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Sealing and packing in one (what is the market prospect of all-in-one machine)

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Main classification of box sealing machines

The sealing machine adopts instant adhesive tape to seal the carton, which is economical, fast and easy to adjust, can complete the upper and lower sealing action at one time, and can also use printing tape, which can improve the product image and is the first choice of automatic packaging for enterprises. It can be divided into semi-automatic sealing machine, pneumatic sealing machine, manual sealing machine, tape sealing machine, automatic bottom sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, four-corner sealing machine, folding cover sealing machine, corner sealing machine, side sealing machine and so on. The sealing machine produced is light and durable and easy to operate. Power source: 1p 110V 50Hz/60Hz 200W

Speed: 30 cases / min

Sealing size: L150-∞ W120-480H130-480 (mm)

Tape size: 48×72 (mm)

Kraft paper tape, BOPP tape

Machine size: L1090mm x W880mm x H1165mm

Transport size: L1628mm x W930mm x H1265mm

Gross weight / net weight: 220kg/170kg FX-03

* Power source: 1P 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 300W/470W

* Speed: 30 cases / min

* sealing size: L150 ~ ∞ W120mm 480H1200480 (mm)

* Tape size: 48mm 72 (mm) Kraft paper tape, BOPP tape

* Machine size: L1090mm x W890mm x H1280mm

* Transport size: L1200mm x W1050mm x H1435mm

* gross weight / net weight: 250kg/200kg. The folding cover sealing machine is suitable for automatically folding the upper cover of a certain specification carton and then sealing the upper and lower boxes with self-adhesive tape. in addition to manually adjusting the size of the carton, it can automatically fold the upper cover and seal the carton.

Machine characteristics

The main results are as follows: 1. Using high-strength grip PVC tape to drive both sides of the carton, the transmission runs smoothly and the tape is centering on the box.

2. it can be adjusted according to the size of the carton and realize the folding of the front, rear and side covers of the upper cover and the action of loading and unloading the carton.

3. It is the first in China to use pneumatic device to realize the automatic folding of the upper back cover and the side cover of the carton.

4. The tape sealing is smooth, firm, standardized and beautiful, and will not tear the box.

Product parameters

Conveying speed: 15m/min

Maximum packing size: W500 × H500mm

Minimum packing size: W150 × H120mm

Power supply: 220v/50-60Hz

Power consumption: 180W

Tape width: 48 60pm 76mm

External dimension: 1700 × 950x1690mm

Gas source: 5Kg/cmsup2

Machine weight: 250kg. Product characteristics

The main results are as follows: 1. The corner edge sealing machine is designed to be easy to operate, economical and durable, safe and the lowest failure rate.

2. Adjust the width and height of the machine manually according to the carton specifications.

3. Suitable for sealing cartons of the same specification at the same time

4. After the carton is sealed up and down in the middle of the front sealing machine, it enters the 90-degree corner machine, and the pushing plate is pushed into the sealing mechanism of the corner sealing machine.

5. the upper and lower corners of the carton are automatically sealed and smoothed at the same time; the sealing is beautiful, fast, labor-saving and efficient.

6. Install blade protection device to avoid accidental stabbing during operation.

Product parameters


* Power source: 1p 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 1000W

* Speed: 12-15 cases / min

* sealing size: L200-500W350-700H200-500 (mm)

* Tape size: 48mm 72 (mm) Kraft paper tape, BOPP tape

* Machine size: L2200mm x W1280mm x H1400mm

* Transport size: L2250mm x W1330mm x H1600mm

* Gross weight / net weight: 550kg/480kg is manufactured by Taiwan technology and uses imported parts, electrical components and pneumatic components.

Adjust the width and height manually according to the carton specification

Suitable for cartons with side openings, such as beverages, floor tiles, etc.

Upper and lower belt drive, sealing on both sides, economical, fast and smooth

Equipped with knife protection device to avoid accidental stabbing during operation

It can work on a stand-alone machine, or can be used with an automatic assembly line.


* Power source: 1p 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 400W

* Speed: 12-15 cases / min

* sealing size: L200-550W150-480H127480 (mm)

* Tape size: 48mm 72 (mm) Kraft paper tape, BOPP tape

* Machine size: L1850mm x W988mm x H1370mm

* Transport size: L2000mm x W1050mm x H1570mm

* Gross weight / net weight: 360kg/300kg

Product name: FX-02 automatic folding cover sealing machine Technical parameters: power source: 1p 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 200W/400W Speed: 15 boxes / packing box size: L150 ~ ∞ W12000H1200450 (mm) Tape Dimensions: 48mm 72 (mm) Kraft Paper Tape, BOPP Tape Machine Dimensions: L1150mm x W1005mm x H1230mm Transport Dimensions: L1200mm x W1100mm x H1400mm Gross weight / net weight: 230kg/250kg

Detailed introduction:

When the automatic folding cover sealing machine cooperates with the assembly line operation, it is only necessary to fold the four bendable panels formed on the bottom surface of the carton, put the articles into the conveying track driven by belts on both sides, and the carton folding cover device on the upper side of the sealing machine starts, folding and sealing the box is completed at one time. When the size of the carton changes, the fully automatic machine positioning, automatic top folding, automatic timely transmission, no manual care, suitable for connecting to the automatic production line. Machine description:

GPA-50 left and right drive box sealing machine | one word sealing machine

1. Components:

The use of international advanced finishing equipment processing, selected international well-known brand accessories.

