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Storage palletizer (summary of warehousing stacker)

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What is the important role of palletizer in automatic warehouse

The palletizer is an important part of the automated three-dimensional warehouse system, and it is the executive component of the whole system. When it is in stock, it accurately stores the goods from the entry and exit counter to the goods space, and when picking up the goods, it takes the goods back to the entry and exit counter. No matter what type of palletizer, it is generally composed of horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, loading platform and fork mechanism, frame and electrical equipment and other basic parts. It is the product of the so-called high-level, high-speed, high-density storage concept. Although each manufacturer has its own originality and some differences in structure, it can be said that all palletizers are nothing more than a rack, cargo platform, telescopic fork, track and control system and other parts. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the technical level of automated three-dimensional warehouse and the dynamic performance of storage machinery and equipment are also improving.

What is the difference between Stander’s agv robot and the traditional warehousing robot?

Traditional warehousing AGV generally uses tapes, ribbons or recent popular QR codes to realize the environmental positioning of AGV. This positioning method is suitable for environments such as warehouses where no one or few people walk, but it is not suitable for the environment where there is a large flow of people on the factory production line. Stander AGV uses multi-sensor fusion positioning technology, relying on lidar, gyroscope and other sensors for positioning, does not need to transform the environment, and can run on the factory assembly line. Overall, Stander’s AGV is more technologically advanced and can be used in more scenarios.

What is the difference between an agv robot and a storage robot?

The storage and logistics robot belongs to the category of industrial robot, which refers to the machine device used in the storage link, which can automatically perform cargo transfer, handling and other operations by receiving instructions or pre-set procedures of the system. AGV robots are automatically guided moving trolleys, that is, unmanned trucks on the factory production line.

What are the material handling equipment in logistics warehousing?

It is mainly divided into: manual forklift

Mechanical forklift truck


Conveyor belt


Flat car, it seems that the company recently launched a new forklift, the width can be adjusted to suit various types of turnover box, can directly fork up the turnover box, smooth delivery. In this way, it can save manpower and improve transportation efficiency, which should be good. Technology and spare parts seem to be imported.

Who knows the application range of fully automatic palletizer?

Yinma’s automatic palletizing is used in many industries, such as chemical industry, fertilizer, grain, building materials, warehousing and logistics, etc.

What is the storage equipment in the container yard?

Storage equipment includes: 1. Various specialized warehouses; 2. Warehouse facilities; 3 all kinds of ancillary equipment, such as explosion protection, fire fighting, metering, temperature measurement, ventilation, information management and so on. The main forklifts are: electric pallet forklift, electric pallet stacking truck, forward moving forklift, electric picking forklift, low driving three-way stacking forklift, high driving three-way stacking forklift, balanced heavy electric forklift, three-point forklift, shelf, manual hydraulic forklift and so on. 1. Warehousing equipment mainly includes:

1. Various specialized warehouses

2. Facilities in the warehouse

3. All kinds of ancillary equipment, such as explosion protection, fire fighting, metering, temperature measurement, ventilation, information management and so on.

Second, logistics warehousing equipment is divided into two categories: logistics equipment, warehousing equipment.

3. Logistics equipment includes:

1. Horizontal transport equipment, including various vehicles, conveyor belts, belt conveyors, etc.

2. Packaging equipment: including packaging, packaging machinery, coding equipment, etc.

3. Vertical conveying equipment: including hoist, forklift, palletizer, etc.

4. Loading and unloading equipment: such as large quayside crane (container door crane), all kinds of professional ship unloading equipment

5. Safety monitoring equipment

6. Automatic management of equipment. Structure 1. Container yard (1) transfer boxes should be arranged in convenient places (2) turnover and maintenance areas should be covered. ⑶ is familiar with warehousing equipment. Be able to arrange the use of storage equipment reasonably and efficiently. ? ⑷ has strong ability to handle affairs. Be able to prioritize,

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