend using Caso’s CW500 automatic online weighing machine. This product is suitable for the weight detection of large weight and large volume items, especially for the detection of missing parts in the whole box, such as lack of bottles, boxes, bags, cans and so on. What products does the weighing machine test? ]

The main functions of CW500 automatic online weighing machine:

1. Report function: built-in report statistics, report can be generated in EXCEL format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports, U disk can store statistical data for more than one year (need to be added), hold production status at any time

two。 Interface function: reserved standard interface, easy to manage data, and can communicate with PC and other intelligent devices.

3. Realize centralized control: it can realize the centralized control of one computer / man-machine interface to multiple weight checking machines.

4. Parameter recovery function: provide factory parameter setting recovery function.

For more information about online weighing machines, it is recommended to consult Caso. Casso’s main products are metal detectors, needle detectors, metal separators, X-ray foreign body detection machines, X-ray security inspection machines, weight sorting machines, weight classifiers and other equipment. The company is a well-known high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of testing equipment. One-stop to provide customers with desired products and services, strong product development and customization capabilities, a wide range of products, professional service experience, one-stop to provide customers in various industries with desired products and services, so that customers save effort, money and worry.

This is the end of the introduction to online weighing and screen-sensitive weighing app. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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