2. Technology:

Gurqi relies on more than ten years of independent R & D and design experience, and absorbs the advanced technology of international counterparts such as Japan and Germany in the sealing machine.

3. Appearance design:

① the dominant color of this sealing machine is beige, which is stylish and exquisite. The machine color suitable for the corresponding production line can also be configured according to the needs of customers.

② is light in size, complementary to pulleys and flexible in displacement, making it more convenient for installation and debugging.

4. Product technical parameters:

Product model: GPA-50

Conveying speed: 0-20m/min

Maximum packing size: l ∞ × W500 × H500mm

Minimum packing size: L150 × W150 × H120mm

Power supply: 220amp 380V 50Hz

Consumption function: 240W

Applicable tape: W48mm/60mm/75mm

Machine size: L1020 × W850 × H1350 (excluding front and rear roller frame)

Machine weight: 120kg

5. Powerful function of reasonable optimization:

① adjusts width and height manually according to carton specifications, which is simple, fast and convenient.

② belt drive on both sides, upper and lower sealing, economical, fast and smooth

6. industry-leading sealing performance:

① has stable performance, reliable quality, high sealing efficiency, strong applicability and long service life.

② is suitable for sealing light cartons after packing, and the sealing effect is smooth, standardized and beautiful.

③ adopts instant tape sealing, which is economical, fast and easy to adjust, and can complete the upper and lower sealing action at one time.

7. Protection design:

The performance of ① parts is precise and durable, the structure design is strict, the operation process is vibration-free, and the operation is stable and reliable.

② is equipped with blade protection device to avoid accidental stabbing during operation, safe production and efficient packaging. Tape sealing machine refers to the sealing of cartons with instant adhesive tape, which is economical and easy to adjust. It can complete the action of upper and lower sealing at one time, and printing tape and box opener can also be used to improve the product image. It is the first choice of automatic packaging enterprises. The key component of the box sealing machine is the driving motor. The greater the motor power, the better.

Characteristics of adhesive tape sealing machine:

1. The sealing machine is suitable for sealing and packing cartons, and can be used either individually or with an assembly line. it is suitable for chemical fiber industry, tobacco rebaking industry, pharmaceutical industry, publishing industry, refrigeration and air conditioning industry, home appliance industry, ceramic industry, food industry and so on.

two。 This sealing machine adopts instant adhesive tape to seal the carton, which is economical and easy to adjust. It can complete the upper and lower sealing action at one time, and the printing tape can be used to improve the product impression.

Technical parameters

Maximum sealing size: 500 × 600mm

Minimum sealing size: 150 × 90mm

Sealing tape width: 36mm, 48mm, 60mm

Workbench height: 500-750mm

Use tape: BOPP, Kraft paper, PVC tape

Sealing speed: 20 cartons / min (TEUs)

Power supply: 220V 50HZ 180W

External dimension: 1500 × 740 × 1425mm

Weight: 120kg function: ① automatically adjusts width and height according to different carton specifications

② side drive ten upper belt drive, suitable for heavy-duty, large carton use, to ensure that the upper and lower box sealing smoothly and quickly

③ stand-alone operation, suitable for small batch, multi-specification production.

Technical parameters

Conveying speed: 0-20m/min

Maximum packing size: l ∞ × W500 × H500mm

Minimum packing size: L150 × W150 × H150mm

Power supply: 220amp 380V 50Hz

Consumption function: 360W

Applicable tape: W48mm/60mm/75mm

Machine size: L1170 × W900 × H1350 (excluding front and rear roller frame)

Machine weight: 180kg

What is the general power of the sealing and packing machine?





Fully automatic packing machine packing machine



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≥ 20

Product specification

Quantity available for sale: 1000

Shanghai Trudu Intelligent equipment Co., Ltd.

Caitong 4-year qualification certification real-name enterprise

5 years

Operating life

Room J008, No. 6, Lane 599, Yungu Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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Product attribute

Cross sealing machine SmartF06

I. Product parameters

Product model: SmartF06

Power: 700W

Power supply: 220V 50Hz

Width of sealing tape: 30mm, 45mm

External dimension: 1800 × 1800 × 1500mm

Large packing size: 500x500x500mm

Small container size: 80 × 90mm

Sealing speed: 10 cases / min

II. Product description

Trek intelligent cross sealing machine, using instant tape sealing, fast economy, easy to adjust. Manual folding cover, up and down automatic tape, corner automatic push, cross seal once

Done. The area is 1.8m × 1.8m. Equipped with stainless steel workbench, independent operation, convenient for workers to pack. Increase the photoelectric of the plugging material, stop the machine automatically and avoid damaging the paper.

Boxes and products. It has the advantages of high sealing efficiency, wide range and long service life.

Which brand of baler is better?

Good brands of packing machine: Tong Heng, Lei Qi, Dongfang Sheng, Huang Jiali, brother.

1. Tongheng

Chengdu Tongheng Packaging equipment Co., Ltd. is a southwestern region specializing in providing domestic and foreign famous packaging machinery and food machinery enterprises, and provide quality after-sales service units. The company represents a number of well-known brands at home and abroad. Professional design and installation of packaging, sealing, aluminum foil sealing and other automatic production lines and corresponding supporting equipment.

2. Richie

“Leqi” brand power tools, hand tools, hardware tools and other products. The group has a considerable scale of real estate development, production and marketing capacity and economic strength, high quality and reliable products, occupies a leading position in the domestic market, and has a sales network all over the country. at the same time, it is exported to more than 30 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Taiwan and so on.

3. Oriental saints

Qingzhou Dongfang Packaging equipment Co., Ltd. leads the production of all kinds of liquid filling machines, single and double row punching machines, filters, bottle brushing machines, filling transmission lines, capping machines, stopper, anti-theft cap sealing machines, dryers and other products. With high technical level and fine production, it can be used in line or stand-alone operation, which is in the leading level in China, and the products are sold to more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

4. Huang Jiali

A wide range of product choices, high-quality products and reliable services, as well as fast delivery and reasonable prices, enable us to meet the various needs of many customers in production and logistics business. At present, not only most multinational corporations in China have become our customers, but also many domestic companies have increasingly realized the convenience of ordering products directly from Huang Jiali.

5. Brothers

The company produces a wide variety of packaging machinery, complete specifications, and can undertake a variety of special specifications of product design and production, the main product series are: automatic binding machine series, automatic sealing machine series, vacuum packaging machine series, shrink packaging machine series, automatic sealing machine series and automatic unmanned packaging production line composed of opening and sealing, packing, sealing, bundling, palletizing, winding packaging and other processes.

E-commerce express Yuncang express bag baler 60 packets per minute, 1 machine top 10 labor

The development of e-commerce has been in a rapid linear upward trend, people’s life has been inseparable from online shopping. Daily express packages are more than 100000 pieces, just rely on manual packaging is very tired, time is also very difficult to meet customer requirements. Now there is a very suitable e-commerce packaging equipment, that is the express packing machine. Let’s take a look at the advantages of express balers.

Express packing machine is an automatic packaging machine, which integrates automatic printing noodle sheet, adhesive noodle sheet, automatic bagging and sealing. The packing speed of the machine is so amazing that it can pack an express delivery in 3 seconds, which is equivalent to the speed of six people. At the same time, the automatic identification function of the machine configuration can identify the sku code to automatically match the order, and automatically issue early warning of the wrong parts, which can solve the accurate matching surface order information and avoid misdelivery and missed delivery.

Function: can be docked with erp/wms system, scan and identify SKU code + bagging / sealing packing + veneer sheet, and can also configure automatic weighing + automatic sorting + automatic conveying line.

Speed: 1000-1200 pieces per hour

Packing labor: 1 person / machine

Occupied area: 2-4 square meters

Core selling point: automatic research and development of intelligent identification system, can accurately match the face order information, not wrong, do not miss the order.

Reasonable operation of the equipment can protect the equipment and prolong its working life. After daily use, it is necessary to simply clean the express parcel baler to remove the dust and dirt from the surface. Regular inspection of equipment can prevent hidden dangers of safety, which is not only to protect the machine itself, but also to be responsible for people and goods. In general, when the equipment runs to a certain workload, the zero parts that are often active may appear wear, aging or loosening, and some problems need to be found and dealt with in time to ensure the normal operation of the express parcel baler, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

In the process of using the express packing machine, the operation is very simple, the time and energy invested is very little, and the work efficiency achieved can be seen immediately. Gurqi intelligent parcel baler only needs one person to operate to complete integrated solutions such as automatic opening of express bags, sealing and pasting of noodles and automatic transportation of goods. One person and one machine can pack 1200 pieces of express delivery in an hour. the machine is equipped with anti-clamping, anti-scalding and anti-misoperation, which is very safe to use.

This is the end of the introduction about the market prospect of all-in-one and all-in-one machine. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.



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